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Black Ops 2 Review

Black Ops was the first Treyarch-developed Call of Duty title that really made a statement of its own. Up until that point, Treyarch had been the neglected stepchild to Infinity Ward‘s beloved A+ all-star – who was enjoying the spoils of a modern war. However, now that gamers have been given a taste of what Treyarch can cook up when given the reigns to Activision’s prized franchise, and carte blanche to tell their own story, that puts significant more weight on their subsequent iteration: Black Ops 2.

The game itself is touted as a follow-up to the Alex Mason and Frank Woods adventures of the first game, but it is also much more than that — this is the first Call of Duty to be set (partially) in the future. It also may be the last Call of Duty game that has some semblance of continuity — one that features recognizable characters and continues an ongoing plot. Needless to say, Black Ops 2 needed to step out from big brother’s shadow — try to differentiate itself from the pack-within-the-pack, and more importantly deliver another worthy entry in the flagship franchise.

To do so competently would first require a single player campaign that is as fresh as it is engaging, which Black Ops 2 for the most part delivers. The story itself picks up in the year 2025 with Alex Mason’s son David leading his own elite task force, JSOC. David is hot on the trail of a terrorist named Raul Menendez, who has some particularly close ties to his father and his uncle Frank Woods.

Black Ops 2 Review - Campaign

What transpires from there is a story that jumps between missions featuring the elder Mason and Woods in the ’70s and ’80s, as they hunt down Menendez, and David Mason hunting him in the future. However, unlike past Call of Duty titles, player choice weighs heavily on the proceedings, and helps influence ultimately how the entire game plays out. The idea of branching storylines has been done to death, but the way Black Ops 2 delivers them is actually quite smart and encourages replayability. For the most part players will be oblivious to the game’s various pathways, only being notified by a post-mission recap. At times it does boil down to shoot the guy or don’t shoot him, but a lot of the decisions are much more subtle than that.

Failing a mission objective even factors into the story with the introduction of the Strike Force Missions. Players will control a squad of soldiers and unmanned drones and attempt to complete a specific objective, be it securing a waypoint, defending a convoy, or executing a high value target. At any point, players can directly control any member of their squad, including the drones, or can bark out specific orders in ‘Overwatch’ mode. Unfortunately, relying on the team-based AI is a losing battle, and players are better served completing each objective themselves. What at first appeared to be a fun, RTS-inspired diversion is actually a weak addition with little to no bearing on the overarching story.

Black Ops 2 Revew - Strike Force Missions

Black Ops 2‘s is the most focused campaign the Call of Duty series has seen in quite some time, and it unfolds in such a way that each pay-off and major moment, of which there are plenty, packs a solid punch. Some might find it lacks the typical overabundance of bombast, but Treyarch’s iterations have always favored story over action. The campaign is by no means boring, in fact the near future settings and weapons are actually inventive and fun, it’s just a little tamer than gamers might be expecting.

However, even if the campaign had been a total waste, there was still the all-important multiplayer for Black Ops 2 to rely on — a section of the Call of Duty experience that keeps the disc in the tray for months on end. Many of the first Black Ops‘ signature touches have returned, like the party games and diving to prone, but for the most part, the multiplayer is as familiar as it’s ever been. Many of the game’s 14 maps (15 if you count Nuketown 2025) are smartly designed with their own near future flair. The requisite, fan-favorite modes — Deathmatch, Domination, and CTF — have also returned, along with a new one called Hardpoint, which functions similar to the Headquarters.

The real changes come in the multiplayer’s new point-based loadout system. Rather than give players a specific amount of slots and asking them to decide between various types of grenades, perks, and guns, Black Ops 2 provides players with 10 points, and lets them dictate how best to use them. Want to carry a gun with three attachments? That’s possible, but it will cost you 4 points (1 for the gun, and 3 for the attachments).

Black Ops 2 Review - 10 Point System

Conversely, players who want to double stack each level of perk can do so, but that means they are unlikely to accommodate two weapons and two types of grenades. There are still some basic rules to the system, but, for the most part, the customization is left up to the players. It’s not a revolutionary addition, but the mix-and-match nature of it puts a fresh spin on preparing for battle.

Scorestreaks, a replacement for Killstreaks, are the other big change for Black Ops 2. Rather than reward players based on kills, Scorestreaks use the points earned from those kills as a way to earn rewards. However, since the streaks are based on points and not kills, that means any action with an inherent value, in addition to kills, also counts towards a streak.

Scorestreaks don’t fundamentally change the formula of the multiplayer, but they do allow objective or team-focused players to unlock rewards as well. Those rewards, however, typically come at a much higher price, with even the base-level UAV being valued at 350 points (more than 3 kills). As a result, players will find matches that are more focused on gunplay and less about avoiding a Scorestreak reward every five seconds.

Black Ops 2 Review - Multiplayer

While the changes are still pretty small in the grand scheme of things, Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer is exactly what gamers expect and love: more of the same with some slight variations. To expect anything revolutionary suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of Call of Duty‘s mass appeal. The experience is still as solid as it’s ever been; it’s just not a major leap forward.

Zombies, Treyarch’s one big addition to the Call of Duty universe, has also returned with some much-needed, but mostly unsuccessful, additions. The Survival mode is still there, whereby a group of up to four fights to survive in a predetermined play space, but it’s the game’s Tranzit and Grief modes that hope to steal the show. Grief is the first stages of a competitive multiplayer for Zombies, but its lack of direct “competition” keeps it from being all that memorable.

Tranzit, on the other hand, connects all four of the Survival mode’s maps via a transport system to give the illusion of an open-world experience without clearly outlining appreciable progress or providing a clear set of goals. Zombies has been crying out for a more engrossing mode, but unfortunately Tranzit is not it. Gamers who live for this third mode will even find that the Survival maps aren’t nearly as detailed, nor do they allow for as much expansion as in past years. It’s a serviceable evolution of the formula, but it still needs some work.

Black Ops 2 Review - Zombies

Black Ops 2, like nearly every Call of Duty since Modern Warfare, gets the job done, and does so without missing a beat in single or multiplayer. It’s branching storylines and engrossing narrative are unique additions to the franchise, but the campaign does lack the requisite high-octane experience many gamers expect. This is also the best sounding entry in the franchise thus far, but visually it’s only an incremental improvement. Multiplayer is as refined as it’s ever been, and the 10-point and Scorestreak systems give it a distinct quality, even if it’s essentially the same experience. Zombies, on the other hand, regressed to a lesser state as a result of some bold additions by Treyarch — attempts to mimic Left 4 Dead and Dead Island.

Treyarch needed to make their mark with Black Ops 2 and by many accounts they did. Falling in line with expectations is easy for an annual franchise like Call of Duty, but the fact that Treyarch introduced some bold choices into the mix suggests they aren’t willing to play second fiddle any longer.

Have you had a chance to check out Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? What do you think of the game so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is now available for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Game Rant was provided the Xbox 360 version of the game for review.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

    Oh look, I was wrong, it was only a week late.

    • Jack7

      dude. is this all you comment on? If you expect pre release reviews or reviews done by people that haven’t even played the whole game then you should head elsewhere for your reviews. I use game rant because of the quality of the reviews and the fact that I almost agree on every rating within a half star or so.

      • Mike

        I agree with Jack, I’d rather review a thoughtful, considered review, having played the game and reflected a week after release than read a knee jerk reaction based on first impressions. Keep up the good work gamerant.

        • Mike

          Read a thoughtful review*

      • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

        It’s not all I comment on, you should read the other articles in the comments section. Also, some games I can understand being a few days late, but there isn’t a game that takes a week to review. Let’s take this game for example. The Black Ops 2 campaign is 6-8 hours long, the time it takes to get a full opinion of multiplayer is maybe 2-3 hours maximum, and same for Zombies. The review process can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. So in total, the review should have taken 12-18 hours to write. The reason I make a big deal out of this is because a review for a game that’s been out for a week is irrelevant, because most people who care to buy the game already own it. Anyone who’s been waiting on the GR review to buy it (which can’t be more than a handful of people) had to wait a week to do so. There are several other publications that don’t get the game early that play through the entirety of a game in a day or so and have the review up the day after it releases, sometimes even the same day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy GR’s reviews as well, but more than half of them are released a week late, and sometimes longer. For example, their Forza Horizon review came out Nov. 12, which is three weeks after the game released. True, they have quality reviews, but that quality is worthless if it isn’t presented in a timely fashion.

        • jwalka

          these people have lives and dont just sit on their a**es waiting for games to come out to review. you aren’t the centre of the world and your needs dont precedent the needs of the reviewers so just stfu and wait for the reviews, or go on youtube like the little b**ch you are and watch the 500 million other reviews of this s****y game that we all know will get 4000/10 on every site.

          • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

            If you look at the author of this article’s twitter account, 99% of his tweets are about video games or movies, and he’s an independent film maker with no current projects going on, and his only current job, according to twitter, is working at GR/SR, so no, I think he should do his job in a timely manner and put out information when it’s relevant.

            I don’t want the review to be on time for me, because, like you said, I can look anywhere on the Internet for a review for the game, but that’s also kind of my point. If I can look anywhere on the Internet for the review, that means that everyone else can too. GR is the first place I look for information, and I’m sure it’s a lot of other people’s first place to look also. When we’re required to go elsewhere for information because they either don’t give the info, or they give it when it’s irrelevant, what’s the incentive to stay? It’s kinda like reading a newspaper from seven days ago every day. Sure the quality is good, but it’s old news. GR should be reporting about the current problems with the Wii U and the consoles being bricked by the day one update, not giving a week-old review.

        • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce


          You’re entitled to your own opinion (on the game and review, not the amount of time our staff does or doesn’t have with other concerns) but in all honesty, the idea of a game being able to be well-reviewed after a long work day’s worth of time is not what we’re about.

          Some games take longer than others, and considering how many players will spend the rest of their year playing Black Ops 2’s multiplayer (including Anthony), it takes much longer to review than “2-3 hours.” If you’re just looking for a number or brief first impression, that’s fine, but that’s not the kind of review we do here.

          This review in particular exemplified our approach to spending a large amount of time with a game to analyze what worked and what didn’t, not draft a buyer’s guide. As you said, the highest-selling franchise in the world doesn’t rely on high day one review scores to sell copies, but we will never place a number or laud/criticize a game without first spending the time to justify our viewpoints. It’s the same reason why my Assassin’s Creed 3 review took a week; and I think fans and critics of the game are looking for more than just timely scoring and a batch of first impressions (that might change after an extended period of time) from our site. From the other commenters, it seems many agree with our approach, so we’re happy to keep it up :)

          Bottom line: we only post our reviews when we can do so knowing that we’re giving our honest, carefully considered, and all-encompassing opinions. If it takes longer than you’d like, then by all means seek out other outlets. But when you’ve played it for yourself, we’d urge you (and any other readers who feel the same) to come back and join our conversation, since we like to think our discussions and reviews are relevant long after the first few weeks of sales.

        • Anthony Taormina

          I’m just going to chime in here because there are several important things I think you should be aware of UnbuildTheGame.

          First of all, I received a copy of the game from Activision on Wednesday (a day late already) and played through it and set my review ready to go up on late Friday. But seeing as how this is a rather large release it went up today, when it would have more visibility. In between Wednesday and Friday, however, I logged about 20+ hours with the game, way more than you suggest is necessary. Maybe I wouldn’t discuss it in the review, but I wanted to experience all the game has to offer, all the Zombie and multiplayer modes/maps. It’s how we at Game Rant approach reviews, and it helps us standout even when we don’t get early access to games.

          As far as what you think you know about me based on my Twitter, I think you should realize that Twitter is not my life’s story. Twitter is a place for me to interact with those that chose to follow me, whoever they are, in an informal setting. Those people tend to be people who know me either from working on film projects, or my writing for the the various publications I listed. A lot of us that write for Game Rant have jobs outside of the site, but you won’t find that in our bio because no one cares about that. If I went to your Twitter account would I find info on the stuff you’re passionate about or how much you hate homework?

          So if you disagree or agree with my review that’s fine, comment about that. But to try to deduce when you think this review should have gone up based on some half-a** assumptions about me is pointless. I get that you want to see our reviews go up alongside IGN or whoever, and so do we, but oftentimes that is not the case because we are a smaller site and we are all volunteering our time here. I hope from here on out you can stop complaining about when we post reviews and just interact with us and those fine folks who read GR.

          • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

            So you think that it would get more visibility on a Monday, a day where people go back to work/school, rather than a Friday, the beginning of the weekend where most people have nothing better to do than be on the internet? Makes sense..

          • Anthony Taormina

            It does doesn’t it?

          • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

            No, not at all. The Internet has the most traffic on weekends, so why not release the review on Friday when more people are browsing the web?

          • Anthony Taormina

            You’d be surprised how much internet traffic there is on Monday when compared with the weekend.

          • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

            I suppose I would.

        • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

          I have to step in because I see you trying to judge someone’s personal life based on Twitter then followed it up by trying to tell us what days our site gets more traffic without access to our stats.

          I’m not too happy reading these comments. UnbuildTheGame, some of these are just plain mean-spirited and I won’t allow that here.

    • Salvadore

      These trolling comments are tiresome because you run under the assumption that they’re intentionally holding them back.

      They go up when they’re done, your complaints aren’t going to change that. Your explanation really makes you sound like an a-hole.

      • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

        No, I don’t think they’re holding them back intentionally, but I do think that if they don’t get them out in time, they shouldn’t waste time putting it out later, but rather dedicate their time to something more relevant.

    • Gooch

      Go read hit man, that’s a day early

  • Kobraman88

    completely disagreee with you review, your making black ops 2 sound amazing when it actually isnt and the gameplay is a lot different to the previous black ops, and now that nuketown has been removed even more people are going to move back to MW3 or the first black ops seeing as their both way better games then this pile of crap

    • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

      Nuketown wasn’t removed, it’s a preorder bonus, which you can also get if you buy it at GameStop.

    • STLShazbot

      Kobraman88 sorry but you are wrong, Nuketown actually comes with every unit. Also you didn’t really say why the game is bad. You just said the game is crap and the gameplay is different. I heard no argument about why the game is bad.

      • Kobraman88

        it has been removed seeing as i had the preorder bonus and now its no longer in the menu.

        • STLShazbot

          What are you talking about….

          • Kobraman88

            wtf are you on about, nuketown was a separate game mode which you get to choose from in the find a match menu, and when i bort my preordered copy of the game it was there and had spent a gd cpl hours playing it and when i put my copy of black ops 2 in my xbox today to go play that game mode it is no longer there and there are forum posts on black ops site about this

        • brandon

          In the BO2 case there is a code for Nuketown 2025.

          Punch in the code where you redeem codes.

          I have it because I don’t jump to conclusions. Why is the game bad? I found it amazing, the story itself is so much better then previous games (IMO) the zombies have been re-vamped and the multi-player is simply amazing (as always).

          So how is the game bad? “Because”, “Nuketown was removed” and “It just is” do not answer this question. Why do you not like it?

          • STLShazbot

            Okay now lets not say the game is amazing. Its not game of the year worthy that is for sure. It is better then the first Black Ops and Mw3 but no a game of the year. Graphics still are not there, gameplay didn’t change all that much, story was just not understandable and online snipers win no matter what.

          • Kobraman88

            well F*CKING obviously i entered the nuketown code otherwise how the hell was i playing the nuketown.
            and nuketown being taken away has nothing to do with why i dont like the game it was one of the things i actually enjoyed about it.
            and why do i need to give in-depth reasons to why i dont like the game its just one persons opinion and nobody needs to reply do they but obviously you have to have a say and waste your time arguing because you dont like what somebody says about a game and theres name for people like that.

          • brandon

            Story not understandable?


            If you do not skip any cutscenes, then you could piece it together.

            And as far as you saying it is better then Black Ops and MW3, both of those games were great. So what is the word that means better then great, and less then perfect?

            How about “amazing”?

          • STLShazbot

            Kobraman88 – Listen moron, its a damn thread! THREAD! people are supposed to respond to crap that imbeciles like you post bc your are too stupid to know how to work a simple game. And you say to not waste time arguring but instead of saying that nuketown was with ur game you had to go and be a prick about it instead of being sensible about it. B*tches like you piss me off…btw Heath Ledger is rolling over in his grave right now because some little twerp thinks he’s a hard ass.

          • brandon

            Never said you had to give a detailed reason why. I was curious, plain and simply, curious.

            So if asking you a harmless question because I was curious makes me “c***”, what does it make you for calling someone who is trying to help you out and god forbid, ask you a question? What would the word for that be? I misread your complaint (accidents happen), so why all the hostility?

            PS, how does ONE MAP make the game bad? I just don’t get it.

          • Kobraman88

            STLShazbot – i do believe i actually did say i had the preorder bonus, i think it was the 2nd thing i said after your reply to my original post. and im pretty sure i mentioned i had been playing nuketown before it was taken from the find a match menu.
            and all i said was i didnt like the changes to the game n thought it was crap and that with the removal of the nuketown preorder map people would go back to MW3 or even else where.
            and i think it was you who was the prick first

          • STLShazbot

            This has nothing to do with you getting the damn map or not, this has to do with you being a douche in your response KObRA-MAN 😛 you seem upset, why so serious? I just wanted to know why you hated the game and you got defensive…. Retard.

    • jwalka

      totally agree with you kobra, everyone is praising the game like they’ve added stuff that has never been done before in gaming. i’m really sick of these p*ss poor games getting high praise when things like lighting, animations, sound effects and item balancing are horrific (though this PoS looks pretty balanced from what i’ve seen).

      P.S i dont have to play the same thing every year to know it suck b*lls, being in the industry i can make judgement just by watching the f***ing thing and dont really have to waste my time on it at all. i’ll gladly be playing hitman for the next few weeks until i crack open the world of far cry 3 😀

      • brandon

        Why are you here then? Just to complain? So you go out of your way to find a review and then complain about it? You know there are like a million other websites, right? They have a word for people who do that you know.

        The word is “Troll”.

        • jwalka

          d***head, i come on this site regularly so stfu and stop acting like you know wtf you’re on about. you’re the one that should just f*** off and play your childish bs and let those of us that like to debate our thoughts do so without having a little prick like yourself disrupt the atmosphere.

          • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

            Technically, he’s right. jwalka always does this, and the GR community is used to him. From time to time, he actually provides useful insight and thoughts, but don’t expect that from him on anything CoD or Skyrim related 😛 So…yeah…don’t disrupt the atmosphere.

          • The Tour Guide

            Here we have the typical “Hating Troll”. Notice the poor spelling and grammar. These buggers live isolated from the world, with the exception of the internet. Their diets include microwaved pizza rolls and attention. They go on sites and complain about things people like so they can feel special about being different. Back in ’77 I nearly lost a foot when I was trapping one of them with a plate filled with pizza rolls.

            Hating Trolls are not to be confused with Basement Trolls, Basement Trolls also live in isolation, and have the same diet, but the Basement Troll has one major difference from the Hating Troll. Basement Trolls are people in their late 20’s-mid 50’s, and complain about “LOTR” because in one scene a reflection on a helmet showed the camera. A Hating Troll will just hate the movie because people loved the movie. Hating Trolls are typically teenagers, but there have been accounts of a 23 year old Hating Troll in Virginia, but this still has yet to be verified.

          • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

            Speaking of complaints about LOTR, if Gandalf could ride the eagles, why didn’t he just RIDE THE EAGLES TO MOUNT DOOM AND SLAM DUNK THAT SH*T IN THERE?! /rant

          • ATG


            Who cares if Call of Duty comes out annually? You don’t HAVE to buy it. I’ve owned Madden 03, then skipped to Madden 13. Problem solved!!!

            “until i crack open the world of far cry 3″

            Did you even play Far Cry 2? Yea… 😉

          • Matt

            Thanks for the info, Tour Guide!

        • Ryuhza

          jwalka is a troll who can’t stand well made games. Don’t mind him.

          • jwalka

            and you are a mindless internet sheep that thinks he’s gonna get somewhere in life defending rejects that suck at their job (activision and the dev teams involved with these terrible games).

            just crawl back under your rock and stfu preb PoS.

          • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

            @Ryuhza, Black Ops 2 is a well-made game, but when you compare it to the previous games in the series, it’s not worth buying because it’s almost identical, save for a couple multiplayer changes and Tranzit. This is why jwalka feels like CoD is a waste of time and money and that Activision is a terrible publisher.

            @jwalka, trust me when I say that no developer wants to make a poor game, and every developer wants to innovate and build on their creations, but because Activision puts an annual deadline on their releases, IW and Treyarch have no time to develop the games they want, so they have to go with the same formula every year. It’s easier if you look at it like the Madden series. They’re essentially the same game every year with a couple added features. If you play every game, you could think “Why did I waste money on this?” However, if you buy one every 3-4 years, you’ll see improvements to the way the game plays. Just do that with Call of Duty, and you’ll get the same satisfaction. I personally don’t understand what’s so great about the series, because the multiplayer is dull compared to other games, like Halo 4 or BF3, and the single player is too linear, which BO2 is trying to fix. The only thing worth anything in the game is Zombies, which is probably worth about $30-$40. I understand that this won’t stop you from hating CoD, but I’m just trying to add a little perspective.

  • Kobraman88

    Brandon – apologies for calling you a c*** just that other prick p*ssed me off so i took ur comment as hostile.
    and again nuketown being taken away has nothing to do with why i think this is the worst black ops its the rigidness of the game and the fact to me its not as much fun to play as MW3 or the first black ops

    • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

      Just to settle this, the reason they took away the Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist is because it was part of the Double XP weekend. Treyarch said that they will bring it back for future Double XP weekends. However, it can still be played in custom games, for what it’s worth (which isn’t that much).

  • asdf

    Call of Duty (THE GAME ITSELF) is good. THE COMMUNITY is NOT! Any Call of Duty I played, I always enjoyed the feel and sounds of it. Graphics wise, they always appear pretty good (always room for improvement, like any game EVER made).

    If you don’t play CoD everyday like all of the more aggressive and experienced players, you don’t enjoy it anymore and a scream fest starts or your mom walks in to see a controller sticking in the wall because you just spent an hour getting spawn trapped or some other cheap tactic. If the online could be divided based on skill more than just connections, then I would likely actually want to play it again.

    • Matt

      You seem to be defending CoD’s graphics. They’re horrendous. Go play Crysis 2 on a decent PC.

  • LunoYoryiki

    ….i has a question….did they fix the hit detection???

  • Matt

    I actually like IGN’s review better, and they gave BO2 9.3/10. The campaign was absolutely nothing special, but Taormina praised BO2 for it. The multiplayer is good but nothing new, which Taormina stated, however I think he still leaned too much toward the “who cares if it’s nothing new, it’s awesome” side. The zombie modes are actually pretty damn awesome, but Taormina disagrees. I’d give BO2 7/10, or 3.5/5.

    Also, the knifing hit detection is still god awful, and who the fu** decided to make players wait until Level 55 to unlock the Ghost perk? The only players who get to use it are people who don’t Prestige or who are 10th Prestige. It’s now a largely unusable perk. The spawn system is just as crappy as BO’s, but better than MW3’s (MW3’s spawn system is the worst ever).

    • LunoYoryiki

      …..thanks for the info matt…. 😀

      • Matt

        No problem. In my opinion, the hit detection for guns is actually better. It’s just the knife hit detection that needs work (and a lot of it).

  • Gooch

    What a lively and spirited thread we have here! Actually as someone that does not particularly care for COD this may actually be worth a rent, the alternate story lines are an interesting solution to the crits of COD being to linear. This way they can keep a tight focused campaign but add some replayability, actually quite smart. As for the graphics it looks more of the same which doesn’t bother me too much except that the lighting in COD has always been so F***ing flat, which bugs the crap out of me. Remember people, IT”S JUST A GAME!!!!

  • Dovahkiin

    From the comments, it sounds like this game is over rated here? I’m not a COD player, so I’m not saying it is or isn’t.

  • boogoo

    These comments…. 😐

    Well anyways, I like the review. I’ve played a little of the campaign and it feels different than your typical COD game. I think the changes are a step up and it just feels like a better. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m enjoying it and it’s a fun ride. That’s what games are for, right?

    Keep up the quality reviews, Game Rant 😉

    • boogoo

      like a better game*

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      Thanks dude!

  • Fisch

    Okay, everyone else is adding their two cents, so it’s my turn. I’ve been playing this game since it came out. My wife and I play split screen. We have enjoyed the game so for, but it’s not a 4 out of 5. And this is why. The maps are too small, all of them. They are solely based on SMG usage. Now you can disagree and say some maps are bigger and you can snipe on those, or use assault rifles. Yes you can. But when the whole opposite team respawns behind you while you’re sniping, you get pretty agitated. What happened to being able to snipe without having to Quick Scope? What happened to SMGs not being able to peg you from across the map? I will continue playing online but this isn’t their best game and they won’t change because too many people like to “run and gun” instead of using tactics. But who am I? Just a 20-something that plays too often and knows how to actually shoot in real life. Oh well.
    If you enjoyed BO1 and any of the other MWs, you’ll enjoy this game. It might take some time to get a hang of what’s going on, maps, traffic flow, hell, I’m still getting used to it. But, word of advice, use SMGs. You’re K/D and killstreaks are relying on it.


    • Matt

      Lol have you played MW3? Small maps, all of them.

      • fisch

        I wouldn’t say they all are small, it just took them a couple of DLCs to make a decent map, Black Box being the longest. The quality of maps has been slowly deteriorating with size and objects to be climbed on. They make the multiplayer maps as linear as possible so it destroys creativity. I want people to find new ways to snipe, get around the map, and “camp”. But “NOOOOOO! We hate campers! We want people to ‘Run and Gun’ because it takes more talent to do otherwise!” Eh, I’m not really that happy with the multiplayer maps and gameplay. Everything is starting to take no talent just SMGs and grenades. I wonder why they even bother to have a sniper rifle class if no map is worth using it. Oh well. Might just go to BF3.


  • James Thomas

    I don’t know if this is a website where you can talk to th game maker if not point me in the right drection or website so i can talk to them.Im going to try to make this short and sweet and to the point. My first issue with the game is the aiming. It seems like the shootng accuracy is off. On the pass modern warfare series and black ops series i was a very accurate shooter (hit or miss ratio)but now a im a lousy shooter. My other issue with this game is not having the real Heartbeat monitor or as other gamers call it the baby monitor. Yes it is a good idea to have MMS to stop the camping only. But it would be nice to have it to see other players who aren’t camping.

  • thomas James

    This game sucks

  • JACK

    Another great review; keep up the good work guys.

  • john

    Im a die hard cod fan but this review i dont know what game you guys are playing bo2 by far the worst cod to come out. campaign was not bad zombies fun with friends but muiltiplayer is a whole other story i put down after a week went back to mw3. reasons why it lags which ive never had this problem with any other games even tried forwarding my ports still garbage changes host sometimes more than once during a match. maps were put together real bad, unrealistic shooting someone 4 times and die with one bullet,lets get it straight my ratio was over 2.00 i got my kills and went off i know a bad game when im playing one and this game sucked trust me i wanted to like it also gamestop wont even give you thirty dollars for the game because of all the returns what does this tell you that speaks for itself

  • Frustrated mom3

    OMG! My son has X-Box 360. He has been playing Call of Duty Black Ops and doing really well. (I gotta be honest, I buy this stuff but don’t get it). “Dad” decided he wanted to play (UGH) and achieved over 1000 kills TO HIMSELF (UGH again) and now son is devastated! Understandable. My question is: He is only one month in on his 3 months of play. Is it better to get him a new 3 month subscription and have him start over? Is there a way to “lock” the game so idiot dad doesn’t mess up his stats again? Is there anyone out there who can advise? H-E-L-P!!!!!!!!
    Thank you- Frustrated Mom3 :(