MW2 Success Pushing Call of Duty Movie Forward?

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One of the many actors on my list of favorites is Kevin McKidd, most known for his role as Lucius Vorenus in the awesome but short-lived HBO series, Rome.

What really grabbed my attention from the Scottish-born actor is that for a very long time, years ago, he was rumored to play Thor in Marvel’s first live-action adaptation for the character. While that didn’t end up happening, McKidd’s kept busy with other work including the 13-episode series, Journeyman, Grey’s Anatomy (for which he currently stars) and more recently, the voice of Captain “Soap” MacTavish in one of the most successful games ever: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The New  York Post’s Pop Wrap had a chance to speak with the actor where they discussed the in-development Rome movie as well as the possibility of McKidd playing a part in the Call of Duty movie.

In talking about the unexpected super-success of MW2, McKidd touched on how he got involved and how excited he is to be a part of it.

“They were looking for a rough, Scottish actor in Hollywood they probably couldn’t get Gerard Butler, so they got the No. 2 Gerard Butler, me. I had no idea it would be so huge, and now there are talks of a feature film.”

Would he be a part of said film adaptation?

“If the script is good, and Gerard isn’t available [laughs], then absolutely.”

There’s no doubt that this movie is going to happen. Not only is Call of Duty now a solidified mainstream brand name, while we are currently deep into the era of comic book movies, the next big genre shift will be into video game movies with nearly every major video game franchise having some sort of film in early development.

The problem is, the vast majority of video game movies are poorly made and poorly received and don’t honor the important parts of the source material.

Activision hinted that there was talk of a movie earlier in the year and last month, Activision filed a trademark to protect the property. With the coin that Modern Warfare 2 has banked in merely a week, it’s likely that talks of the movie are gaining momentum quickly.

What do you think of a Call of Duty film and would you want it to take place in the Modern Warfare setting and feature McKidd as Soap?

Check out Screen Rant to hear more about what McKidd says in relation to the Rome movie.

Source: NY Post

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  • hudson

    i think this is so retarded. its just gunna be another war movie. i bet if some one had me watch it and didnt tell me that it was CoD i would never know. ive played and beat all the call of duty games and i couldnt tell u 1 guys name.

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  • Ken J

    Ah, Modern Warfare 2 is overhyped and overrated, and yes, a COD movie will just be a war movie… BUT it will be a war movie with Kevin McKidd in it. And whether it takes place today or in ancient ROME, lol, I’m all for it. :-)

  • Riley Little

    It would be pretty cool to see “Soap” up on the big screen. If they are going to do it right they are going to need a decent budget so they can recapture all the bad ass stuff in the game (i.e. Space shuttle exploding, buildings collapsing, thousands of Rusian troops invading the US.

  • KantStandYA

    um yea this is one of those things where the game is awsome but the movie would be stupid.

  • syrus817

    I think they could make a decent movie out of it. It will just be another war movie but it will pander to the fans of COD and im sure they will get a big hit in the box office if it has decent action. The story line can be revamped any way they want it too. Just add lots of gun fights, chase scenes, snipers, and helicopters and you have your self a block buster. I would go see it just for the fact that i enjoy war films and i enjoy the COD series.

  • Echo

    the game is 1st person
    the movie wont be
    therefore movie not like game
    movie sucks

  • nina

    i think they should definatly make a movie. who else would play “soap” better then mckidd, i mean it is his part in the game. it should be in the modern warfare setting. i think it should be almost identical. the game is too good to have anything out. i mean of course it would be a whole lot different bcuz they probably wont make the movie in first person

  • Ob1

    I think they should i mean the action alone would be cool to see and they could make it first person althpugh it would be a little odd

  • Me

    Stop saying its bad just because you havent seen it.
    You don’t know what inside it yet.
    I would see it if it gets released in Australia first