‘The Old Republic’ Success Could Lead to ‘Mass Effect’ MMO

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Mass Effect 4 MMO

BioWare is on the verge of two of their biggest video game launches ever. Star Wars: The Old Republic, one of the most anticipated MMORPGS in years, finally has a release date set for this December, and Mass Effect 3 is set to finish the trilogy’s main story early next year.

With the Commander Shepard story coming to an end, fans are left wondering where the future of Mass Effect is headed. The Success of Knights of the Old Republic led to that series transforming to an MMO, so could the same happen for the currently single-player experience we know as Mass Effect?

A lot of fans were not happy to see Knights of the Old Republic 3 not happen in favor of The Old Republic MMO. That very same thing could potentially happen with Mass Effect if SWTOR proves to be the success BioWare and Electronic Arts hope it to be (they even opened up a new 400-person help center in Ireland just for the game).

Speaking to IndustryGamers, BioWare’s Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk spoke of their current focus on launching the new Star Wars MMO.

“You never know… I think once The Old Republic is done, we’ll take a fresh look at the market. And we’ll have learned a lot. While making it, you learn an enormous amount. It’s one of the nice things about having these properties in our back pocket… If we want to use something we own as a source for a game, it’s easy to do. So yeah, you never know. We’ve got this giant product to launch, but once that’s done we’ll consider next steps.”

With rumors of Mass Effect 3 pointing towards the introduction of multiplayer, it seems an inevitability that the series will expand into that realm at some point – especially since it’s been their goal since Mass Effect 2 to make the games more accessible.

“We’re focused very much on The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3 and [our free-to-play game] Wrath of Heroes, and all the other things we’ve announced, and haven’t announced, but we also have the opportunity to look at our franchises in a way we haven’t ever before. There are lots of new platforms and lots of new business models.”

BioWare is working out the details for the next Mass Effect game and you can read our thoughts on what we want from Mass Effect 4 but we can safely say that all fans of the series would like to see the captivating, in-depth story-driven campaigns to continue and this is lost in an MMO.

Then again, back in April, BioWare did say Mass Effect lends itself well to the MMO genre and that it “makes sense” to pursue that opportunity.

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Source: IndustryGamers

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  • doc

    Not sure if I’m comfortable with this. I’m afraid Mass Effect might become a completely MMO-centered franchise.
    I don’t hate MMOs but MMOs tend to have a deflated, very impersonal storyline that wouldn’t do justice to the detailed, well written story of Mass Effect.
    And what’s worse: if this was successful Bioware would probably never make another singleplayer Mass Effect game, they would most likely concentrate on the MMO due to its larger, more stable long-term profitability.

  • TaboriHK

    This has been a foregone conclusion since TOR was announced. Best case scenario, they set up the framework to make another MMO, one in a universe they own. Worst case scenario, they pick up a lot of data for what does and doesn’t work, which will help them set up the framework to make another MMO.

  • Bio

    I would like to see one…

  • Austin

    There’s a big difference between Mass effect and Kotor. After Mass effect 3, the main story will be concluded. A mass effect MMO would be beautiful (even more so if bioware developed it for a console). Kotor just had two games and left the biggest cliff hangers ever. Where did Revan go? Where are the sith? What was the fate of the Exile? There was no conclusion to Kotor. No closure. I was outraged when I heard Kotor 3 was in developement and then canceled, only to be replaced by this abomination.

    • Katrina

      Haha same here

  • Ghostsage

    A mass effect MMO would be interesting to see. But I wouldn’t buy a PC just to play it. And im a Mass Effect nut. I. can understand why mmo games will never mingle with consoles. But i hope one day they do. A level 30 turian bounty hunter. Sounds fun!

    • Ace

      I think we’ll see more of it with the next gen consoles for sure. The capabilities that have been discussed of the next xbox and PS4, should be more than enough to run a quality MMO

  • Ace

    Yea if it was on consoles for sure I’d play it. I just can’t get into PC gaming myself too much. I mean I play mine craft and a couple other games but overall consoles are where my focus is at.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to it, this got me thinking again what direction they’ll go in after the trilogy is over. How awesome would it be to have full customization of your character and play basically Mass Effect 1-3 but with thousands of other people interacting with you. I can say it would get me to join my first MMO for sure.

  • Cat

    im not a big of of MMO’s. and wouldn’t really like Mass effect to be one. I like one or two MMO’s I just cant see this game being one it would be more popular as console game, I think at least.