‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Details & Screens: Time Period & Spacey’s Role Confirmed

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Originally, the reveal for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was supposed to be part a timed marketing push scheduled for Sunday May 4th. But, as is typically the case with these things, those plans didn’t work out.

Instead, Activision was forced to play their hand and reveal the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer a few days early, and in the process they confirmed a few rumors surrounding the project. The trailer specifically outs Kevin Spacey‘s involvement with the game, and also reveals the near-future setting we had been hearing about for months.

Aside from that, though, details regarding Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are hard to come by. We suspect those more concrete details are likely coming on Sunday when Game Informer begins their coverage of the game, but Activision has decided reveal a little more information early.

More specifically, the developer confirms that Advanced Warfare will be set in the year 2054. That’s far enough in the future to make tech like exosuits, hover bikes, and active camo a believable possibility, while still telling a somewhat far-fetched story.

We also now know that Kevin Spacey’s character is named Jonathan Irons, and he is the founder and president of Atlas Corporation, the largest PMC (Private Military Corporation) in the world. In fact, Irons is who the yet-to-be-named main character of Advanced Warfare works for, which calls into conflict prior rumors that Spacey would be voicing the villain.

The trailer for Advanced Warfare certainly sets Spacey’s character up as a villainous character, but that may not be the case. Or maybe the game plays into the typical “you were working for the bad guys all along” trope. We certainly hope it doesn’t, but that seems like a possibility.

According to GI, there is still plenty more to learn about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare beyond a setting and main character. At this point, we actually know very little about the game aside from those brief glimpses in the trailer.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Kevin Spacey

On the development side, though, we know that developer Sledgehammer Games has been working on this title for the past three years — they began development shortly after Modern Warfare 3 shipped — and it is billed as a “next-gen first” experience. The game certainly looks more polished than previous entries, but whether or not that will be enough to woo fans back to the franchise is unclear.

Would you prefer Spacey’s character was the villain or the hero? Do you think the near future setting is “played out,” or do you want to see more of what Advanced Warfare can offer?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases November 4, 2014 for last-gen and current-gen platforms.

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  • Davey Mignott

    No, I think Spacey works better as a villain. I mean shoot, he was menacing in Horrible Bosses so I think this is perfect for him.

  • Alex

    I think Spacey be a villain, but I don’t think it will be a case of his antagonistic nature being some major plot reveal. Your character is a mercenary, after all. I think it will be established from the off that Spacey’s character will be a villain, but our protagonist won’t be above doing shady stuff for the right amount of cash. The main thrust of the plot will probably come from the player character either being made to do something really reprehensible and beginning to have doubts about his career, or being paid a hefty fee to betray his employer.

    Personally I hope for the latter. I’ve had enough of antiheroes who redeem themselves. Let me play a greedy traitor for once.

  • http://gamerant.com boogoo

    He makes a terrific villain but I think I would prefer him to be a “hero” actually. Only because once you see how batshit crazy he can get, you can’t help but wish he was on your side.

    For Advanced Warfare though, I’m sure he’ll be operating in a very morally gray area.

  • Joseph

    I would much rather have Jonathan Irons be Grey in terms of morality. So often do we recieve villains from Spacey that I would love to see him portray a character who can harness his raw energy but redirect it in a form that you want to root for.

  • Darren

    I like Spacey as a hero. COD is looking good this time around.

    • Yup

      Based off of what exactly does COD look good this time around?