Black Ops 2: ‘Revolution’ DLC Coming January 29th?

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Black Ops 2 Review

Black Ops 2 may have gotten off to a suspicious start where sales numbers were concerned, but proved the franchise still has staying power unrivaled in the entertainment industry. Of course, Call of Duty has become synonymous with the now-infamous array of downloadable Map Packs. But to this point, what shipped with Black Ops 2 has been all that players had at their disposal.

A few new images leaked online imply that the wait is nearly over, as the Revolution Map Pack DLC will will be bringing new arenas and weaponry come January 29, beginning with the Xbox 360.

Now that the controversy over the Nuketown 2025 map has been somewhat addressed, Treyarch has the opportunity to pleasantly surprise their sizable player community. Thanks to a few images of in-store promotional materials that popped up on Reddit, we have an idea of how they’ll be doing it. Specifically, with five new maps and a bonus weapon.

The maps in question are Hydro, apparently taking place along or next to a hydroelectric dam, Grind, set among a graffiti-ed skate park, Downhill, this particular DLC’s arctic locale, and Mirage, a map set in an East-Asian locale. Along with the four multiplayer maps is Die Rise, what seems to be a location for the game’s Zombie mode in a post-apocalyptic urban setting.

Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Map Pack

With the map pack comes the ‘bonus’ Peacekeeper SMG, although its particular details or game modes it will be available to aren’t clear. Infinity Ward and Treyarch have both cited balancing and technical hurdles as an explanation for a lack of additional weapons once their respective games had shipped. Exactly how this has changed with the Peacekeeper is anyone’s guess, but at this point all we have to go on is the name and appearance (could it only be an addition to Zombie mode?).

The promotional materials claim a release date of January 29, 2013, with exclusivity to Xbox 360 owners at launch. Pricing and specific details are still unannounced, but expect Activision and Treyarch to release some screenshots or a trailer in the near future.

Which if the new maps looks most promising to your eyes? Does the arctic setting mean a celebration is in order, or has the format become a tired one in this day and age? Most importantly, has Black Ops 2’s League Play shifted your attention from new maps to honing your own skills, or are the existing locations already feeling a bit tired?

Black Ops 2 is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. The Revolution Map Pack is expected January 29, 2013.

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Source: Reddit (via Joystiq)

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  • jwalka

    does anyone even play this s*** ?

    • Andrew Dyce
      • Shalkowski


    • COREY_1993

      we know you dislike this game even though you have not played it. and dont say you have because you have been hating on this game since i have followed this website.

      • jwalka

        there you go making stupid assumptions again, how do you know i haven’t played this load of bs ? and since when have i ever denied hating call of duty ?

        stop acting like you know me b/c you don’t and you just come across as a typical internet junkie.

    • The Tour Guide

      (In the voice of Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter) Here we have a typical troll. It normal diet is hot pockets and TV dinners, and have been known to drink large volumes of Mountain Dew.

      The average day of this kind of troll is goes like this: Downloading what they think is actual movie scripts and complaining on the internet about video games, movies, and other popular entertainment outlets.

      On another note, these trolls normally live in their parents basements and sleep in their own refuse. Also, interesting to note, that their parents are not normally trolls, which would make sense, but think of trolls more like X-Men, they appear randomly and instead of having cool powers, their only powers are to drink lots of Mt. Dew, be annoying and leech off of their parents.

      • jwalka

        hahaha so funny, now go outside and live life little c*** you dont know s*** about me or anyone else and just like our local s***bag corey, assume you know everything about everyone based on their comments towards a game. reality check pussnuts, the internet is not life and wont do anything for you besides diminish what little social life you think you have, ruin your eyes and back and get you nowhere in life.

        • Brandon

          Sounds like somebody hit a nerve?… Which makes me wonder, what part in The Tour Guides comment was true? I bet most if not all.

          Have a good day jwalka. It’s not like swearing makes sound like an idiot.

          • jwalka

            ‘hit a nerve’, no i’m just sick of a**holes assuming they know someone when they clearly dont.

  • zombieslayer8397

    die rise sounds like der reise

    • Matt

      No sh**, Sherlock.

  • Jeremy

    For a person who spends all the time playing the game online I get pretty tired of the same maps rather quick. I have missed the snow in Blops 2 would like to see more thaan 1 with snow flying helps blending in pretty sweet. A night map would be awesome and possibly a map in the rainI would like to see more than 4 map packs released for this game and definately more guns and weapons to the arsenal available for use at anytime. More scorestreaks would be cool to. I was pretty dissapointed not to see the m16 or M4 in the multiplayer. we could definately use alot more maps and guns to keep this game alive. Bigger maps with bigger lobbies would be a call of duty dream. Tanks and choppers in urban and rural settings would be awesome

  • Kong

    I think the map is just call Rise, or Rize if Treyarch is feeling snazzy. The die thing is kind of just there like the survive thing was on the Call of the Dead poster.

  • Jr

    I have a feeling die rise will be like high rise, it will be a tall building and your buying your way up top, with specific floors being for different things, I e pack a punch, they just better have a decent easter egg song!

    • tato

      i soooo hope that i love zombies!!!!

  • ATG

    Looking forward to this, after I treat my Madden addiction.

  • L2404

    I got black ops 2 today, and it made me stop playing FarCry. That’s saying a lot! Lol, loved the colorful maps! FINALLY!!!!

    • jwalka

      it’s not really saying much besides you having poor taste in gaming preference.

      far cry 3’s piss poor co-op mode goes for as long as a cod single player game ffs and the mp looks, sounds and plays way better then any cod (cod4 aside). and dont even get me started on the epic roller coaster of a sp campaign which was engaging start to finish (despite a lackluster major villain) and is full of content to keep you playing for at least 30 hrs.

      • XxStoicMonkeyxX

        Is it in your resume to bash anybody who likes a game/series you hate?

        • jwalka

          you obviously are new here otherwise you would know that i bash the game, not the sheep playing it (most the time). and i’ve done so in enough detail to make a point numerous times.

          • ATG

            “How Not To Be A Sheep” by jwalka.

            Such an enlightening book! I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it. It’s on sale at your local Troll store.

          • Brandon

            Are you still here, jwalka? If you hate CoD, why even go to every CoD article here on Gamerant?

            You are acting like you are seven. Good-bye.

  • deathknight579

    Still prefer black ops 1 their was less campers and their isn’t a lot of difference between the guns this time around also ranking up is a little too easy like mw3s ranking system

  • Mcfuzzy

    Jwaklaa or whatever the hell your name is calm down. It’s a game pal. I don’t like c0d either but I’m not finna bitch about it. Take a chill pill and just relax jeez.

  • anthony

    wtfff is not coming for ps3 the maps revolution. went is going to coming up????????

  • Matt

    Grind is an example of why Treyarch is better than Infinity Ward. Treyarch gets creative with its maps.

  • Anonymous

    Some of these arguments seem to be far beyond a waist of time. Still, slightly amusing to see who has the time to waist :). No names.

  • Rydog

    This is crap that ps3 is going to get this like a month after Xbox. At least give it to us 2 weeks after Xbox that would be more understandable but a month is too long to wait for something like this.

    • ceaselessbasher

      well the answer to that is get an xbox lol

  • black ops king

    does somebody now if the map nuketown 2025 would be in the game black ops 2 revoulution

  • HazyHustla520

    It’s 3:46am eastern time and still no map pack.. WTF. Step your game up

  • Anonymous

    Its funny how the one dick who hates the game responded first.

  • Shark

    what the hell when does it come out for ps3? ive even bought the season pass and i still dont have anything, absolutely ridiculous! want start giving ps3 some decent stuff early instead of making us wait all time, sick of with waiting for this.

  • jan hamm

    i just loooooove call of duty, and crist the new Die Rise are so good
    love to everybody playing COD BO2