2K Games: ‘BioShock’ Will Continue Without Irrational Games

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BioShock Will Continue Without Irrational

When Irrational Games’ Creative Director and Founder Ken Levine announced, unexpectedly, that the developer, as we currently know it, would cease to exist, thoughts immediately turned to the 100+ staff members that would soon be without employment. Luckily, the game development community, as it has many times before, rallied behind their brethren, and worked diligently to find each and every one of the former Irrational Games employees a new home.

But, beyond questions of Irrational Games’ future, there were also looming questions surrounding Irrational’s flagship franchise, BioShock. With the series now falling into the hands of publisher 2K Games many wondered whether BioShock too would disappear.

The good news is that the BioShock franchise will continue under 2K, obviously with a new developer at the helm. 2K Games believes there are still “many untold stories” left in the BioShock universe, and they “look forward to exploring the next BioShock experience.”

In an official statement issued to Polygon, 2K expressed their deepest gratitude to Ken Levine and the whole of Irrational for their work on BioShock and BioShock Infinite. Although Infinite didn’t quite hit the sales numbers that 2K was hoping for, the release received plenty of attention in 2013. The game was also praised as one of the standout narrative experiences from last year – one that seemingly had a definitive end. But, there is still a business running behind it all, and so it’s in 2K’s best interest to keep the brand going.

Obviously, this news is bittersweet. After the release of Burial at Sea: Episode Two most fans figure Irrational will have sufficiently tied up all loose ends left dangling in the BioShock franchise as a whole. Well, at least we hope they do. Which begs the question as to where BioShock could go next, or if it even needs to continue? There is certainly more to be done with BioShock from a mechanics perspective, but the current narrative doesn’t leave a lot of options.

Yet, BioShock 2, the only game not developed by Irrational, was a surprisingly solid sequel. Unfortunately, most of the folks who helped make BioShock 2 a success have moved on to Arkane Studios, the developer behind Dishonored.

Regardless of who takes over, we are likely several years away from a new BioShock game, let alone an announcement of said game. Same goes for Ken Levine’s next project, which we are equally curious about.

Do you think that BioShock should have ended with Infinite or would you like to see more games? Would you like to see a sequel set in Columbia, Rapture, or some new setting?


Source: Polygon

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  1. Solomon ^^ ur damnn smart thatd be a perfect game. Perhaps word gets out of Rapture in the world above and either the government, or whoever decides to check it out and they stumble upon adam and all that Rapture has to offer and brings the influence to the world or perhaps they stay? They may rebuild Rapture in their image. Its definetely an idea.

  2. Hi !
    I think it would be great to do a new one with the same director, a 4th one where Elizabeth & Dewitt is still there. No need to search a new story, I suggest : take times, come up with something you’ll love & make it true.

    My theory on the new one, there so so much more to explore on this game & there is so much ”fault” that Elizabeth created that It can be an idea of (all the story util the end & even in these two episodes DLC’s, can be these ”fault” & in the 4th one it can be a reality in where Dewitt grow up with her baby/girl Elizabeth, where in this fourth Bioshock game we are actually Elizabeth (adult) & continue the story with that, make the player have choices to choose the ending & make the player of ”Elizabeth” created ”Fault” ! whenever they want, using this tactic to pursuit the story & traveling a wonderful world that they always have in their Bioshock games. That’s my idea, that would be a great Bioshock to do.

    Sorry you will have to ”decrypt” that because i’m French.. I don’t have a good English-spelling.

    -Thanks to everyone.

  3. I really love the bioshock games and i really hope they come out with more.

  4. I love the bio shock series. Its been my favorite game for years. I hope there will be more as I am sure there are many places they can go with this game.I will be looking forward to another.

  5. I don’t see any need to further explore the narrative of Infinite. Infinite left open the doorway to infinite potential cities in infinite potential scenarios.
    As much as I love what they managed to accomplish with the story in the last game, it was just gravy on top of the basic structure of being able to explore (and fight through) a mysterious and highly imaginative city full of wonders and intrigue. I will come back and spend my money even if the story arc doesn’t blow my mind. As long as they approach each new locale with the imagination and sincerity that brought Rapture and Columbia to such vivid life then they have the perfect structure for a game series.
    That having been said… Bio-Shock on the Moon.

    • Totally agree! I would love to see next Bioshock take place on the moon or in the space anyway.
      As long as the team creates a new game with the same passion and attention to details, themes, characters, plot, the result would be grandiose!
      Columbia and Rapture are both marvellous creations, I’d like to see the team take the courage and try to come up with yet a new world.
      That would be the coronation of this saga and of your abilities.

  6. I have only one major wish in life…. And that is to revisit rapture… I was disappointed withinfinate. It was too different…. I’m begging for rapture to rise again. The whole darkness and feel of being under the ocean just blows me away.

  7. I dont like infinite i think its call of duty with bioshock on it and some powers

  8. I think most of us are in agreement that rapture should be explored by salvagers. Hopefully repair the city to a livable environment. And not have a repeat of last time.

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