‘Black Ops 2′ Nuketown Zombies Bonus Map Available Now for Xbox 360

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Let’s face it; Activision kind of dropped the ball with Nuketown 2025, Black Ops 2‘s homage to Treyarch‘s original, fan-favorite map. At first, when the map was simply a pre-order bonus, fans were excited to see how the developer had evolved the design of that first multiplayer map, while still keeping true to its chaotic spirit.

However, when it was later revealed that Nuketown was only being featured as part of a Double XP weekend, and could only then be accessed through custom games, fans were upset. Granted, they have since worked out a solution, but nevertheless the excitement of Nuketown was partially lost.

Now, however, that enthusiasm can grow once again as Activision has announced a Zombies variant of Nuketown 2025 for use in the game’s highly addictive cooperative mode. This isn’t just Nuketown 2025 with Zombies either, this is a radically (maybe) redesigned map meant to cater to that environment. Check out the trailer featuring the map above.

The Nuketown 2025 Zombies map essentially tells the story of what happens after the eponymous nuke goes off. Players in HAZMAT suits head into the rubble and discover that the nuclear blast has not just distorted the landscape, but the people as well. I like to think that the zombies players will be killing are the reanimated corpses of the hundreds of gamers that have died on the Nuketown 2025 battlefield in Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies Trailer

The Nuketown Zombies map is available today, but only for Season Pass holders on the Xbox 360. As of right now Activision does not have a release date for either the PC or PS3, or an announcement about purchasing the map individually, which is unfortunate because the Zombies variant could use a little variety.

Sure, its Tranzit and Grief modes are welcomed additions to the Zombies formula, but the make-up of the maps doesn’t foster as much exploration as in past games — meaning they get old faster. So the sooner Nuketown becomes available for everyone the better, as it will keep the Zombies experience evolving.

What do you think of the Zombies Nuketown 2025 map? Would you purchase the Season Pass just to have access to this map?


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  • beast0ps14

    lol thats not nuketown 2025 zombies, thats nuketown from black ops 1

    • ghost_nappa

      THANK YOU! I’m really glad you pointed that out.

  • jacob

    *sigh* gamerant, you can get nuketown zombies and nuketown 2025 in the hardened edition or care package edition on ps3 AND xbox.

    • http://shtickguy.weebly.com money man 25

      i bought the season pass for ps3 in hopes of geting acces to nuketown zomies 2025 but was disapointed because i didnt get it and yes i downloaded it hopefuly i just dont know how to get to the map because if not i just blew up fifty bucks until next month please help and tell me if know i get all map packs free cause if its just the multiplayer calsign then im wrighting a very angry and insulting message to treyarch

  • donny9games

    um thanks for releasing microsfot first. how about showing us ps3 and pc users some respect thanks

  • martin

    I only want nuketown zombies right now, but theres no way im paying 4000 microsoft points for it.

  • Mus

    No i purchased the map on ebay and it doesnt work. £18 down the drain. Really upset

  • Mitch

    You guys still have no idea that there actually is a storyline behind zombies…

  • mike

    I think its nt fair jst because xbox paid to have the maps 1st and a stupid price for the season pass

  • BIgphil

    i am very disapointed i got the bonus dlc for preordering black ops for nuktown 2025 ZOMBIES this is how you LOSE customers not gain them rethink your choices man come on give the people who baught the map already the dlc content i mean thats what we payed for!

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  • John

    I have never gotten the Zombies version of Nuketown 2025. I too am pissed about pre-ordering for Nuketown 2025. They made it seem like you would always be able to play it. That was false advertisement and am never pre-ordering a Black Ops game or Call of Duty game again. I will wait till they drop to the $20 games at Walmart then buy it.