Activision Hopeful ‘Call Of Duty’ Will Eventually Outsell ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

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The video game industry has been a little unstable with its expectations in the last few years. Several top franchise games failed to meet lofty revenue goals – despite selling very well in their own right. Resident Evil 6 was deemed to have “fallen short of the plan” despite selling several million copies. Tomb Raider, which sold 3.8 million copies at the time of the report, was deemed an “extraordinary loss” by Square Enix. Some blame the high expectations on Call of Duty with companies pumping more and more money into their games to try and replace the military shooter as one of the industry’s most consistent sellers.

Funnily enough, now it seems like Activision might be beginning to overestimate what is feasible for the series. Just a few weeks ago Grand Theft Auto V became the most successful entertainment franchise ever. Making $1 billion in just 3 days, the success of the game was extraordinary. Prior to that, Call of Duty: Black Ops was the most successful video game title and it seems like Activision isn’t willing to let that record go just yet.

In a conversation with MCV, Activision’s UK senior brand manager Kevin Flynn said that the company has desires to be top dog by the time Grand Theft Auto 6 is out.

“Congratulations to the team at Rockstar for their success, We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title”

Call of Duty: Ghosts

While Call of Duty remains one of the industry’s most consistent moneymakers, it has begun to see a slow decline in sales over the last few years. On top of that, Activision revealed that the number of pre-orders for Call of Duty: Ghosts have been a little lower than expected – subsequently blaming the discrepancy on confusion over the next generation launch. Piling the odds against the game even further, this year they’ll be up against Battlefield 4, which is expected to be chasing sales records as well.

Despite all that against the game, Activision is confident that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be a major success and that it will beat all of their immediate competitors. Flyn iterated that by saying:

“We know that our unaided awareness for Ghosts is leading the way against other unreleased triple-A titles. Our digital content has proven extremely popular and Black Ops II has sold more than 3m units in the UK.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts has a lot to overcome if it wants to even come close to GTA V‘s sales numbers. Even so, Activision seems confident that even if it isn’t Call of Duty: Ghosts, their flagship franchise will hold the record again by the time Rockstar release the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Call of Duty: Ghosts releases November 5, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360; November 15th for the PS4; and November 22nd for the Xbox One.

Source: MCV

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  • majora

    call of duty will be run into the ground just like guitar hero in a few years.

  • Iggy Jay

    The first thing that popped into my head when i saw the title was the phrase “Now let me tell you why that’s bullshit”.

    • Big Baby Jesus

      + 1,000,000,000,000

    • AC Lopez

      Haha, right!?!

  • Max

    I don’t know who would sell more units but COD is a better game, GTA is overrated its a campaign driven game….COD has endless hours of multiplayer to offer.

    • Gabeler

      Clearly you’vr never played GTA’s multiplayer. I haven’t taken the disc out of my console in nearly three weeks.

      • Invalidusername

        I had my mw3 disc for 1 yr until bo2 came out.

      • AC Lopez

        My friend jose asked if he could borrow my gta v, didn’t want to stop playing, so I bought him a copy. Now, jose, like gabeler and myself have not taken the disc out out our consoles.
        Cleary gta v is overrated…then again I can’t stop playing.

    • Jon

      And GTA is lacking multiplayer? Sure it had its hiccups the first week but now its running smoothly with many modes of play besides missions and mindless free roam fun. I have nothing bad to say about COD. I am not a fan but to me its just another Madden. Every year its the same game just with slight tweaks and campaigns are terrible because the only thing gamers give a crap about is the multiplayer.

      • unknown

        plz “campaigns are terrible” ?????
        JUST SHUT UP

    • Goomba Tip

      But there are plenty of people like myself who prefer a good campaign/story driven game over endless hours of multiplayer. For me, the repetition of deathmatch, capture the flag, zone defense, etc. loses it’s appeal quickly.

      GTAV was worth the $60 alone. GTAO, however, has offered some really interesting alternatives to the standard multiplayer fare. I probably won’t play it for very long without getting bored as I usually do, but at least it’s something different.

    • patrick

      call of duty multiplayer is not fun, its the same every year. and gta has endless hours of multiplayer also. call of duty is a terrible game.

    • Patrick

      LOL at CoD being a better game, it’s exactly the same game made over and over and over with new maps. There is only so much you can do in an FPS. Aim and shoot, how exciting. GTA is a far better game.

    • Swagxel

      Endless of repetitive gameplay.. GTA V has never been overrated, check it’s history, it’s been always the most successful game since the PS2 era unlike COD which is just now being famous. CoD is the only overrated game here, with repetitive gameplay every year unlike GTA which always innovates and expands its own genre like never before.

  • Joseph

    Call of duty outsell gta v? When pigs fly.

    • Terrence

      But cops already do smoke weed, so pigs can fly lol

  • Mike Pitcher

    call of duty is like a pimple on this last generation of gaming’s ass. It just needs to go away. more and more games are shying away from attempting to be “just like cod” for sales because they KNOW that COD is on its way down. and I will throw a party when this creativity sucking, rehashed, incredibly over rated pile of crap dies.

    • Treyshawn

      Me 2 2

  • jwalka

    f*** off greedy b*****ds, the a**holes make that much money every year and they get all anal when someone who deserves the spot takes it from their dull, repetitive and boring franchise ?

    i hope kotich chokes on one of his slaves souls and dies already, the guys a total airhead when it comes to games and only knows how to bleed a franchise dead =.=

  • drew

    A slow decline in sale every call of duty game you make you lose like 50% of people who bought the last one thats a huge decline of sales this year battlefeild will outsell u it already has in pre orders

  • Evan

    Call of duty is weak and is just rehash of the previous version. It’s turning into ea sports games

    • Jon

      Could not have said it better myself. COD hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell against GTA. It is a dying dog and needs to be put down.

  • Askanison40

    It will NEVER happen. At least not in the same time frame that GTA did it. Can COD do those numbers? For sure but that quickly IMO.

    • Askanison40

      ^^should read “For sure but not that quickly IMO.”

  • Nick El Duderino

    It would really bother me if it did.

    That means that a game where the entire dev team put so much work and passion into, spending years and years making and creating, innovating a new look into what open world games can deliver, has been outdone by a game that gets shat out every year, with little creativity or innovation.

  • bio

    Oh they will before the next GTA… After all Rock star does not release a GTA title every changing nothing but the box art. They actually put effort into the series. Something that can not be said with call of duty sense I can’t tell the difference between the 2007 version of the game and the current gen. They we regain the title. Too many idiots out there eat the franchise up.

  • Paul pierce

    If u cant read, only then i would pick COD over gta- COD is simple for low iq people – No fun whatsoever just running around playing laser tag… basically.

  • Chris

    I’m really looking forward yo Call of Duty Ghosts. Capcom and Square Enix are fools for their sales expectations, and EA has never been one to let logic get in their way of publishing games. I would say both Activision and Bethesda are in strong positions.

    • Edwards rocky

      What are you talking about?

      • Chris

        Activision is one of the few publishers that knows how to make money and be successful.

  • patrick

    “rated PG for ‘pretty much the same game every year'” call of duty is a terrible game made for people who don’t know video games

    • Chris

      Because playing video games for fun is totally against what video games are made for.

  • Jayo2009

    I have COD MW2 MW3 and BO 1 and 2. I haven’t prestiged in any of them, personally GTA is holding my interest longer than COD ever did. I think GTA/ rockstar blew activision out of the water, sorry but COD is dying.

  • matt

    lol GTA is almost the same shit in every game what are you GTA put a game out every year they wouldn’t sell shit compared to cod..still plan on getting GTA and ghosts..maybe I wanna kill prostitutes in gta and piss off little kids in cod…either way it just shows the gaming industry is bigger then ever

    • rahjee

      I believe you have your comment backwards sir.

  • AC Lopez

    They added guns, a dog and left everything else the same, yep, eventually sounds about right.

  • Harvey

    The fact is that cod hasn’t been the same since cod4 or mw2, every year its just a new campaign and few tweaks here and there (nothing fancy) its just not gna do well against GTA. GTA was a fresh new idea in terms of single player and maybe multiplayer but for cod to beat GTA (i dont f***** think so). Preorders are below than expected! Cod is just getting boring now – all you get is kids hacking the s*** out of that game..

  • rahjee

    COD fanbology- The study of raging morons, who love COD.