Does ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Feature A Co-op Mode Against Aliens? [Updated]

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Call of Duty Ghosts Features Aliens

[Update: It’s official! Watch the COD Ghosts Extinction mode trailer here!]

One of the most talked about and marketed gameplay elements of Call of Duty: World at War was the inclusion of a co-op zombies mode. The four-player match let players work together to defend a location against a waves of increasingly difficult zombies as they earn money, purchase better weapons and rebuild barriers.

The mode spawned a mobile app and returned for both of Treyarch’s followup games Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 & 2. In the mode one of the most interesting elements was the inclusion of a chest where players could buy a random weapon, the best being an alien ray gun. If the latest speculation and rumors about Call of Duty: Ghosts prove true, than Activision’s other COD developer in Infinity Ward may be drawing inspiration from all of these things.

One of the most visually interesting bits about the marketing for Call of Duty: Ghosts so far revolves around the weaponized space station dubbed “Odin” and the spaced-based gameplay it adds. What if that return into Call of Duty space combat (recall: the Moon map for Black Ops Zombie Mode) is teasing something even more dangerous from deeper into space… dangerous like waves of invading aliens (NOT the aliens depicted up top)?

Infinity Ward has struggled to include a cooperative mode in their Call of Duty titles that’s as fun or replayable as Treyarch’s zombies, with the Spec Ops and Survival modes being limited to two players and confirmed not to be returning Ghosts. For the next game that will change although Infinity Ward is being silent on any reveals and has been since confirming a new mode back in July. The latest Call of Duty: Ghosts Squads trailer reveals what we expect is that new game mode – spotted in a bottom prompt that reads “Play Extinction Online” (0:24 mark, faded on left side of screen). So, there will be a new online mode called “Extinction.”

Looking at the leaked Call of Duty: Ghosts achievements list suggests that the new mode will be  four-player co-op mode in the same vein as Zombies:

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Achievements

Note the phrases “using a relic,” “escape with all four players” and combine everything we know with the imagery of the above achievements. That’s either an alien or a monster right? Given the space-based nature of the man-made threat in the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign, it’s a good guess that the next Call of Duty will have players working together to survive against the extinction of our race against an otherworldy enemy force.

Excited? Alien co-op is definitely one way Infinity Ward can innovate on the co-op front.

Now it’s time for chief competitors in Electronic Arts and DICE to roll out the dinosaurs in Battlefield 4.

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  • NoelEMartinez

    nice post gys

  • john capper

    that would be amazing

  • boogoo

    Alien dinosaurs please.

    • The Bat

      Oho! Nice!

  • That Guy

    I think I would have lost my mind if they used those Aliens above for an Alien mode.

    • Logan L.

      I can see me and my friends charging in and then us running away with one of those casing us

  • Eddie

    Sadly the answer is so close you’re over looking it. You said that cod in July said they were bringing a new game mode..? Maybe they were referring to squad mode? Sure they announced squads in June. But with little detail. I hope I’m wrong btw.

  • Cupcake206

    I wouldn’t mind aliens as a COD Ghosts game mode but I’d rather stick with the zombie mode.

    • JosephABC

      I don’t think your understanding this correctly. Treyarch and infinity ward take turns developing their own games in the COD series. Treyarch made the zombies mode, and infinity ward made Modern Warfare and COD Ghosts. Treyarch is obviously sticking with zombies mode and will probably use it next year in their next game, and infinity ward’s COD Ghosts isn’t going to have survival mode because it wasn’t as fun as zombies. They are trying to find a good game mode like zombies they can use for their 3rd game mode (Campaign, multiplayer, zombies in black ops) so they are trying to find their hook. Squads might work out and it might not, but if they add aliens or dinosaurs maybe that could be as good as zombies and infinity ward will stick with it?

      • Logan L.

        actually black ops 2 was the last zombies mode period.

      • yep its Chuck

        Ye aliens would be a awesome game mode but i dont get how it fits into the ghosts storyline…

  • Mike

    It is in fact true there will be aliens in the extinction co-op mode. After the reveal of these ach/trophys, check out the new music video by Eminem titled Survival at thee end he is standing in the woods looking at a cabin and on the door is a code witch will become very useful if you wish to survive.

  • Mike L

    Aliens are coming to Call Of Duty Ghosts.

  • Mike L

    Also hint, check Eminem’s new music video “Survival” at the very end there is a cabin in the woods he is looking at and there is something on the door to take note of if you wish to survive.

    • Chris

      Mike L, I’m pretty sure that is the address of his old house in Detroit. 19946 Dresden St. It was either recently put up for auction or was going to get destroyed…I don’t remember

      • Mike L

        The world will know the truth 11/1/13. And Chris when it hits the web I would love to see your face. It might be scary, stay frosty.

      • Mike L

        The world will know the truth 11/1/13. And Chris when it hits the web I would love to see your face. It might be scary, stay frosty

  • Awesome Austin

    Aliens would be awesome! I will have gameplays at launch of Call of Duty Ghosts in my channel please subscribe for further information and gameplays of all kind. AustinSGamer

  • rileyfreeman

    your article is not entirely correct. Survival is returning although modified

  • dsl2013

    How do you access to play against aliens on cod ghosts?


    if this is true and there alien mode is good they should be hired to remake aliens colonial marines lol

  • http://dk roman

    It well be better if u add a ramdon box thing and put both aliens and zombies that what i think u should do

  • 3milydatgamer💕

    But how do u get to aliens to play, im sitting here with my bro trying to find it and its nowhere!😐