‘Mass Effect 4′ in Development at BioWare Montreal; Edmonton Studio Working on New IP

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Mass Effect 4 BioWare Montreal

Although Commander Shepard’s story was sufficiently (or not) wrapped up in Mass Effect 3, BioWare is not ready to give up on that universe just yet. In fact, the acclaimed developer has already revealed more Mass Effect games are on the way, but they have not said much beyond that.

At a PAX East panel, however, BioWare revealed some behind-the-scenes details that might change fans’ reaction regarding a sequel. Moreover, BioWare teased a new IP that is being developed by the original Mass Effect team.

First up, Mass Effect 3 Creative Director Casey Hudson revealed that Mass Effect 4 (or whatever the next game will be called) is in development at BioWare Montreal, not the game’s original home, BioWare Edmonton. Hudson will stay on as an Executive Producer, but the Montreal studio will be in full control.

As such, Mass Effect 4 will be a “fresh and new” experience — a new way for gamers to get into the franchise. What exactly that means is unclear, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Mass Effect take an even heavier shooter focus.

In preparation for Mass Effect 3‘s launch, BioWare touted the trilogy-ender as approachable and a “good starting point,” which to some degree hurt the overall product. Instead of realizing it was only die-hard fans that were prepared to say goodbye to Commander Shepard, BioWare developed a game that was a series of vignettes more so than a cohesive and satisfying experience.

While we can’t say BioWare’s decision to make the game approachable factored into the construction of the game’s missions or the ending, there was still something off about it all.

Of course, with BioWare Montreal on-the-hook for the next Mass Effect, talk instantly jumped to what the Edmonton studio would be working on. Obviously the team is not ready to reveal that game just yet, but Hudson did have this to say:

“We are developing a whole new fictional universe at BioWare…that’s kind of our next thing. We’re focusing on building something new the way we did at the very beginning on Mass Effect.

Gamers will likely be of two minds about this decision. While it’s sad to hear that the Edmonton studio will not be continuing work on Mass Effect, knowing they have a new IP in the works is exciting. Could this be the next-gen franchise BioWare was talking about?

How do you feel about BioWare Montreal taking over the Mass Effect franchise? What new IP/universe would you like to see the Edmonton team create?

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  • Bean

    Did anyone ever read Ender’s Shadow and it’s sequels? Regardless of what you think about Orson Scott Card, I liked how the Shadow series ran parallel to the events of The Ender’s Game books. I think something like that would be great for this franchise. Perhaps you play as a Spectre in a long-form narrative that takes place right after the Battle of the Citadel and then through the rest of ME2 & 3. This way you could still see Shep’s choices affect your story in a potentially impactful way. Personally, I’d like to see something where, as this Council Spectre (of potentially any race, providing it takes place after you get a human Councillor, and didn’t BioWare tease other playable races?) you discover a new interGALACTIC threat, that the Reapers (pre-crucible event) were actually protecting [kinda like Apocalypse and The Celestials in Marvel Comic’s famed Age of Apocalypse and it’s continuations(if you don’t know what that is click here http://marvel.wikia.com/Earth-295)] The Milky Way from. Yes, I played Leviathan, so I know that’s not the Reapers intended or apparent purpose, but why do the Reapers keep telling us we wouldn’t understand? Surely, that could be spun into something similar to what I’m proposing here. If anybody’s got anything constructive (and deconstructive for the laughs) please do. I don’t consider myself a great creative storyteller, but this is just where my imagination keeps sending me. Also, can we agree a prequel is a bad idea?

    • AlexMech

      We can agree a prequel is a bad idea. I am HAPPY with the end of ME3, and the entire seires. It ended well, and thats where I wish BioWare and EA would leave it. But likely it will be turned into (or tried) as a cash cow, and loose its original flavor. Which will be sad.

      • Darkn3ss F4lls

        i agree no prequel

  • grid-wn.bsu.by

    What’s up to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this site, and your views are nice in favor of new people.

  • Darkn3ss F4lls

    Good job guys,

    thanks for keeping us updated, i think if they do a follow on it should sum how know about Shepards story and be impacted but be someone else’s completely different story during the same time periods. Possibly introduce us to more races, they said there’s tons and tons of them but you really only meet like 6 or 7

  • KFC

    People need to stop suggesting that the next mass effect should be set in a universe before that of the events in mass effect 1, 2, and 3. eg. The Rachni wars if the next game is a prequel it will give the franchise very little room to breathe and blossom into 1 of the greatest series of games imaginable. I believe that mass effect could become like halo making 7/8 games including strategy games.

  • Red Demon

    I beleive the ME3 ending lacked the subsatance of the first two. though the end of shepards story was a good idea they cut short the potential of the series. A sequek would be a good idea for those who chose to control the reapers ignoring the post credits sequence as in the asari or hanar or whatever species rebuilt the mass relay system

  • ???????

    I loved the Mass Efeect trilogy but the main reason is because it has shepherd,if you take shepherd away you take everything away, it wouldn’t be the same

  • lolmp

    Best bet would be making it in the far future, with some new threat, and with easter eggs (possibly using your previous games save files) hinting at what happened in the past.