PS4 Exclusive ‘Bloodborne’ Gets February 2015 Release Date & Trailer For Japan

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Since Bloodborne was first unveiled at E3 this summer, there has been plenty of anticipation about a game we still don’t know a ton about. The last word about the release date for the PS4 exclusive title was an expectation that it would debut in the spring on 2015. On Monday, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia announced during the pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference that the game is hitting store shelves on February 5, 2015 in Japan. The bad news is this release date appears to be only for Japan.

Sony did not say when the game will be making it to the rest of the world and since February 5th falls on a Thursday in 2015 it would be unlikely to be the same date. Sony would also be releasing two PS4 exclusives pretty close together should the Japan date be extended to North America since The Order: 1886 is due out on February 20, 2015.  It should be pointed out February 20th is also a bit of an odd day for a game release, since that is a Friday so perhaps a Thursday release earlier in the month isn’t out of the question.

Originally titled Project Beast, Bloodborne was officially unveiled with a cinematic trailer showing off the dark and quite creepy world in which this game will be set. If the trailer wasn’t enough of a clue into the title’s violence and gore, keep in mind this is made by From Software, the same people who brought you Demon Souls, and both Dark Souls games.

New Japanese trailer for Bloodborne:

The three Souls titles are all well known for being incredibly violent, challenging and very fun to play – in a frustrating sort of way. Judging from the little tidbits that have been released, such as information about the aggressive combat features in Bloodborne it appears From Software is attempting to do what it does best yet again.  This seems to be spelled out by From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki who says the combat gameplay is designed to be so aggressive that attempting to play defense is probably a hindrance.

There seems to be plenty of creepy enemies to take on in this new world, including a couple of zombie-fied looking towns folk, and some rather ghoulish looking dogs that could be pulled right out of the game world of Resident Evil.  Assuming February is indeed the release month worldwide, From Software’s newest title will be joining a growing list of big time games making their debut that month. This could be yet another reason to expect Bloodborne to indeed join the party next February.

Bloodborne releases exclusively for PS4 in Japan on February 5, 2015.

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