Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘Extinction Mode’ Officially Revealed In New Gameplay Trailer

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Call of Duty: World at War (aka the last WWII COD game) practically spawned a sub-franchise of its own when it shipped with a fun-focused cooperative mode that let players team up and hold their ground against waves of incoming zombies. It was a genius move both from a marketing perspective and for monetization, since Zombies spun off its own mobile game, with followups in Black Ops and Black Ops 2 – each with plenty of DLC.

For Infinity Ward and the Modern Warfare series however, no such four-player co-op mode ever came to fruition. There was only the limited 2-player Spec Ops modes which didn’t quite have the flash or replayability. For Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision is embracing what they learned from Treyarch’s COD co-op modes and so Call of Duty: Ghosts is shipping with a crazy four-player co-op mode of its own where players take on alien invaders instead of zombies. Sorry, no actual ghosts.

In Treyarch’s Zombies mode there was always an alien pistol. Now the Call of Duty franchise has actual aliens with the introduction of Extinction in Call of Duty: Ghosts. We first head about an alien co-op mode at the beginning of the month thanks to leaked achievement lists and a blurred shot from a trailer, and this weekend got the first image of the Extinction aliens along with details on all 14 COD: Ghosts multiplayer maps.

Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces Extinction – an all-new 1-4 player cooperative game mode featuring a unique blend of fast-paced survival action, FPS base defense, scavenging and class leveling.

The official Extinction gameplay trailer released today highlights only one map of what we expect to be at least a few going by the number of available maps with each Zombies Mode, and it also seems to feature a similar dark and misty aesthetic. We do hope other maps don’t only focus on nighttime. The idea of scavenging and leveling are very appealing and one of the ways – outside of the obvious enemy faction change – Extinction will differentiate itself from Zombies is in how fast-paced it is.

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode Logo

Also note the emphasis on the female soldier, a first for the Call of Duty franchise and something Activision is using in its marketing against chief competitor Battlefield 4, a franchise that has yet to feature female character models in multiplayer. With the new Call of Duty mode seemingly intentionally unveiled the day before Battlefield 4 releases for current-gen consoles and PC, it’s time for DICE to do what we’ve all been waiting for – show us some next-gen dinosaurs.

Until then, use this stencil to cut up your own Halloween Extinction pumpkin.

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Pumpkin Stencils

Call of Duty: Ghosts releases November 5, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360; November 15th for the PS4; and November 22nd for the Xbox One.


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  • rob


  • jwalka

    this mode looks a hell of a lot better then that pile of trash referred to as colonial marines 😉 still hate this franchise though 😛

    • rioPLAYBOY

      lmao like the commment!

    • Shalkowski

      At least this wasnt an out of control rant haha

      • jwalka

        i was thinking of going all out, but didn’t bother wasting my time… i got 5 kids to feed hehehe 😛

        cookie for whoever gets the reference 😛

        • Douglas Quaid

          Take them to the dentist. Or go and get three hands. I’ll stick to removing my tracking device from my nose.

        • Vortexa

          total recal

  • rioPLAYBOY

    You know atleast its looking ‘fun’ instead of depressing zombies. just my opinion

  • crazypirate22

    Ever heard of Resistance?

  • Jack Smith

    LOl….Ghosts is such a ripoff of Sony’s exclusive franchises…first they steal clansystem, Botzone,etc from Killzone, now they basically just made a mode which rips off resistance

    • Rob

      Actually I thought Gears of War – Horde mode

    • Miffed Monkey1

      Well, those are great things to have in a game, so why not let other franchises evolve with those new systems and mechanics.

      It’s stupid to say that other games shouldn’t be allowed to implement things like bot combat modes (Timesplitters and Unreal?) and clan systems.

      It might not be INNOVATIVE for the newer games to use those kinds of things, but they work and developers know it.

      • Daniel Carlson

        he was saying that CoD has lost all ability to think for itself and has run out of its not-so-many ideas and has resorted to taking other peoples ideas to continue to make a playable game. and that my friend is not ok. taking one thing is ok but they have stolen several ideas. its multiple games with a cod costume on

  • PromKnight

    lol, it’s kind-of like COD is becoming a little like Resident Evil and RE is becoming more like COD.

  • Paradigm Shift

    Hell hounds! Extra-terrestrial hell hounds everywhere!

    Where’s the max ammo?!

  • CoDroStyle

    Gears of war 3 did it best.
    Zombies, aliens, they all suck compared to the gears 3 horde mode. that thing was epic.

    • Rob Keyes

      Somehow Gears of War: Judgment managed to ruin that.

    • dethfuse

      Actually my favorite was Halo 3 ODST firefight. Then Halo Reach ruined it…

  • boogoo

    Looks pretty cool!

  • Ryumoau

    loved the trailer and happy to see female soldiers featured. :)

  • Johan

    “Also note the emphasis on the female soldier, a first for the Call of Duty franchise”

    I suppose she’s technically not a “soldier” but in Black Ops 2 – Zombies Tranzit mode there’s a playable female character.

    • Rob Keyes

      Ah, true. But COD: Ghosts is the first to feature female character models in multiplayer.

  • dethfuse

    Hell looks interesting. Watching the trailer made me think this was an entirely separate game. Very big fan of Nazi Zombies so I’m glad that Infinity Ward will have their own similar mode. Maybe you will be able to play it with 4-player split-screen finally?

  • Arnaud

    thanks (download cheats and trainers)

  • luis

    Can anyone tell me if the game will have a 2 player co-op campaign? I like that format and am does im actually not a big gamer but my buddy is. He and I recently completed Clancys Ghost Recon Future Soldier and I really liked that we could play the story together. I found myself being protective of him in the game and always make sure he was ok. I think it made the game more personal for me and made me want to keep my character and my friends character alive

  • Henry Martin

    I enjoyed reading this article, however Black Ops 1 and 2 were both published by Activision, so I believe that they purposefully left out survival mode in MW2 and MW3 – or tried something different – hence the Survival mode in MW3.

  • david

    cod ghosts game does not have extinsion game play why