‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer Leaks Ahead of May 4th Reveal

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While Activision had hoped to officially unveil this year’s Call of Duty as part of an Internet-wide promotional push on Sunday May 4th, it appears the universe had other plans. Instead, the first official trailer from the game made its way online (read: leaked) late Thursday night, giving gamers their first look at Sledgehammer Games‘ new title.

As the trailer above shows, many of the rumors surrounding this year’s iteration were, in fact, true. This year’s game is an extension of the Modern Warfare brand, titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it features a ton of near-future tech. And most importantly, the trailer confirms the game is slated to hit store shelves on November 4th.

In addition to the talk of a near-future setting from earlier in the year, there was also a rumor floating around that claimed Kevin Spacey was up for the villain role in the game, and that seems pretty clear now. Spacey, or rather a CGI version of him, takes center stage in the trailer, delivering a scintillating monologue that’s filled with talk of religious ideologies, purchasing freedom, and building democracy. Basically, the type of stuff you would expect from the leader of a Private Military Corporation.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer

Of course, the main talking point for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, beyond the improved graphics and facial animation, will be the abundance of future tech peppered throughout the footage. From exosuits to drones to hover bikes, it appears COD: AW offers almost every conceivable piece of advanced weaponry under the sun, and uses them in the most bombastic way possible.

Unfortunately, aside from Spacey’s character’s narration, we aren’t any closer to understanding the story in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We can assume whatever global conflict is at hand will include some domestic battles — the Golden Gate Bridge sequence tells us that much — but there are very few tangible clues included with the footage.

Who is Kevin Spacey’s character? What is his end goal? And how are these souped-up soldiers going to stop him? These are all questions that will likely have answers on May 4th, when the official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reveal was supposed to take place.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Soldier

For now, though, we’re left with a trailer that not only features the bombastic explosions and destruction that we’ve come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise, but also a crisper visual presentation that’s befit a next-gen experience. Even so, The game still looks an awful lot like Call of Duty – just a better version of the billion dollar franchise.

What do you think of this first trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Are you interested in seeing how Sledgehammer leverages a near-future setting?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases November 4, 2014 for current and last-gen platforms.

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  • GingerTom999

    Looks like one of the PMCs is to be called ATLAS, looking more like the one our playable character will belong to. Any ideas on the name of the one Spaceys character will belong to?

  • goldenknight

    So not going to buy this.

  • hanzo

    Que the people complaining because Call of Duty is the same thing over and over, then complain that its just not the same when something like this comes out.

    It actually looks interesting to me. Id probably go with this over a police version of battlefield, even though I am a die hard battlefield fan.

    • http://zrwebcomic.blogspot.com themysteryman

      I agree…. People will complain if its the same, and people will complain if its different… They’ll say that the multiplayer sucks, an yet play nonstop until tenth prestige… Everyone just has to have something to complain about, and now everyone is to stubborn to admit when an actual good COD comes out.. I think this looks good. It still has the COD feel, but updated.. It is a little different but still the same enough to feel like a COD…

      I will definitely give it a chance

      • Collin

        Yup. How the COD Fan boys are yet they play for over 24 Days

  • Collin

    Looks amazing and it will sell millions like all the other COD.

  • Lochlan

    Its giving me a Crysis + Ghost Recon + Titanfall type of mixture from that trailer

    • hanzo

      And I enjoy all 3 of those so that works for me. This will probably be the first COD game ill get since Modern Warfare 2

    • DeathFX

      That’s what I was thinking! The bigger aircrafts looked like Pelicans from Halo as well. The campaign looks like it would be really good so I might actually get this one. I think the multiplayer might be way over the top, but we’ll see soon.

  • MiffedMonkey1

    What happened to two-year game production? This is coming out a year after Ghosts. I guess they gave up on that plan, eh?

    • smittyy51

      Sledgehammer has been working on this for two years. pretty sure they been working on it since black ops 2 came out

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      This is Sledgehammer’s first fully developed title – they helped on MW3 but since founded in 2009, this is their baby.

      There are now three COD developers and each gets three years to developer their installments.

  • http://www.be.net/therustedpixel TRP

    People always complaining about how samey and run of the mill COD is. Personally I havn’t played any COD game since Black Ops but this looks impreesive. Hope it sells well just to annoy those who hate it :)

  • Starpryme

    When you say this is an extension of Modern Warfare do you mean it’s a sequel of some kind or not?

  • Brandon

    looks to me like they are taking some shit from titanfall because of its success. Sigh still looks good though.

  • Joe

    I absolutely HATED Ghosts. I took it back about a week or so after I had gotten it. THIS on the other hand….I will rent so I don’t blow $60 like I did with Ghosts. Who knows; maybe sledgehammer games will do Call of Duty some justice.

  • satan


  • Conor

    Its not proper game footage, for all we know, the cool things in this video will probably be available for a short amount of time, and then you dont see them again. But as long as it isnt like Ghosts and says “You are a stealth team” and then you immediately break that rule and go in guns blazing. Maybe Sledgehammer will do a good job though.

  • drachma

    i agree with a lot of people when they say it is looking pretty damn good, both as a game but as a continuum of the call of duty franchise. and i’ll probably be deemed as a hater or something but i really wish that the CoD series doesn’t lose the CoD experience and get to immersed in trying to keep up with the changing times. what i mean by this is in the really old cod games you had that intense sort of fusion with the game, where you could put on your headset and either be thrown into an either past present, near, future, or far future war or scenario. i think everyone would agree that after playing CoD:WaW they felt as if they had actually been there and was some way shape or form relatable. then with the release of CoD: BO2 they included player choices that greatly affected the ending of the game. but other than that, As long as they keep that slow-ish progression to something amazing and great that trumps every other fps game and possibly every game type, thats when, in my opinion, they did a perfect job. but with the futuristic idea and how much i love it, its easy to lose the touch the creators give these games, thus loser a lot of the positive player experience.

  • Mark

    I can appreciate the inclusion of new and advanced technology in a FPS, but the question isn’t if it will have some cool gizmos and things, the real question is if the GAME PLAY will be innovative. My last COD was BlackOps1, which wasn’t bad, per say, but the game play was the same and continued to be the same, regardless of the title of the game, changing of (usually very small) maps, or slight variations in a generally redundant weapon arsenal.