Midnight Rant: Missing Out On Black Ops?

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In a decision I bounce between regretting and accepting, I did not pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops earlier this week. Tomorrow, when Game Rant logs on to Xbox Live for their first Thursday game night with Black Ops, I will be here, likely editing or writing a story about the game. My fellow Ranters will likely be having the best game night of their lives, or at least that’s how I imagine it as I pout. It’s like being the only kid in elementary school without pogs, and it’s a terrible feeling.

There’s always good reason for not picking up the latest and greatest video game to be released, especially now that the holiday season has started. I’ve personally got Fable 3, Costume Quest and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow waiting to be finished. Then there is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit next week which both look great. For some though, Black Ops is all you need. I have a cousin who bought Modern Warfare 2 at its launch, and has literally played nothing else since. In some ways, it must be nice to be so enamored with a single game. Probably wouldn’t work here though, you Ranters likely wouldn’t appreciate all Modern Warfare Midnight Rants, all the time.

Then there is the population of gamers that won’t pick up Black Ops for more respectable reasons. They typically pass because Black Ops doesn’t meet their definition of what an excellent game should be. Single player first, multiplayer second. I might be part of this group occasionally, but not for Black Ops. After playing the Modern Warfare single player at a friend’s house, I passed on picking up the full game for a few months after release. The experience felt like a movie starring The Rock; incoherent storyline and characters that are over the top and difficult to relate to. The multiplayer though, is something completely different, and worth its own evaluation separate from the single player. I was inevitably persuaded to pick the game up.

Whatever the reason, not having Black Ops is a sort of unique badge right now. It’s sort of like a Canadian turning on the television and seeing American news. “None of this makes any sense, and in fact, it sounds ridiculous!” Game Rant has put up over ten Black Ops stories in the past few days, they’re hard to miss whether you’ve picked the game up or not. The gaming media is making sure no one is too far removed. This is where Activision says, “Mission Accomplished.”

The issue that becomes apparent is whether Black Ops, or any any game for that matter, deserves so much attention. It’s tough for a growing site like Game Rant to avoid so much coverage considering how it helps our number, but should we be comfortable providing this much coverage to a single game? Obviously, I suppose I don’t think so considering I’m contributing to the issue with this post, but I do think it’s worth thinking about.

Are you missing out on Call of Duty: Black Ops, Ranters? Or perhaps you had enough despite not purchasing the game? Let us know your thoughts on Black Ops and the media machine built around it!

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  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    You should rent it for tomorrow!

  • stpau1y

    I rented it, campagin is not too bad.

  • Anthony Taormina

    Why do you hate what everyone likes Rory? It make me sad.

  • jwalka

    the story for SP was the best i have played for an FPS in a while, and despite the action being repetitive/boring i found gameplay to be somewhat enlightening. As for MP, it will take time to get used to, much like it did with MW2 and other FPS’s that have MP.

    imo get it as soon as you can because you will hate it if you start playing later on (most people will be mid to high levelled, thus killing you fast and in turn making you really hate the game) 😀

  • http://gamerant.com J.C. Reeves

    Great Midnight Rant!

    I’m in the same boat. I have far too many games I need to catch up on and had to force myself not to buy Black Ops. There is no telling how many times I pulled up the Amazon.com page and contemplated pre-ordering it. Nevertheless, I persevered and managed not to buy it.

    In addition to the pile of games waiting to be played, I’m still addicted to Halo: Reach and have been playing the multiplayer excessively. I can’t justify buying Black Ops when I’m still having so much fun with Reach. Until this changes, I’ll be writing articles with Rory while everyone else joyously kills each other during GR game night.

  • Josh

    Picked up the game last night, and while im overall happy, im somewhat dissapointed. while the single player story is intense, the graphics dont seemed to have changed at all since MW2, which i find disturbing considering that was over a year ago. I do praise COD for overall taking the game new places, in this case the cold war and more stealth genre

    The multiplayer is like the rest out there, with a mention to the create a class 2.0 which i feel more of an expansion. Im happy i bought it but i wont be rushing to buy a game so soon again :)

    Best game of the year so far: Red Dead Redemption

  • http://www.gamerant.com Jon Lavallee

    Pogs! I had those :)

    And, yeah, rent it for tonight!

  • http://gamerant.com Jeff Schille

    Great rant, Rory. Count me among the Game Rant editorial staff that is missing out on Black Ops.

    I’ll go right out and say it: the setting makes me uncomfortable. I’m happy to blast away at Halo’s alien aggressors, but the idea of playing through a quasi-realistic military campaign, targeting human opponents, puts me off.

    Of course, I recognize that it’s just a game, and I don’t begrudge or belittle anyone’s enjoyment of it — I’m even willing to concede that it is probably a great game. But, for me, it crosses a line that I’d rather not cross.

    For now, I’ll be sticking to Halo: Reach and Rock Band 3.

    • 1GameRanter

      I find myself agreeing with you a lot; I could never explain why CoD doesn’t appeal to me, but there, you said it for me.
      I thought the zombie mode in World at War was a blast, but it was because I was, well, shooting at zombies.
      It also comes down to the fact that while you’re facing human AIs, there hasn’t been too much room for designers to be creative.
      In games like Halo, Borderlands or Left 4 Dead, enemies have classes or types: some are slow but tough, some are weak but come in pack. To me, that is something essential.
      While I have to agree that Modern Warfare or Black Ops offer very intense campaigns, the enemy will always be the same: human only. Ok, maybe dogs, too.

      And I find the torture scene in Black Ops to be very disturbing (well, it was probably minor for most people, but not for me). I was watching my boyfriend play but I had to turn away when it was happening. Then I decided the zombie mode alone wasn’t worth the full price.