‘Call of Duty 4′ PS3 Hack Causing Game To Freeze At Start Up

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Call of Duty 4 Game Start Up Hack

It’s been known for some time now that the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty 4 is suffering from a wave of hackers, but never has it been this bad. Apparently, a new hack is forcing the game to freeze at start up, essentially rendering PS3 copies of Call of Duty 4 useless.

According to those suffering from the supposed hack, when Call of Duty 4 starts up the game’s logo appears with text saying “yes” and “no,” essentially forcing players to press the ‘X’ button to confirm. Upon confirmation the game freezes and stops working.

Yahoo! Answers users have suggested that a temporary fix is it to turn off your router and then boot up the game, though if one plans to play the multiplayer component of the title the steps are slightly more elaborate, and require keeping the router off until you reach the game’s multiplayer menu.

Here’s the hack in action. Skip ahead to the 45 second mark if you don’t want to spend three quarters of a minute watching someone’s PS3 turn on.

Activison has yet to comment on whether or not this is a hack, but assuming it is, hacking of this nature is just disgusting. People spent money on this game and aren’t able to enjoy it because someone else is getting kicks out of causing the game to stop working.

I’ve seen other hacks in the PS3 version of Call of Duty 4 recently, such as some that increase speed or level you up in a matter of seconds, but at least all players have to do in that case is back out of the lobby and find another game. In this case the game is rendered near useless unless PS3 owners follow elaborate steps, and even that is not guaranteed to solve the problem for good.

Infinity Ward has taken steps against Modern Warfare 3 cheaters, so let’s hope they’ll do the same in this case.

Ranters, have you been affected by this, or any other, Call of Duty 4 hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: VG247, Yahoo! Answers

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  • Superdynamite

    Are you kidding? This game came out 5 years ago. This is NOT Modern Warfare 4. This is cod4 mw.

  • David

    xD Well I guess it’s a good thing I have Battlefield 3 and not some new crappy Call of Duty game

    • Lolwut

      This game isn’t new, it’s almost 4 years old. And this is arguably the best shooter ever made, if not the best game ever made.

  • David

    It came out that long ago??? Damn gamerant, stop dissing on Sony for once. Especially about games that came out 5 years ago

  • Vin

    The multiplayer hacking has been present for agessssssssss and nothing has been done, so I’m guessing they aren’t rushing to do anything, if, they do anything, which I really hope they do since Call of Duty 4 is still played by a lot of people. :/

    • GAMER6X

      I wanna play it sooo bad… I want my stats reset too, cause some guy hacked a lobby and gave me instant max rank and stuff…

  • cup457

    i guess they’ve never seen cod 5 for xbox. Literally every single lobby has a hacker with god mode in it. It’s been like this for years and nothing has happened.

  • Andy

    Even on the xbox there’s hacking, so much so that you can’t play the multiplayer because someone’s always flying around with an automatic grenade launcher.

  • Elcobydos

    COD:World at War is hacked to crap on Xbox as well.

  • SV

    If there is a newer COD out dont expect support on the older ones. They would rather you get tired of hackers and give them money for the new one to avoid them… Until the next one comes out haha

  • MadMax

    Hands down best FPS game on console in history out side Halo CE/Halo 2 (Enjoy COD4 more but pre-online Halo was beastly sitting around the house with 16 others LAN drickin and havin a good time, hard to beat). I Still get on and play GB matches from time to time. Game maybe old but its still played a crap load thats why this is news and i do hope that its fixed. I am an xboxer for life, but no one deserves to not be able to play this wonderful game cause of hacks.

  • duane

    I have the same problem..
    Just played a few multiplayer games and frozen screen when i start game now.have to basically reset the system settings and could play again until i quit the game.then it freezes again what a croc of #@&%!
    Well this is the first time this has happened lol

  • gman

    I too can no longer get online with THREE CoD games. WAW, MW & MWII. This problem has only started in the past month or two.
    Surely someone has to do something? Sony actually told me it was a fault with my machine, so i went and bought a new machine and still have the same problem, plus im £190 out of pocket for no reason!

  • David Campbell

    Interesting… I just bought a new PS3 250 gig console and it only came with one game, (uncharted 3)which works fine. I bought COD4 Modern Warfare at Gamestop two days ago and it locks at the start screen just as you have mentioned and the video shows. I could find no flaws in the disc at all, it was spotless. I returned the game today and they replaced it with another copy of COD4, again it was spotless but does the same thing as the first copy. Freezes at the start screen and while it allows you to switch back & forth from yes to no, as soon as you try to hit the X button to confirm, it does nothing. I was thinking it might be a backwards compatibility issue with the newest PS3 consoles and older PS3 games, but after reading this hack article, I have to wonder. I’m about to try the router disconnect suggestion just for the heck of it. I have no interest in online play at this time, as I’m new to the whole concept. We’ll soon see, I guess. Thanks much for posting this page.

  • carl mayes

    Yes I got this game it don’t work.

  • David Campbell

    For the sake of follow up and for anyone running into this problem after I had, I want to say that I did get the game to install after unplugging the router and deleting the original install, just as was mentioned in the above article. So, if you’re satisfied with single player mode, as is all I wanted anyway, the game will work. It’s a shame that the big guns (Sony/Activision, etc.) won’t do anything to thwart or repair situations like this, but I guess it’s Win, Win for them, and once the game is sold and they have made their money, it’s all good on their end. Anyway, this is where it’s at with the COD game of topic, and thanks again for the heads up.

  • Bob

    The same thing has started happening to me. I can’t believe that this issue has been pon going for 2 years and still no REAL Permanent fix.

  • Bob

    Before anyone asks, I’ve owned the game and console since new. Nothing has ever been hacked.