E3 2011: Booth Babe Image Blow-Out

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Yes, it’s time for the obligatory tribute to the women who are hired to not only attract attention to various games, but look sharp doing so as well.

It’s up for debate whether the girls actually help what they’re pushing, but they certainly put on a friendly face and are eager to tell people about a game or two. The ones we dealt with during this year’s E3 2011 were friendly and most importantly full of information about their product – cheers to the women who worked their long shifts this year.

We also paid homage to them last year, so feel free to check that page out. The years may go by but the concept that uniformed women can sell a product is probably something which will never change.

Without further ado, here’s some enlargeable photos of some of the awesome booth girls we ran in to this year!

What do you think of the Booth Babes of E3 2011? Were there any ones who had a more game-matching or amazing outfit?

  • Ken J

    That second to last one is available now?? SWEET!! lol

  • Ken J

    Hm, about the girls though, let’s go through them in order:

    Bloodrayne chick: Uhhh, no…
    Dancing chick: Eh, OK…
    Chick with gun: Can’t see much, the parts visible look pretty good though.
    Dancing chick 2: Alright…
    Girl in front of car: Butterface, sorry, lol
    Two girls in gray: No to girl on left, girl on right is cute.
    Glee girl: OK, but funny, the poster behind her looks like a guy checking her out, lol.
    Magicka booth babes: Eh, and eh…
    End of nations: OK, and OMFG IS THAT A MAN IN DRAG????
    Namco: No to the blonde, but the redhead is cute
    Chicks with bright red wigs: Girl on left looks like a butterface, maybe, girl on right, MAYBE OK, can’t tell with those horrible wigs…
    Three Asian chicks: so-so, Ok but WAY too pale, and nice body, not so ok face…
    Chick that’s available now: Alright, looks like an attractive girl that you’ll find in your neighborhood or sitting next to you in a college class or something.
    Ballet dancer: Can’t really see her face, but looks pretty attractive.

    Alright, those are my opinions. Honestly, I’ve seen nicer looking booth babes from previous years I think…

    • bliss

      Yeah you know something, i think your horribly judgemental and in all the wrong ways.Your critiques come across as you just being a stuck up, ignorant child with know common knowledge on how to picture things unless it’s some woman basting in the shower naked. You should really not speak unless you have something even remotely intelligent to say. I’m sure you’re nothing more than some 300 lb tubby or a complete nerd who sits around and does nothing but look at game girls and big tit porn stars. So with that being said once again you should just refrain from commenting on pictures with cosplay girls especially when they are good pictures.

      • Ken J

        LMAO, I always love comments about someone’s intelligence that are full of spelling and grammatical errors. Thanks, that was awesome. πŸ˜›

        And nowhere did I say anything about wanting them to be “skanky” or naked, and I don’t even like big tits, that’s another funny thing, I actually prefer women to be completely proportional, meaning if they are slim, they really should have smaller breasts as well. Bigger breasts look better on women who are more curvy. It’s not the size, it’s the proportion. πŸ˜‰

        Anyway, since when has it become illegal to voice your opinion? Why don’t you just voice your own personal opinions about them instead of getting your panties all in a bunch over someone else’s opinions?? lol

  • jwalka

    brb *grabs tissue box* πŸ˜€
    to bad none of these women are actually into gaming :( np though b/c i’ve found a pretty girls who’s hardcore into gaming (and is somewhat social) win win for me πŸ˜€

  • TheAvenger

    Is it just me or does half of those chicks look over the age of 40?