Bungie Calms Fears About Destiny’s Always-On Requirement

Mar 18, 2013 by  

Destiny Concept Art

After SimCity, it’s safe to say that the term “always on” is a bit of a taboo. While it’s still very much part of the discussion concerning games, it’s also not in a developer’s best interest to mention such a feature at this point in time.

However, there are a few games, like Bungie‘s Destiny for example, which have already committed to the always-on requirement, and must now face increased scrutiny from fans. Luckily, Bungie signed a deal with Activision not current public enemy #1 Electronic Arts to publish Destiny, but nonetheless they have some damage control to do.

And, in response to questions regarding Destiny‘s always-on requirement, Bungie has partially set fan fears at ease, saying that this is not their first “rodeo.” As gamers may know, Bungie is very familiar with online multiplayer and know what it is like to launch a game with millions of simultaneous players.

At the same time, Destiny is a very different animal than Halo in that Halo only required an online connection for multiplayer. The game’s single player and cooperative campaigns could be enjoyed without an Internet connection. Destiny, on the other hand, cannot be played without an Internet connection.

Basically, Bungie plans to use the lessons learned from the various Halo launches they have survived to inform their approach to Destiny. We’d recommend some extensive beta testing, but that doesn’t always seem to help in these situations.

For the time being, though, Bungie plans to “focus on some less frightening but equally important challenges.” Part of that plan should include a GDC talk, wherein the developer is expected to reveal more about the world of Destiny.

Last month the developer finally lifted the curtain off their mysterious project, but specific gameplay details were few and far between. Matter of fact, while the developer talks about an always-on requirement, we don’t have any clear idea as to what that requirement will support. Multiplayer is obviously the backbone of Destiny‘s MMO-esque experience, but how exactly that works is still unclear.

However, we don’t expect GDC to be the key forum for such a reveal to take place. Rather, E3 2013 seems like a better fit for Bungie to show off more of Destiny. Perhaps they will come full circle and showcase more footage during Microsoft‘s press conference.

With SimCity‘s failures, are you worried about Destiny‘s always-on requirement? Do you think that Bungie will actually be able to handle a massive launch-day population?

Destiny is believed to be a 2014 release on the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and other next-gen platforms.


Source: Bungie


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  1. I have total faith in Bungie. They are not an amateur studio, nor is activision a broken publisher (like EA). Both of them know what they are doing. If there will be a problem with the connection, it will be because of the first gen of the new consules.

  2. They should promote Destiny as a MMO and not do this always online crap for DRM reasons. Or else they will have the same scrutiny.

    • They aren’t doing it for DRM lol

  3. I think people will be more willing to make a concession if things go wrong with destiny’s always online features, because it is a key part of the game experience. For SimCity most people didn’t want the features that always online made available, they just wanted to build a city and viewed always online as a cynical DRM technique, which in the case of SimCity I believe it was. If people see value in always being online they will be less upset about having it forced upon them, even when things go wrong.

  4. Sure sounds like MS is gonna force this DMR crap on everyone. I think it’s a huge mistake.

    • Bungie isn’t developing Destiny with Microsoft, genius. -_-

  5. I guess this is another game I won’t be buying.

  6. With SimCity‘s failures, are you worried about Destiny‘s always-on requirement?

    Nope. Look at how many games we only play online with for multiplayer. These issues are on whoever hosts the servers.

    Do you think that Bungie will actually be able to handle a massive launch-day population?

    Yes. Halo was huge, Call of Duty was huge, both Activision and Bungie know what to expect. Although I do expect lag, that’s usually the norm with new launches.

  7. Here we go again.

    • what he said…

      …I got faith Bungie, but this ain’t a good idea…

  8. I think this is Okay. Definitely not the first game always online. I mean, MMOs are always online and this was speculated to be a FPSMMO which would be cool. MAG for PS3 is online all the time because all there is is multiplayer and that is still one of my all time favorite shooters. 256 people in one battle. Lets see what Bungie does on the matter. Also, I’d much rather deal with Activision on the subject than EA. Boycott EA!! Only game series I’d buy from them is Crysis.

  9. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem and I don’t think fans need to be appeased nor does any damage control necessary. It is a game where your personal actions affect the world. You may think you are playing alone but there is someone very close to you and you are allowed to interact. This is possible due to the online requirement and I know I will be glad for it.

    There is no reason to compare Destiny to Diablo or Sim City. Those games were required to be online for micro transactions or to keep people from borrowing the game, etc.

    The only problem Bungie has to overcome is the fact that their last console game was one of the sloppiest turds ever released.

  10. why am i going to pay £50 for a game that i cant play unless im online, surely that means i dont really own the game… so what am i paying that money for? the RIGHT to play it? f*** that… what if internet is slow where i am or for some reason my connection is down, and i just want to play single player? smh… most gamers enjoy escapism on their own. give them that choice atleast…

  11. Sounds like a bad idea.

  12. I think a lot of people are under the mistaken impression that this is a single-player game with a separate multi-player mode but that is required for the user to be online at all times. What I’ve been hearing about this game is that it’s pretty much an MMO. The details haven’t been revealed but this game isn’t going to be like Call of Duty or Halo. It’s a persistent world in which it is intended for you to run into other people while you’re playing. As someone else pointed out, other games that have an ‘always-on’ function did so to prevent piracy or cheating. This game is doing it because it is not intended for you to play completely alone. You’re to be part of a world with other players.

  13. I’m just thinking how much money this is going to cost. I really wish xbox live was free now.

    • Cough* PSN *Cough

  14. So… you mean that instead of signing up with EA that failed massively with SimCity they signed with Acivision-Blizzard that failed just as badly with Diablo 3? … … You sir have quite the short memory, I was there at Diablo 3′s launch and it was aweful and unplayable for at least a week, and we got no freebies from that…

    That being said it doesn’t mean that Bungie will fail the same way, just saying both EA and A-B failed in this department big time.

  15. 60 bucks for an always online game with no single player??? PASS!!!!!!!

  16. The majority of gamers want a single player game, with online features as a bonus. If the connection isn’t going well, the single player mode is always available. Now that Bungie is tied for ten years with that c*** company (which is worse than ea,) I can see now why this game is an online game. The thing that is so bad is that it could’ve easily offered the same experience with a single player mode, and give the option of multplayer as a choice. I can see many players (myself among them) not buying this game because of this. Bungie could increase their sales by incorporating a single player mode.

  17. After reading about this, I think the multi-player thing is an excuse for an always online DRM, so I won’t be getting this. :(

  18. So in other words, whether we like it or not, trolls will occasionally drop in (I believe I heard about random run ins with other players at some point on one of these), and when they do, they’ll dance on the head of my corpse. Great alternative to tea bagging by the way.

  19. Well bungie I thought 343 had ruined halo but I guess I was wrong turns out that they are much better than you because they don’t make sh***y online only games like you. Your just a sh*t on my shoe now you had a fan base and now you have ruined it by making an online only so I’m thankful halo isn’t being made by a bunch of thick f**ks now

    • Trololololol

  20. What about people who would love to play this game… But dont have internet because they cant afford it because of other bills? I really wish they would let have the option to play offline in single player story mode. And im sure alot of people would agree with me. :(

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