‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Gameplay Video Reveal: Playable Dog Warfare

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Call of Duty Ghosts Release Date

Now that Sony and Microsoft have detailed the PS4 and Xbox One to gamers around the world at E3 2013, the next generation of console gaming is officially set to kickoff. Pre-order pages for both systems are now live on popular retail sites – as hard core fans anticipate the new gameplay experiences awaiting them in the coming years.

However, for fans of the first-person action shooter genre, the Call of Duty series is giving current-gen players a sneak peek at the ground-breaking ideas and out-of-the-box thinking that will define gaming going forward – specifically playable military dogs. Since both the PS4 and Xbox One are set for 2013 launches, with unspecified “Holiday” season release dates, both current-gen and next-gen players will get to experience the soldier/dog Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay – which allows gamers to command their support canine for a variety of immersive effects and purposes.

Thanks to Activision’s promised gameplay reveal, we now have our first official look at the different ways that Call of Duty gamers can command (and directly control) the dog.

Check out an excerpt of the Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay reveal below:

As revealed in the video, the dog can be utilized in a number of intriguing ways. Named Riley, after fan-favorite Call of Duty alum Simon “Ghost” Riley (who bears little resemblance to Game Rant writer Riley Little), the canine companion can cause distractions, attack enemies, as well as sneak ahead to scope out enemy positions or scout areas of interest. In the video, the player can instruct Riley to take-down patrolling soldiers or draw attention (allowing the Call of Duty: Ghosts squad to kill-off preoccupied opponents at a safe distance).

The dog itself fits in the game world – with relatively fluid movements and interactions. Certain aspects of Riley’s feature set might seem bizarre, such as the dog-eye-view perspective or a radio antenna that pops out of his backpack, but both elements are based on actual military service dogs – who often carry communication or first aid tech and wear collars that have been retrofitted with wireless cameras.

Riley Dog Call of Duty Ghosts Video

In addition to the Riley gameplay, Activision also showcased the underwater level “Into the Deep” – which gives fans an opportunity to explore a new underwater environment. Gamers have seen Call of Duty underwater mission moments before but never with the level of control and visual fidelity available in Ghosts.

Check out the “Into the Deep” level in the video below:

To watch the entire Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay reveal (including introductions and commentary from Geoff Keighley and Justine Ezarik), watch the 30 minute video below:

No doubt, certain gamers will dismiss the new features in Call of Duty: Ghosts as fun but minor steps for a game series that hasn’t significantly changed-up its formula in several years. However, there will also be a significant number of Call of Duty faithfuls that ensure the title enjoys solid sales – long after its initial release. A playable dog character and underwater levels might not be enough to silence skeptics but new additions (of which these are only a few) will easily give annual Call of Duty buyers reason to enlist for Activision’s latest offering.


Call of Duty: Ghosts launches November 5, 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The sequel is also headed to the Xbox One and PS4, but as stated earlier, those next-gen consoles do not yet have official release dates.

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Source: Activision [via Games HQ Media]

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  • boogoo

    I swear, if that dog dies in the end I might get heartbroken. He’s so cool!

  • Daniel Carlson

    cant wait to see PETA’s half assed response.

  • Ken J

    I guess Battlefield 4’s E3 footage wasn’t worth mentioning on this site. But COD, the same game with the same graphics? MUST SEE!!!!!!111

    • http://gamerant.com/author/benk Ben Kendrick

      Ken –

      We’re all swamped at E3 doing hands-on impressions and previews. Trying to cover as much news as we can but the trailer you mentioned will be included with our hands-on preview of Battlefield 4 – which should be up today. We’ve been comboing trailers with our actual preview pieces in a lot of cases.

      It has nothing to do with a site preference for CoD vs. BF4.

      • Ken J


        Alright, I’ll take your word on it for this instance. But the reason why I have that mindset is from the past anything EA does this site seems to blow it up to something really negative, while if Activision does the same thing, it seems to be interpreted differently and more positively… It’s probably just coincidence, different articles written by different members of your staff, but still…

        • http://gamerant.com/author/benk Ben Kendrick

          I mean, it’s possible that people have different preferences but many of us were VERY positive about Battlefield 3 last year and have been running around E3 talking about how much fun we had with our hands-on previews of number 4.

          I’m not really sure why we’d be anti-EA. I think a lot of us enjoy their games. I was pretty enthusiastic about the 30 second Battlefront teaser and it was basically a CGI cutscene 😉

  • Andrew

    That’s it? A dog? Bf4 has buildings that fall! Bah I’ll get SW Battlefront instead!

    • Ken J


      Come on, obviously a dog is more front-page news than the return of commander mode that now can be played on mobile devices anywhere, the ability to completely level sky scrapers, and all of that crappy stuff…

  • Ken J

  • Ken J

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