Is ‘Black Ops 2 – Origins’ New ‘Call of Duty’ DLC or Something Else?

Aug 8, 2013 by  

Earlier today a teaser video for something called Black Ops 2 – Origins appeared on Call of Duty developer Treyarch‘s YouTube page sans explanation. The video, which features several exotic locales, close-ups of four characters, and a mech, is as mysterious as it is intriguing, but it may be a clue towards future Black Ops 2 content.

Over the past few months, Treyarch has been slowly rolling out DLC map packs for Black Ops 2, most of which fit into the traditional mold of “four multiplayer maps and a co-op map.” In Black Ops 2‘s case, those co-op maps have been for Treyarch’s fan-favorite Zombies mode.

However, this latest teaser video suggests Black Ops 2 might be looking to break the mold, and offer some story-based downloadable content. This is just me going out on a limb, mind you, and there’s no evidence aside from the video to corroborate that theory, but it could be interesting if it were true.

For more than half a decade, the Call of Duty campaign has been a singular experience that lasts maybe 8 hours at most. Sure, players can log 100s of hours in online multiplayer, but when the credits roll on the story there’s little incentive to go back.

Black Ops 2 Origins Video

However, if Black Ops 2 – Origins is new story content, this would mark a first for the series, a chance to go experience a completely new story. That being said, it’s rather strange that Treyarch would roll out new single player DLC now, especially when their DLC schedule is seemingly coming to an end.

It’s also entirely possible that we’re reading too much into the Black Ops 2 – Origins video and that it’s nothing more than a fun little Call of Duty-themed treat. It wouldn’t be the first time that a fan-made Call of Duty video got serious attention either.

Or maybe Black Ops 2 – Origins is a teaser for more traditional DLC, like a new map pack or another zombies level. It’s been about a month since the most recent DLC pack, Vengeance, launched on the Xbox 360, so maybe Activision is gearing up for this final pack before focusing on marketing efforts for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Hopefully, we’ll find out more about Black Ops 2 – Origins in the coming days.

What do you think Black Ops 2 – Origins is? Do you think it’s time for Activision to focus on Call of Duty: Ghosts or do you want more Black Ops 2 content?


Source: Treyarch – YouTube


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  1. Its the next DLC. It shows a bunch of the old zombie maps and the WaW 4(Takeo, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Tank) in younger form. In fact I have a lot I can say about the map. The robot was made by Maxis. The map takes place in 1917 in Northern France, and it takes place after all the events of the zombies storyline so far, despite the fact that the map predates every other map. How this happens will probably be revealed in the map. I know this sounds like a load of bull, but I swear to you its true.

  2. This is a teaser trailer for the zombies map in the final DLC. I would give you the full details but it’s very lengthy. The “exotic locales” are all former zombies maps from World at War and the original Black Ops, and the four characters are the 4 characters we played as in those maps. Hope this helps.

  3. man vengence sucked… all the maps are wacky and way to f***ing small. good job activision

  4. the new zombie map is called la toumbeau You are in World War 1 – France. A small City called Verdun.

  5. The Giant
    The Giant is in France. We’ve been told this since MOTD. There was a code, above the box one, that, when translated, says; “The Giant is in France”, and since I’m making a french map, we have got to have this in here.

    Now, the Giant is NOT a person. Or a living thing. It is a machine. A robot. It is still giant, but it is a giant robot.

    And this will act as a boss… for example, some times, this giant once every few rounds will swoop it’s arm down, and unless your in a ditch some where, kills you instantly. His arm will cover big majority of the map at a time. Different sections.

    We also can get inside the Giant. We can use a teleporter to get into his heart or brain. The Giant was made by group 935 so it will be very tight corridors and also stairways. And the original people who worked on it are now dead, so you will still have zombies in there.

    However, you can only get into it a couple of ways, and you will find Pack A Punch in here. You have to take the Giant down to complete the easteregg, and to do so, you will have to use the new Wunder Weapon. With all of its many capabilities, you can use one or many things to do different things to the giant.

  6. The Rod
    So, this is the new wunderweapon in the map. So, it basically kills a crap-ton of zombies. Like any other WW.

    So what this staff/rod can do, is it can change what it shoots. You can find and equip different things to it, that make it do a different thing. And the things It will shoot, are past Wunder Weapon bullets. For example the, Thunder Gun and the DG-2.

    And with the wunder weapon that fires different things, it can do different things too. Like taking down the giant.

  7. The Characters
    So, the main focus of the map idea is Treyarch wanting to go out with a bang. And because of this, it only makes sense that we will be seeing the original crew return. Now, I know it’s World War 1, and we have never seen backwards time travel. However, that’s why I called it a Paradox. If you knew anything about the explosion on earth from the moon, in-depth, then you will understand this.

    Anyway, we will see the original crew return.

    So, because it is a big map, It would need transport, and the most obvious thing treyarch come up with, is a tank. It’s WW1, so it won’t be any modern super machine. But it will be a tank non-the less. And this will act as our transport. That’s not all it could do… it’s a tank, It will have weaponry. A mounted browning. It has limited ammo, and is there just in case of a emergency.

  8. The Map
    In World War 1 France, you can expect to see a lot of strategically placed trenches. These were used for the French army to easily travel between the defensive line and the city. Well that’s what we will be seeing here.

    You will spawn in a bunker. The M14 and Olympia purchasable as always, and you can open 2 doors. Both leading you into the trenches, but the trenches leading you into different areas. The trenches are what you will have to use to get from area to area.

    This map is going to be rather big. Not as big as TranZit, but pretty large. And because of this, you can add a lot of features.

    Now the city of Verdun was a rather large place. It consisted of mainly fields, and you will be able to walk onto some fields, with the terrain been ragged and cluttered, as there have been explosives there. You will also be able to get to other towns, and even cemeteries.

  9. Thats all the information about the map you need.

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