Rumor Patrol: Take-Two Interactive Trademark Suggests ‘Bully 2′ In Development

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Bully 2 in the works? 2

First released back in 2006, Rockstar’s Bully marked something of an unusual detour for the typically gritty studio. Trading Manhunt’s snuff for harmless fluff and blood-soaked streets for schoolyard cliques, the title quickly found a cult following among PS2, and later Wii & Xbox 360, owners. Now, seven years from the game’s debut, news has emerged to suggest a Bully 2 title may at last be in development.

Filed one week ago today, a trademark application bearing the name ‘Bully’ has been spotted online, requested by none other than Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive.


The hot document – available to view in its entirety at the United States Patent & Trademark Office site – covers use of the franchise’s title in combination with a slew of different formats, including:

  • ‘animation in the field of video games and computer games’
  • ‘computer and video game programs and software’
  • ‘downloadable digital materials’
  • ‘wallpapers’
  • ‘screensavers’
  • ‘digital music files’
  • ‘graphics’
  • ‘videos’
  • ‘films’
  • ‘multimedia files’
  • ‘live action programs’
  • ‘motion pictures’

Two sample images were also provided alongside the application, the first of which reads ‘Bully’ in a nondescript typeface, while the second displays a screen grab of the original game’s ‘Student Downloads’ web page. The writing in question fails to match Bully’s own choice of font, but the typeface could perhaps signify an upcoming change in logo design.

Interestingly, a similar search of the British patent office yielded no fresh results. While documentation was available for the original Canis Canem Edit (the game was re-branded in Britain following an outcry from parent groups) no Bully 2 or Canis sequel info was apparent from trawling through the site.

Bully 2 in the works? 1

So, is it possible that Rockstar is simply renewing an old license on the franchise, or could there be more at work here? The last time we encountered the title, it was headed to the Playstation Network in November of 2012. A month before that, Rockstar Vice-President Dan Houser told Gamasutra that development on the game could potentially begin after Rockstar Vancouver’s completion of Max Payne 3.

“We knew that we didn’t want to start doing the Bully sequel instantly … even through it is a property that, like Max, we adore and might come back to in the future. There was just no impetus to do that then…So we said, ‘you can do Max, and then we will see what we can do with Bully.’ So it was really waiting for the slot to open up and the group to open up to and at least start work on it.”

Given Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick’s recent comments over Rockstar brand loyalty, one Bully sequel may not be enough to satisfy the successful publisher. If the series continues to iterate on the schoolyard formula, rather than follow original protagonist James ‘Jimmy’ Hopkins onto college, the franchise could potentially sustain itself indefinitely.

So, are you excited for a possible Bully sequel? In which video game universe would you like to go to school? Let us know in the comments below.


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Source: United States Patent & Trademark Office [via CVG] & Gamasutra

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  • Sid The Artful Dodger

    Anyone thinking about Bully 2 ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE? I think it would be absolutely brilliant where we pick our cliques,looks,running styles,fighting styles,etc…….. I really hope they make a Bully sequel…. Rockstar focused TOO MUCH on GTA in my opinion.

    • chris

      i agree with what that guy said if they do online mode you can like start your own crew in uni you can meet other people which is online but in the game so uni and stuff and u can try take over the uni so like after hours fighting and cliques and looks and fight styles ect just what u see in uni these days something like that i really really hope they do this and a multiplayer

  • David Hardaway

    I really really really hope they make another sequal this was the best game ever!

  • daniel

    I would love to see a Bully 2 college

  • sam

    I would love to still be jimmy and have him go off to college also more cliques like skaters or popularkid also Bully2 NEEDS a biger map ghan the 1st one one day i really wanna work for Rockstar.

  • sam

    also mabye you could do like in gta san andreas recruit people in your clique or star your own

  • Claire

    A sequel, even if it wasn’t about Jimmy would be fantastic! Maybe character customization could be added and the player could choose which ‘clique’ they’d like to compete to be a part of, along with a larger map. I’d be first in the queue to purchase it!

  • Jena

    I love this game so much! I watched a playthrough on Youtube and I’ve been in love since! (especially all the interesting characters.) I might be getting it for Christmas, and if Bully 2 came out I’d definitely buy it.

  • isabella

    They shouldn’t make it that the character is in college they should keep it in highschool what caught my attention in the game was that the character was in school if they just make then older then it’ll be similer to GTA

  • isabella

    Guns in bully ?? No that’s GTA they should have bb guns or paintball not actual guns then the game would never launch

  • Nick

    They should let us create our own character and make it another acdamey That’s bigger and they should add bb guns and the town bigger and different moves and alot more missons

  • Flunky

    I would love a Bully sequel. I’ve played the original numerous times, and it is still a fantastic game!

  • Dom

    I think either stick with Jimmy at Bullworth Academy and maybe add a rival school and more cliques or have a new protagonist but have Jimmy as a main character in the story and he could be the new students mentor.

    I completely disagree with the talk of BB guns, you have the spud gun and bottle rockets, what more do you need?