Blizzard Reveals Diablo 3’s Female Monk

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If I could measure the ratio of mouse clicks to the amount of time I played a game, then Diablo II would win the gold medal in the Index Finger Olympics. That game requires some serious metacarpal investment, and really no matter how deformed your hand may be after years of play, it was totally worth it. I am a huge fan of Blizzard’s and actually set my alarm for three in the morning to watch the Blizzard WWI in France live because of the suspicion that Diablo 3 would be announced. It was, of course, and unfortunately we have had to wait many years for the actual release of the game. But fear not, as Blizzard has thrown us a new bone with the revealing of the female Monk.

Sure, it’s not a lot, but people have been curious what she would look like since only the male monk was playable at last year’s BlizzCon. Ultimately, that gives us the totality of four of the five classes in Diablo 3. Maybe this year’s BlizzCon will give us the fifth? I sure hope so. And, Blizzard, if you are listening, can I please have my paladin back?

Head on over to the Diablo 3 Monk page for a glimpse of our new white-haired butt-kicker. I’ll wait.

So what do you think? Honestly, that’s about the best look for her I could imagine. I was really hoping Blizzard wouldn’t follow the video game trend of creating overtly sexualized female characters who apparently forgot the concept of utility when they pick out their clothes in the morning. Diablo 3’s female monk looks like she could easily rip my ankles out through my esophagus.

And not in that fun way.

Diablo 3 is slated for release on PC sometime before the fall of Western Civilization (I hope).

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  • Jon Lavallee

    This game needs to come out now.

  • Phillipe Bosher

    Bayonetta character as monk would kick-ass Paul, what are you talking about? 😛

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