‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Customization Packs Available Today, New Trailer Released

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As promised, a new set of customization packs for Call of Duty: Ghosts has arrived alongside a new trailer. The packs include several new weapon skins, reticles, multiplayer characters, and, the piece de resistance, the return of Captain Price to the world of Call of Duty.

As you can see in the above trailer, these new customization packs boast additions both serious and silly. For every Inferno pack, which adds new fire-themed skins to a player’s arsenal, there is a Space Cats, which…well, you can probably guess what that one does.

In addition to the new skins, the latest customization packs include the four main Ghosts team members from the single player campaign. That’s Hesh, Keegan, Merrick, and Elias for those who are keeping track. Since the game is called Call of Duty: Ghosts it’s only appropriate that players actually get the opportunity to control key Ghosts team members.

While most of the items in the latest customization pack release are cosmetic in nature, there is a new Extra Slots Pack also releasing today. The Extra Slots Pack, as the name implies, gives Call of Duty: Ghosts players an increase set of 5 loadout slots without having to Prestige in the multiplayer experience. Yes, it appears Call of Duty is getting in on the latest “pay to skip ahead” trend with microtransactions.

Call of Duty Ghosts Customization Pack Trailer - Captain Price

And, of course, there is the hot ticket item in these latest customization packs, the Legends pack featuring Captain Price. As part of the Legends Pack, players get a Captain Price multiplayer skin (just look at that mustache), a custom banner, a reticle, and a weapon skin. While most figured that Captain Price had retired after the events of Modern Warfare 3, he has returned for once last hurrah as a multiplayer character.

Even though the Call of Duty franchise may be in a transitional period, with new developer Sledgehammer Games taking the first shift in a new 3-year cycle for the series, there is apparently still plenty more content in the pipeline for Ghosts. Late last month, for example, Xbox gamers were treated to the release of Onslaught, the first map pack DLC for the game. And presumably PC and PlayStation gamers should see that DLC some time soon.

What items in the latest customization packs are you thinking about picking up? Are there any other iconic Call of Duty characters you would like to see featured in a future release?

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  • shaun gorman

    The trouble is u cant play the maps online and there aint a new gun and cant play extinction online only use maps on private matches so whats the point how crap are you im dissapointed getting rid off it so are all of my friends what a waste of time and money

    • john

      Well that’s wrong bcuz I’ve been playing on new maps online ever since I downloaded them……..the question is, when is these new customization packs that Xbox live got over 32 days ago, when will PlayStation network get them bcuz this waiting is making me very pissed off

  • john

    Ur wrong, those customization packs are still not released on PlayStation yet, it’s bull that Xbox has received 2 new customization packs, onslaught and the new ripper gun, and PlayStation only has gotten the wolf and onslaught….. When in time is PlayStation ever going to get these packs?????????? That’s the damm question