‘Borderlands Legends’ Bound For iPhone & iPad [Updated]

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Randy Pitchford has been vocal about his desire for a PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2. As it turns out, there is a portable version of Borderlands on the way – and soon – but it won’t be for Sony’s handheld, and it won’t be a port of Borderlands 2. Instead, an all new game has been crafted for mobile platforms and tablets: Borderlands Legends, due before the end of the month.

The Brady Games Borderlands 2 Digital Strategy Guide is responsible for blowing the cover off Borderlands Legends. An advertisement for Legends appears in the guide, and a copy of the ad made its way to the Borderlands 2 forums, though the post has apparently been deleted. No matter – images of the add itself are currently all over the net. Check it out below.

Borderlands Legends Ad

Borderlands Legends brings back the cast of the original Borderlands – Mordecai, Lilith, Brick and Roland – in a wave-based shooter. Missions are randomized, characters can be leveled up, and players will be able to take advantage of a “strategic cover system.” Conspicuously absent from the Legends ad is any mention of multiplayer, which is a huge part of Borderlands’ allure on consoles.

It may be a mobile game, but this is still Borderlands, and that means one thing above all others: there will be lots and lots and lots of guns. The Legends ad promises “thousands of different weapons,” which is well short of the “bazillions of guns” touted by the Borderlands 2 launch trailer, but should be more than sufficient to get the job done. How those weapons are acquired, though, appears to be somewhat different than in the console games. The ad notes that players can “collect in-game cash by destroying enemies and purchase new weapons.” Does that mean that there won’t be any random loot drops or chests to scour? It might. It might also be a clue that that players can get right to the good stuff via in-app purchases.

One way or another, we should know soon enough. New games generally appear on Apple’s App Store late Wednesday night in North America (around 11:00PM EST), meaning that we could be playing Borderlands Legends in just two days – unless, of course, 2K Games plans to wait until the last moment and release the game on Halloween.

Ranters, do you have any interest in a mobile version of Borderlands? How do you think the game will play? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: it’s official. Borderlands Legends will launch October 31st for iPad ($6.99) and iPhone ($4.99). The 2K Games Blog describes what players can expect from the isometric action-RPG.

“The Borderlands universe is no longer just a console experience. With intuitive, touch-based commands and slick UI, Borderlands Legends combines the inventory and skill tree management that gamers already love about the franchise with a layer of strategy that is popular on mobile devices.”

Borderlands Legends Screenshot 1

Borderlands Legends releases for iPhone and iPad on October 31, 2012.

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Source: CVG, 2K Games Blog

  • sweetjumps

    ill get it, once i get my galaxy note 2 in a few months

    • sweetjumps

      if it comes out for android, didnt see it just for ios

  • Eric Cartman

    Can’t wait, I’ve always thought it would be awesome to play Borderlands on my iphone.

  • dethfuse

    why do all these good games come out on only the iShit? good way to show you dont care about your fans

    • sweetjumps

      Im pretty sure the reason why IOS gets more games or when games come out first for iOS is because its easier to program for because all iPhones are the same. With Android you have a million phones with a million different specs that you have to make sure your game is compatible for. Im an Android fan and I think that is the only think I dont like about android. But most of the time a game or app that I want usually makes it way to android which Im sure this game will, it will just take a bit longer.

  • Gotanycheese

    I think his would’ve been better suited for the ps vita

    • jack

      I agree, and yes, I do have some cheese, It’s in the refrigerator.

  • mike

    When is there going to be an update to fit the new ios 7 because it will not let me type in a title to start a new game so i cant play it… please anwer me back in an email… the email is adamic2016@bradyschhols.org. thank you have a great day.