‘Modern Warfare 4’ Evidence Continues To Mount

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While everyone who has ever heard of Call of Duty would bet on another Modern Warfare title coming next year, Activision isn’t ready to confirm that that’s the case. So while we can only assume that Infinity Ward is hard at work (possibly helped by Neversoft) on Modern Warfare 4, or Modern Warfare 2013, we await official confirmation or details.

Thanks to newly leaked details, it seems that the voice actor’s script excerpts – while largely unsurprising – confirm John ‘Soap’ MacTavish’s return, therefore lending even more credence to the suspicions that the game is, in fact, Modern Warfare 4.

This certainly isn’t the first we’ve heard of a fourth numbered sequel to last year’s MW3, after series voice actor Bill Murray (not that one) confirmed he was once again recording lines as Captain Price. Since the sequel had not yet been announced, it surprised no one when Activision denied the claims, and Murray himself backpedaled.

Now, Siliconera has a few more details from an inside source, on both the setting of MW 2013 and a few lines being recorded. Apparently continuing the MW story arc (despite the perceived finality of MW3‘s conclusion), the new main character, codenamed ‘Ben Burke,’ is described as a “battle hardened veteran in his mid-thirties with a nihilistic point of view.”

While that is possibly the most predictable character description we could think of, the inside source also claims that Soap MacTavish will appear in a flashback, deployed in Somalia. That raises plenty of questions for the time and setting of the next CoD game, but a few sample lines of dialogue are also provided for fans to pour over:

“Reminds you of Phuket, doesn’t it? Only this time the dust gives you cancer… OK, park yourself and get ready. When this thing kicks off, put a hole in anything that moves.”

“This is Sentinel Zero One, successful crypto change on C2 net break, requesting immediate update of blue force picture and status of artillery, over. I have you broken and unreadable, I say again, requesting updates to friendly positions and status of arty support. Do you read, over?”

“We’ve got KVA on the move! They’re going to strongpoint the main gate, ETA two mikes! We’re providing support for our heavy rollers! Ready up and let’s move!”

Besides providing some prime examples of band names for budding musicians (Two Mikes, Blue Force Picture) the quotes confirm that Modern Warfare 2013 will, unequivocally, feature armed combat. The enemies, be they KVA or not, and the setting are still up for speculation given the new hero and flashbacks to MacTavish.

There’s a good chance that CoD fans will have plenty of time until the idea of a new Infinity Ward title replaces the enjoyment of Black Ops 2, so Activision’s hesitation makes sense. That being said, Activision has proven largely unable to prevent extensive leaks, so those hungry for more details won’t have to wait very long.

For the fans of the series, what are your thoughts on the idea of continuing the MW story as opposed to a new arc? Are more numbered sequels the way to go, or would you rather have the chance to get to know a new cast of soldiers? Sound off in the comments.

Modern Warfare 2013 has yet to be named or detailed, but is expected in November 2013 on all major platforms.

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Source: Siliconera