Bungie Calms Fears About Destiny’s Always-On Requirement

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Destiny Concept Art

After SimCity, it’s safe to say that the term “always on” is a bit of a taboo. While it’s still very much part of the discussion concerning games, it’s also not in a developer’s best interest to mention such a feature at this point in time.

However, there are a few games, like Bungie‘s Destiny for example, which have already committed to the always-on requirement, and must now face increased scrutiny from fans. Luckily, Bungie signed a deal with Activision not current public enemy #1 Electronic Arts to publish Destiny, but nonetheless they have some damage control to do.

And, in response to questions regarding Destiny‘s always-on requirement, Bungie has partially set fan fears at ease, saying that this is not their first “rodeo.” As gamers may know, Bungie is very familiar with online multiplayer and know what it is like to launch a game with millions of simultaneous players.

At the same time, Destiny is a very different animal than Halo in that Halo only required an online connection for multiplayer. The game’s single player and cooperative campaigns could be enjoyed without an Internet connection. Destiny, on the other hand, cannot be played without an Internet connection.

Basically, Bungie plans to use the lessons learned from the various Halo launches they have survived to inform their approach to Destiny. We’d recommend some extensive beta testing, but that doesn’t always seem to help in these situations.

For the time being, though, Bungie plans to “focus on some less frightening but equally important challenges.” Part of that plan should include a GDC talk, wherein the developer is expected to reveal more about the world of Destiny.

Last month the developer finally lifted the curtain off their mysterious project, but specific gameplay details were few and far between. Matter of fact, while the developer talks about an always-on requirement, we don’t have any clear idea as to what that requirement will support. Multiplayer is obviously the backbone of Destiny‘s MMO-esque experience, but how exactly that works is still unclear.

However, we don’t expect GDC to be the key forum for such a reveal to take place. Rather, E3 2013 seems like a better fit for Bungie to show off more of Destiny. Perhaps they will come full circle and showcase more footage during Microsoft‘s press conference.

With SimCity‘s failures, are you worried about Destiny‘s always-on requirement? Do you think that Bungie will actually be able to handle a massive launch-day population?

Destiny is believed to be a 2014 release on the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and other next-gen platforms.

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  • jake

    this is sick, just bought the game and I cannot play it, i had no idea, i should have read the label. I feel robbed of my hard earned money that i cannot afford to spend on internet. this is a fail, bungie won’t be making games in the future if they are also online only, but probably just won’t. they are clearly “disconnected”

    • Embelem

      so no internet for you then? must have a phantom writing for you i suppose……

      • AlexMech

        People like you should remember that slo-net does exist. Not all the world operates on Ethernet, in rural areas where phone wiring is old DSL can’t be used because it makes to much hash of the signals. And satellite internet is spendy…not to mention really restrictive. Try learning about the world you live in before you open your mouth to comment on it next time.

      • Jay Starr

        A lack of Internet is not the issue here, the “REQUIREMENT” is. And not all of us have the money for fast internet like you, we work for a living, trust fund baby.

  • Dunny1981

    What a crock of crap online only they dont advertise that first tomb raider gets made an xbox exclusive then this .A wonder how many people have bought the game but dont have a internet connection bunjie must not give a crap or is 75gig too small top fit the single player on

  • Niko

    I truly don’t see the appeal of drm. If the networks are shut down 10 years down the road. That’s it! The game is unplayable. I’m not renting a game for WAY more than 60 dollars.

  • Bryce

    This is one of the most disappointing events I’ve encountered with video games. One would think that the creators behind the “number one game of the year” with a solo campaign option (if I’m not mistaken) would at least have the decency to take note that not all gamers and exited fans have Internet access! Thank you bungie, and Activision for this Tease!

  • BlueCollarCritic

    Bungies needs to be made aware of just how many of us out there are not going to stand for this on-line-all-the-time connection requirement BS. By not voicing your dissatisfaction you are by your silence, telling Bungie that it’s OK to do this kind of thing to its customers. DESTINY is not a MMORPG nor even a FPS version of an MMORPG. Destiny is a FPS with RPG elements with a DRM-esque online all the time connection requirement that is clearly designed to limit gamers options for playing the game and to condition the gaming community to accept this kind of ridiculous digital rights management as the future norm in gaming.

    If anyone finds out about a mass campaign of online protest against Bungies requirements for Destiny please be sure to post info on that in this thread.

    • PastyMuffin

      You might as well go protest Blizzard and make World of Warcraft offline as well. Idiot. If you don’t like it play something else.

      • rick

        blizzard made games with offline compatibility for the common man, try again troll.

        • PastyMuffin

          So did Bungie. Get over it.

  • Karl bailey

    As far as I can see, I just spent 70 euro on a plastic case with some nice artwork on it. Because of my really shit Irish internet service from an English company that shall remain unnamed (because I’m not a complete dick) I can not play this game nor can I refund it because there is nothing wrong with it.I was a huge bungie fan, but now I absolutely hate them for creating a game that needs a constant internet connection, sweet Jesus we don’t all live in a country with proper internet, safe to say as an independent reviewer I have given this game a bad rating. Activision are also on my bad list. Basically if your internet connection is bad in anyway do not buy this game.

  • Talon Burkhart

    I am SO disappointed with Bungie… Thus is BS. I haven’t spent the $60 on the game but I feel for the people that did. I rented the game last weekend, I didn’t do the research (my mistake) but in my defense I just imagined that they would have an offline mode!!! Even SimCity had an offline mode eventually!! But I have satellite internet, and wen I have some left it’s not bad but when I run out it sucks ass… And it’s not fair to the people like me, and people who don’t even have the necessity of Internet! !! I can’t play the game I have been waiting on for 2 years… But I guess I was stupid enough to not do research so I guess that’s my fault.

  • Michael Diaz

    I agree. VERY dissatisfied and utterly disappointed with bungie and this game. i had it on pre-order for months not knowing it was an online only game. Finally brought it home last night and could not play it at all. If you can run games like skyrim and grand theft auto WITHOUT an online connection, why not destiny? It seems as though you could run the game just fine with just a single player campaign. I played the beta solo and on the hardest difficulty on every mission. There was never a problem taking on the challenges of the game. It seems as though destiny was designed for knuckle dragging pansy gamers who are too dumb to take things on by themselves. Thats what gaming used to be about. Using your brain, delving deep into this new world and exploring. Now i have to have an online connection and xbox live gold just to do that? If thats what the world of gaming is turning into rhen i just quit. Coming feom someone who is a massive halo fan, shooters are supposed to be you against rhe world. Not you, your friends in other states or countries, not your neighbor, just YOU, the player. The consumer who bought your product! The fan who fell in love with the ideas of this brand new open world sci-fi game that could rival that of halo. I guess bungie no longer cares about their past and is embracing a future filled with greed and self centered manipulation into forcing old school gamers like myself into paying for gold and for internet. So i suppose i just paid for a 60 dollar paper weight of a dream that i have long anticipated since rhe first announcement of destiny. If there is anything about the game be becoming available for offline play i would really love to see what you guys have got. If not, well then i am done with bungie and will continue to be a 343 industries loyalist.

    • PastyMuffin

      You’re the idiot who didn’t bother researching the game. They said it was an always on since it was first announced. That is YOUR fault that you didn’t pay attention, not Bungie’s. How can you be so quick to buy something when you don’t even research anything about it? That’s just being a poor consumer on your part. No sympathy for you.

    • PastyMuffin

      And to top it all off, this article was released OVER a YEAR ago.

  • Michael Diaz

    Well i have better things to do than to sit around doing research on things that should be simple. Its a game! Games should be simple enough to just buy it, play it, love it and want more of it. Its not about sympathy. Its about how crappy and greedy the world of gaming is turning out to be. Used to be, you went to the store, bought a game, went home and played it til your fingers had blisters. I dont have the money for internet and live. So i get slapped in the face with how i cant play my game without those things because im not as fortunate as most people? Thats social targeting right there.

  • Michael Diaz

    Well i have better things to do than to sit around doing research on things that should be simple. Its a game! Games should be simple enough to just buy it, play it, love it and want more of it. Its not about sympathy. Its about how crappy and greedy the world of gaming is turning out to be. Used to be, you went to the store, bought a game, went home and played it til your fingers had blisters. I dont have the money for internet and live. So i get slapped in the face with how i cant play my game without those things because im not as fortunate as most people? Thats social targeting right there. The privileged ones get to experience this world ive waited for 2 years to enjoy and i have turds like you saying “oh boo hoo sucks for you”. Yeah right f****** bite my a** man. I work hard for my money to buy games and i expect to spend that money and get something out of it.

  • Michael Diaz

    And as a matter of fact i did do some research into the game. NOWHERE did i read that it was an always online game. so obviously it was something that did not come to everyone’s attention. Im not the only person who got ripped off by this game so if im an idiot then i suppose everybody else in my shoes is an idiot as well. POINT MADE!

    • PastyMuffin

      This article is over a year old. No excuse. You don’t buy world of warcraft then complain that you have to be online to play.

    • PastyMuffin

      It also says on the damn case “Internet connection required.”

  • Michael Diaz

    Okay dont even beging to compare this to WoW. With that game you KNOW its for pc only so you KNOW its online only. its even advertised with the game. Destiny however was not advertised as an online only game. You had to read about it or be well informed about it. Not only that but the game also promised a single player campaign. NOT AN ALWAYS ONLINE SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN! If bungie couldnt create a living breathing world, as many other companies have delivered before them, without an always online requirement then i want to know just where the 500,000,000 dollars went for them to create this game. And yeah youre right it does say it on the case. However i was not able to take a look at the case until AFTER i payed for the game. It was behind the shelf in glass cabinet and the money just flew out of my hands with anticipation to later on find out i had been ripped off. Console games should never be online only. That is why it is CONSOLE gaming and not PC gaming.

  • Leslie

    Try turning on your personal hotspot on your phone for wifi on your ps4 or whatever you have -__-

  • michael

    this game is useless…. i have internet and you still cant play cause of te 20 gb that it requires to even play.. waste of money and time.. way to go bungie…

  • John Westfall

    People if you have a problem with the always on reqs then don’t buy the freaking game simple as that but don’t buy it then start bitching cause of the way they made it