Call of Duty Haters Motivate Infinity Ward

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Call of Duty haters motivate Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare 3

With each successive Call of Duty game breaking the records set by its predecessor and the franchise becoming the top-selling and most-played of all time, there comes the obligatory internet haters. Haters, that despite the fact they’ve likely enjoyed playing Call of Duty games in the past, they can’t help but bash the games and/or aspects of them.

It’s stupid, really, because there’s a good reason so many people not only buy these games, but continue to play them online, but that comes with the territory of being at the top of the industry. People want to see the big guys fall, and many hope Battlefield 3 will be the game that knocks Call of Duty off its perch. So, how does Infinity Ward deal with the negative feedback? They use it to make better games.

The competition is good for the industry and it forces innovation and progress… and a little humor (see: the debacle).

Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling (aka @fourzerotwo) spoke with Kotaku and responded with the following to the topic of the hate we see in online forums and comments.

“Any game that has two very different audiences, you’re going to see it. Every game has its passionate userbase. We see it from everybody… It’s what it is. It’s what games have been forever.”

So, what does it feel like to see these sorts for comments online and what does it mean for developers behind a franchise so large and successful?

“We may have the number one selling game. We may have, at times, the number one most played game. So it’s very easy to sit back and say. ‘We’ve done our jobs perfectly. We have the best game ever created. Look at the numbers.’ But then you can get online and have people kick dirt in your face constantly every day about anything that they may not like about the game. It allows you to have a gut check and a perspective that this is where we still need to go. This is work that we still need to do.”

Bowling continues to explain that by joining Twitter, they were able to take advantage of direct userbase feedback, and work to improve on gameplay mechanics and even game modes. The new Survival Mode in Modern Warfare 3 came out of what was learned from Twitter.

Will Modern Warfare 3 deliver something new and fresh enough after Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2? Will its new modes deliver enough to compete with the new co-op and multiplayer offerings of Gears of War 3 and most importantly, how will its final product compare to that of Battlefield 3’s?

We’ll find out more at the Call of Duty XP event in early September.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: Kotaku

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  • ATG

    I haven’t noticed the hate until BF3 surfaced. Now that something arguably better is around, COD haters can talk trash with something to back it up lol. I don’t see a reason to HATE the game, its fun. Much different then BF. Games were only meant to be fun, that’s why they’re called GAMES. Each game has a different set of goals and to say one is “better” than the other is completely impossible to prove. MW3 may be the same formula, but I still prefer that setting opposed to BO. BF3 on the other hands, looks like it’ll offer an entirely new experience than COD and previous BF entries alike.

  • Vain

    Infinity Ward isn’t Infinity Ward anymore. Only reason Bowling didn’t leave with the rest of the original COD development team to form Respawn was because he wasn’t worth having. Anyone can be a community manager. MW2 might have a been a hit but it had many flaws, that mainstream gamers might not even notice. I don’t care if COD outsells BF3, just that I hope BF3 is rated better overall. BF3 will no doubt be refreshing.

    What do people think here? Is MW3 a real continuation, considering the development team behind it isn’t the original team, or that is doesn’t have the same writers (correct me if I’m wrong on that part)?

    Also Rob, is their any news on the upcoming Activision/Respawn trial?

    • Rob Keyes

      Nothing as of late on the Activion/Respawn front.

      As for MW2, any and all games have flaws – there was no better shooter out that year – so literally, it was the best shooting game, and hence the popularity and success we see now.

      On MW3, we’ll have to wait and see – For me, it sounds like it’s missing stuff I want – more players in co-op likes Gears, Halo, Ghost Recon, etc. and I fear the multiplayer may be the same as the last two games. There should be announcements at the CoD XP event in a few weeks so we’ll find out more then.

      I know for a fact, I’m excited for both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 and no one can say either will be a bad game.

      • Vain

        Thanks Rob, please keep us posted on those legal proceedings. Very interesting situation.

        Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed MW2 when it came out. After running through the the SP many times, it just felt out of touch with the first game. Like one big Michael Bay movie. I don’t know it just lacked substance for me. The MP was fun to, but all the glitches hampered the gameplay, again for myself. Whether that was the old IW team hampering development out of bitterness or not, ain’t for me to say. Even if they did half ass it, like what some people have claimed, they still put out a quality game, which shows how good that particular dev team is.

        From the trailers so far for MW3, it looks great, but the same linear style as its predecessors. I don’t know if we’d be able to compare it to BF3 SP, but I loved the chaotic aspect of the BF series. Playing COD 4 competitively for years (and MW2 just for fun) then transferring over to Bad Company 2 was one of the most refreshing gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

        Like someone else said, I’m more excited about the big open battles of BF3 and more team orientated gameplay (going to love the suppression XP system). I’ll rent MW3 for a week then be tired of it.

        Again thanks Rob.

  • Hdudjdb

    It’s not 420 it’s 402

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    i love them both but im far more excited about bf3.

  • Ops31337
  • ME Lover

    EA are you listening? Competition is good. Madden needs competition. I thank whatever almighty power exists that MW and Battlefield compete with each other. The consumer always wins this way.

  • Gooch

    Although COD is arguably the best shooter series in the history of gaming, it does have a big problem, they know it. I feel like from what I have seen of MW3 that they are just coasting at this point because they know just because it is COD it will be the best selling game to date. This goes leads into the thing that I really hate about COD, brand name power. COD is such a powerful brand that people are willing to shell tons of money for anything with the logo on it. It is ridiculous, and activision is doing it to anything and everything they can.

    • Adam

      Better shooters:

      DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, Battlefield, Far Cry, Half-Life.

    • Thmas45

      Lol, yeah, what Adam said. CoD isn’t one of the best shooters in the history of gaming. It’s just the most popular due to the amount of games, and the title, and most of the players.
      Some of the older ones were by far the best. And one of my Favs (as well as MANY other people) was the whole Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM game rivalries.
      This also started as CoD vs MoH, so… CoD just wins the popular vote, not the best vote.

      • ATG

        No shooter can be defined as the BEST.

        Maybe this way, specify what you are comparing. Example: each games physics, sound, etc. Then whichever wins over all then maybe that way. But we all have different standards. So including YOUR list or HIS list of “better” shooters is irrelevant. “Better” or “best” depends entirely on what the gamer is looking for.

        One thing that can be proven, is which game offers more (multiplayer, campaign, features). One could argue COD wins with SP, MP, and Zombies/Spec Ops (just an example).

  • SnowCanary

    I hated CoD before it was cool?

    Why? Because I didn’t like it.

  • maru

    the feature im really looking forward to in MW3 is spec-ops mode; I hope they make realistically hard which makes playing with my buddies worthwhile. As for BF3 I dont think I will enjoy it to the fullest til next year when Im ready to build me my own ultimate gaming PC so for now im just gonna enjoy some exclusives from its PS3 ver ^^

  • maru

    CoD just copied CounterStrike anyway that started all this hype about shooters, and lets not forget about Half life people ^^

  • Chris in DC

    COD is a rip off, I used to enjoy it until I realized how much they are raping us fans with the same boring gameplay and problems! To play all the maps on Black Ops right now you would have to spend 60$ on the game and 15$ for each additional map pack. That comes to 105$ for one freakin game?! Are you kidding me? Go ahead and take your Doom style gameplay and keep making games with it, older gamers will eventually catch on. COD will always outsell just because word of mouth and the fact that anyone can pick it up and play in seconds even if they go 2/20. I will be renting MW3 to see the end of the story from previous entries and will not play online. Will be preordering BF3.

    As someone said before me, going from years of COD to Bad Company 2 was a BIG breath of needed fresh air…

  • Tman

    Rob I hate cod not because it’s on top because they don’t even try to earn it I think alot of us just got burnout 60 dollars for the same game every year is ridiculous. And 15 dollars for four maps and zomies is crazy killzone 3 got it right ten dollars for eight maps. Besides when has call of duty gotten game of the year or even shooter of the year. Gameinformer got it right with it’s e3 article on mw3 the only remarkable thing about the game is how unremarkable it is.

  • jwalka

    the only good CoD game was #4, everything afterwards has been terrible, partly due b/c infinity ward has refused (or not bothered) to fix the game game (i’m mainly talking about mw2). black ops is complete garbage b/c there is no train of thought needed to win, its all mindless run and gunning to victory (which gets very boring and annoying very fast).

    the only reason people are cheering for bf3 is b/c they want something new (which is what the CoD franchise hasn’t done since CoD4) and are sick of the same dominating garbage year after year. maybe once bf3 wins the number war, dev studios will be encouraged to A/ not make FPS’s b/c bf3 is so intimidating to compete with or b/ step their game up and go new places with their ideas in order to complete (like what studios are doing now with CoD).

    on that note, like the idiot said, the numbers are all that some narrow minded people pay attention to and i’m pissed off to say that CoD will more then likely beat bf3 IN TERMS OF SALES due to its INSANELY HIGH MARKETING COSTS AND FALSE ADVERTISING. bf3 will win in terms of a fun, engaging and fresh MP experience, CoD will only win b/c people are stupid and cbf trying something new and different (like all sheep).

  • Er1cC4rtm4n

    I always liked COD for the fast paced in your face action. I have always love Battlefield for its open settings and more recently the ability to destroy everything. that’s why i am getting both

    • ATG

      Amen brother

  • jelly badger

    I think in scale bf3 will be a better game by miles but mw3 does look more entertaining and fun to play dnt get me wrong bf is fun to play but when u snipe or knife a noob on cod its so much more fun. I will be getting both but if they bring the next cod next year the same I will hunt them down. peace

    • Thmas45

      Only argument. The knife thing. BF3 knifing will be better, albeit a bit slow. You grab the guy’s shoulder, hold him still, (or spin him around if needed) and either slice it across his throat, put it deep in his chest, or bring it downward into his jugular and down past the collar bone. Now, that is satisfying.

  • Djc

    people started hating on cod from black ops release. I personally think black ops didn’t do the series any justice. For some reason black ops may have took out the things that people hated in mw2 but those things are what made the game more fun. I personally have been a battlefield fan since bf2 so i will be getting bf3, i think i would probably get mw3 aswell if it wasnt for connection issues with previous games and glitches and bugs that are usually around for the first month or 2. i think mw3 will be good but i think it is just going to be the same as what is in mw2.

  • John

    I’m just gonna let you guys deck it out.
    I personally like call of duty but I don’t really care
    about battlefeild at all.
    Anyways i’m too busy with minecraft.