Ken Levine Gives Update on ‘BioShock’ Vita; Might Go to Different Developer

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BioShock Vita Update

During Sony’s E3 Press Conference, Irrational Games’ Ken Levine (the man that gave us BioShock) came out with not one but two pretty substantial announcements. The first, PlayStation Move support for BioShock Infinite, has been talked about some and is still believed to be in the pipeline, while the other, a Vita BioShock title, has not been mentioned since.

Apparently that lack of information regarding BioShock for the Vita is for good reason since, according to Levine, all of their attention has been focused on Infinite. It makes sense that Irrational wouldn’t want to juggle multiple tasks, and is instead letting that Vita title marinate for the time being.

Speaking with Wired about all things BioShock, Levine revealed that Irrational might be interested in outsourcing this BioShock for the Vita to another developer. While he wouldn’t say who could be up for the job, he does admit he is wary of handing over such a precious IP to someone else. Of course that didn’t stop 2K Games from handing over developmental duties to 2K Marin for BioShock 2, and that didn’t turn out so bad.

Nonetheless I’m sure fans would much rather see a BioShock Vita title from Irrational, even if it is a few years away. The technology contained within Sony‘s new handheld has shown a lot of promise, as indicated by the likes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but first person shooters have yet to shine on the console just yet.

Best case scenario is that after the dust has settled surrounding BioShock Infinite — which should include a couple of Game of the Year nominations — that Irrational Games start discussing this Vita version of their popular franchise. Or we might never hear about this BioShock Vita title again. Either way Irrational wants us to stay focused on Infinite.

Would you rather that Irrational just scrap this BioShock vita title altogether or pass it off to another developer? How did you envision this title on Sony’s new handheld?

Source: Wired

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    Ken Levine never said anything about outsourcing Vita to another developer in the interview with Wired, so I have no idea where you pulled that from.

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    I was hoping that irrational would come out with both games around the same time so they could possibly do some sort of cross platform but it seems those dreams are crushed. Uncharted golden abyss was handed off to another developer so if irrational finds the right one I think they should hand it off so both infinite and bioshock vita releases around the same time