Rumored Details for Blizzard’s MMO Titan: New Engine, eSports Focus, Multiplatform?

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Blizzard Titan MMO Leaked Details

While talk of Diablo 3 for PS3 and StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm has dominated Blizzard-centric conversations as of late, it’s hard to overlook the appropriately code-named looming giant: Titan. Blizzard’s long gestating project is poised to change the landscape of gaming once again, as World of Warcraft did over a decade ago.

However, while we’ve heard rumors about Titan for some time now, nothing substantial has arisen…until now. Now, it appears Blizzard is finally ready to unveil Titan, or at least talk about the game, and we have a few leaked details to get gamers excited.

The scoop comes courtesy of the folks at Titan Focus, who claim a reliable source provided them with this information. Titan Focus trusts their source, and believes that the details presented in their post are accurate, even considering the leak’s close proximity to April Fools.

First and foremost, Titan will be an MMORPG — no surprise there. It will have an art style in the same vein as previous Blizzard projects (WoW, Diablo, StarCraft), and will feature a fiction that is based off Earth’s history.

There will be heavy use of Greek, Roman, and Viking (Norse) mythology in the fiction, and time travel will allegedly play a part in the story telling. To help craft a story fit for such an expansive universe, Blizzard has enlisted the help of noted writers such as Robert Knaack.

Gameplay-wise, Titan will feature the traditional 3rd person camera, although there will be some first person sequences. Blizzard is apparently developing the game with eSports in mind. They would like Titan to support its own segment of eSports, but we have no idea how that will work.

Other tidbits we learned:

  • Titan will be developed for PC, but Blizzard is not ruling out a PS4 or Xbox 720 version.
  • Auction houses will be back, but there’s no word whether there will be a “real money” version.
  • The game will use TAB targeting in combat.
  • There will be clan housing.
  • Blizzard has tossed around multiple names, but nothing has stuck yet.

Finally, gamers should expect a trailer at this year’s BlizzCon. It will only be a teaser, though, as Blizzard does not want to show off any gameplay until they have set a date for beta testing.

Overall, the MMO sounds intriguing, with some elements of World of Warcraft making a return. But there is the hope Blizzard will still focus on creating something new. The MMO space is in drastic need of reinvention, and if anyone is capable of delivering such a change it’s Blizzard.

What would you like to see from Titan? How do these rumored details sound?


Source: Titan Focus

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  1. Richard Knaak is a noted Dragonlance and Blizzard writer. Robert Knaack? Never heard of him. ;-)

  2. These details seem completely at odds with what we’ve been told to date.

    Titan was supposed to be an MMOFPS – so shooter, not RPG, so targeting would be with mouse not tab-targeting. Odd.

    • I don’t think Blizzard ever said anything about Titan other than it exists. I know that when word got out that Bungie and Activision were working together on what appeared to be an MMOFPS many people assumed it was Titan. We know today that it has nothing to do with Blizzard and that it was Destiny.

      Unless of course you were referring to all of the rumors up to this point then disregard what I said. :P

      • Wow!
        that rumor must be so half baked as Blizzard has Absolutely nothing to do with FPS and with Activision or Bungie.
        Blizzard has always worked alone.

        • blizzard and activison started working togther last year….

        • That rumor is completely baked….Bliz will always work alone, why screw it up with another outfit ?

    • lol, I read some where on gamerant it was going to have an outer space/space ship setting. But now they are saying its going to be hellla back in time with romans n s***. I dont even know anymore… -_-

  3. Hope it’s good. I bet Blizzard will find some way to screw it up.

    • Great comment….you know nothing about Bliz, and showing your ignorance…..all it is, is the most popular entertainment for gaming in history.

    • inuboy….what positive comment !!

  4. Hmm, interesting. Figuring months ago I made a youtube video about titan and blizzcon this year… is their source my youtube video? Dun dun dun

  5. I hope the video game reviewers who destroyed SWTOR by over hyping the expectation that it would completely change the whole MMO universe, lay just as heavy into this project should it not completely change every single thing about the MMO experience.

    Fair is fair…

  6. Damn i am soo excited about this Game.
    Will pre-order this piece for sure.

  7. Knaak the Hack is leading writter? Well looks like Blizz will not be seeing the green of my money for a change. That is strangely liberating as much as it is disappointing…

  8. blizzard reinventing the mmos? hah good one. good old blizz that used to make the best games out there is gone. Take a good long look at their newest releases.

    Star Craft awesome for Esports and not much else.

    Diablo 3, an embarrassment, s***** story with absolutely no credibility and boring customization of skills on top of that you add the wow illusion, where you have all these great stats which sound good and got my geek going for a while but then you realize it really doesn’t make any difference as long as you just get the one stat you need.
    Sure they are the king of mmos but mmo players are the gaming community’s mindless zombies that follows who ever makes the most noise.

    bottom line don’t trust blizzard to make anything worth having anymore.

  9. Alright…Blizzard is by far a POWERFUL company. They’ve created the leading and most iconic MMORPG to date. What other game can boast of a TEN MILLION PLUS subscriber base at 15$ a month–for nearly ten years. The answer is none. Every WoW killer has been a complete wash-up and quickly turns to free to play (just to keep afloat).

    People talk about Starcraft 2…well, personally I think they did fairly well with Starcraft 2. They obviously make money off it and it’s only a one time pay (they get all the money they need from WoW).

    Diablo 3…yes, I think it was WAY over-hyped. However, I believe people hate it so much ONLY because of its HORRIBLE launch errors. I can remember those ACCURSED Error 37, Error 3005, and 3006. Grinding my teeth together when a legendary dropped and the server drops…I digress. The story was interesting (personally) and if you read deeper into the lore, it had its highlights. That start haunts it and I’m sure more than a few will agree with me. I was one of the first in US to down Inferno Butcher (probably 10 kills behind Method’s). Also, I think the game was released way before completion…a lot of talk on PvP (which drove diablo 2 to keep going). However, the final product of their pvp system was also disappointing (to be fair, none of the original Diablo cast was apart of the team). For my final rant of Diablo 3… stagnant maps. Sure they change up the dungeon design to a few templates, but I wanted the original Diablo 2′s vastness.


    Finally, Titan. Yes, I’m waiting eagerly for this colossal company’s new title and dashing cinematics…I love their cinematics. Blizzcon ‘should’ reveal a great more details on the subject that will be gobbled up and micro-analyzed.

    Let the crucifixion begin!

    • Voxx….Thank you for that comment, it show you have a grasp on Blizzard, and the history making connection to gaming.

  10. Blizzard games are very good. And World of Warcraft ruled a decade ago so i m expecting it would be fantastic. And I think Blizzard is not going to disappoint me with this new game ‘Titan’

  11. Blizzard is surely capable, but has NEVER been known to “reinvent” any genre of any game ever. Their track record is one of polishing well-established gameplay mechanics to near-perfection.

  12. I agree with Fox on that one, however if you as me try out a lot of mmos and actually get into the whole system of point and click games versus action games you realise there is a lot of brilliant ideas out there that just need a little refining to reach ultimate level of satisfaction.

    In other words Blizzard has a lot of material that could inspire and motivate them thrueout the mmo community.

  13. TAB targeting… how tired. Another WOW, with terrible physics. Common Blizzard, we want more than that.

  14. lolololololololololo….. Blizzard. They rip more stuff off than a football stadium full of strippers

    • thestarver…..You have no idea what your saying….you haven’t a clue

  15. Xbox 720 xD

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