2K Games: ‘BioShock’ Will Continue Without Irrational Games

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BioShock Will Continue Without Irrational

When Irrational Games’ Creative Director and Founder Ken Levine announced, unexpectedly, that the developer, as we currently know it, would cease to exist, thoughts immediately turned to the 100+ staff members that would soon be without employment. Luckily, the game development community, as it has many times before, rallied behind their brethren, and worked diligently to find each and every one of the former Irrational Games employees a new home.

But, beyond questions of Irrational Games’ future, there were also looming questions surrounding Irrational’s flagship franchise, BioShock. With the series now falling into the hands of publisher 2K Games many wondered whether BioShock too would disappear.

The good news is that the BioShock franchise will continue under 2K, obviously with a new developer at the helm. 2K Games believes there are still “many untold stories” left in the BioShock universe, and they “look forward to exploring the next BioShock experience.”

In an official statement issued to Polygon, 2K expressed their deepest gratitude to Ken Levine and the whole of Irrational for their work on BioShock and BioShock Infinite. Although Infinite didn’t quite hit the sales numbers that 2K was hoping for, the release received plenty of attention in 2013. The game was also praised as one of the standout narrative experiences from last year – one that seemingly had a definitive end. But, there is still a business running behind it all, and so it’s in 2K’s best interest to keep the brand going.

Obviously, this news is bittersweet. After the release of Burial at Sea: Episode Two most fans figure Irrational will have sufficiently tied up all loose ends left dangling in the BioShock franchise as a whole. Well, at least we hope they do. Which begs the question as to where BioShock could go next, or if it even needs to continue? There is certainly more to be done with BioShock from a mechanics perspective, but the current narrative doesn’t leave a lot of options.

Yet, BioShock 2, the only game not developed by Irrational, was a surprisingly solid sequel. Unfortunately, most of the folks who helped make BioShock 2 a success have moved on to Arkane Studios, the developer behind Dishonored.

Regardless of who takes over, we are likely several years away from a new BioShock game, let alone an announcement of said game. Same goes for Ken Levine’s next project, which we are equally curious about.

Do you think that BioShock should have ended with Infinite or would you like to see more games? Would you like to see a sequel set in Columbia, Rapture, or some new setting?

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  • E

    I really don’t like the space/moon idea, seems like it’ll be like Dead Space. I think the next game should be with Sally but as an adult and she sees visions of Elizabeth and gets her memories after drinking the ADAM from Elizabeth body. Then Sally hears about Rapture or something new and it takes off from there while Elizabeth guides her like Booker did

  • j

    Maybe return to rapture, have someone build a new version, maybe call it “Neptune”. Maybe a boat instead of a plane crash.

  • trevor

    I think it would be nice to play during the timeline of infinite, Where you play as songbird, Wreaking $hit up behind the scenes, encountering booker and Elizabeth along the way, or a year after infinite, with an open world. that would be amazing :)

  • Splatt3rman

    I think a next Bioshock should be a dark journey through the remains of Columbia. Like, Columbia’s slowly sunken from the sky, so alot if not most of it is actually grounded, and some of it didn’t fall quite as gracefully and is all broken up. But some of it’s still floating, some just a little ways off the ground, some a bit higher up. No idea who you would play as though. But then there’d be like, the Boys of Silence here and there, and it would be a bit ravaged through and stuff. Probably a bit more open, bigger environment. Kind of return to it’s roots but with new stuff from Infinite, along with some more new stuff

  • qqq234

    Splatt3rman im srry to burst ur bubble but Booker/ comstock died no comstock no colombia so their for cant be a broken down colombia

    • NotQuite

      In Burial at Sea Ep 2, Elizabeth visits Columbia through a tear. It’s still there.

  • RC smith

    I think going back to rapture in a future setting would be pretty killer. So many places you can go with a story like BioShock

  • just some random guy

    With all these ideas for cities (and the fact that I really don’t believe that they would make a city in space) why not make a city deep underground? Inside a giant air-pocket close enough to the earths core to use its geothermal energy, with new plasmids like seismic blast, or maybe gravity slam. It could exist in the same world as rapture and they could expand on that.

  • Annon

    Return to Rapture! There is still much life in the city!

  • Garrett

    Honestly, I know Booker is dead. But I really would like to see is an alternate aftermath dlc or another game about Booker and Elizabeth and them being caught up in some sort of plot taking them to another location (like the moon of maybe even a remote island or something) I really liked the plot of infinite and the ending really sucked, considering Elizabeth just killed Booker/Comstock

  • rey

    i played and winned biochok infinite + DLC but i still want to play a new bioshock who will present us what will happen next. It may be a game with 2 stories. one for ellizabeth and 1 for Booker.K that’s what i think but others have another ideas. Good Luck

  • razzed147

    I remember when Elizabeth drowned Booker in infinite… So maybe someone found Booker’s body in the river and sent him some where like a scienc lab where they put some scientific experiment on him and it brought him back to life. And once he’s back he could have this whole journey into finding a tear and a machine or person to open the tear so he could find Elizabeth in one of those dimensions so they could go on a journey trying to solve and get something very important for the world possibly.

  • Andrea

    Maybe do one similar to hell? Or the ideas of hell? Underground… Below the sea… A space one, maybe an ice one, one in the desert, one in the jungle, idk… Now that i think of it… There arent many options

  • Meez

    or an underground city, and you can now become part machine, jump further, spit fire and go on. by implanting a chip. THem you get the moral question when you are a man or a machine. You have big daddy type of things with big drills and stuff so they can go thru the stone and dirt.
    Bioshock: Man or Machine.
    People who are to much machine to think straight, like splicers, they just want more power. This would be so awesome.

  • Kyle

    They really need to return to Rapture, I loved infinite truly, but Rapture just suits Bioshock. It could be like someone on s boat finds the life boat from 2 and then goes down into Rapture and then s new story starts

  • Dc Jordaan

    I really hope they make another Bioshock!

  • LittleDeer

    I hope that if they make a new BioShock that they go back to rapture. Also I hope that they use a format where it can play on the ps3

    • Kage

      If they do come out with a new bioshock it’s probaly not going to be on last gen. It’s like black ops 3 it’s only for next gen not old gen

  • Kyle

    I feel like they should make the next bioshock installment set further back in time, in the 19th century, during or preceding the American Civil War. Because a common theme has been “civil war” as the main conflict that tears apart the ideological city, it seems like an appropriate concept to tackle in the next game (North vs south/slavery vs freedom)
    This game could center around a new town settlement in the Wild West, where they, perhaps, discover some Adam-like substance, or other kind of technology that propels them into the future, developing special powers, technologies, etc..) however applying futuristic knowledge to the minds of 19th century civilians turns out to lead to all kinds of twisted corruptions. Like using slaves in all kinds of grotesque ways, crude medical experiments, mind control, etc. there could be a mad scientist a la Tanenbaum or Suchong who creates creatures to be used as slaves and tools or war in a laboratory – but his experiment goes wrong and the creatures escape and attack the town.

    The main character could be a man traveling westward with his family in a Caravan. They decide to take a shortcut, splitting from the rest of their group, and wind up getting lost, then discovering the City. they decide to stop there for rest and supplies. This also happens to be the day that the creatures being concocted in the lab escape and cause havoc on the city.

    The plot could eventually lead to and tie into the Civil war, Lincoln’s assassination, and who knows what else! Maybe the confederacy wins the war thanks to this settlement and their superpowers so this game could be a thought experiment like what if the civil war was won by the confederates and slavery became widespread instead of them winning their right to freedom.

  • Joe

    Comstock is dead. With no Comstock, there is no Columbia. With no Columbia, there is no interdimensional Elizabeth. Without Elizabeth, Atlas doesn’t get out of his Burial at Sea prison and can’t get Jack on the plane which means Bioshock 1 and 2 don’t happen. Rapture still carries on just like in the beginning of Burial at Sea EP 1 except for no Comstock, Booker detective. There is still plasmids, little sisters and big daddies. So all that is left without exploring the infinite possibilities that could have been, is to go back to Rapture and rescue all the innocents (primarily little sisters). I think it would be fun to play as Eleanor in the time when Bioshock 2 took place and can become a big sister. Sally would be the final little sister you save, protected by final boss Atlas (who was at the end of 1). Atlas would have been trapped in his prison for a long time with nothing to do other than use Sally to harvest Adam from. She would get the Adam from all the people Ryan keeps sentencing down there. Maybe after rescuing all the little sister, have it where you must destroy Rapture and escape somehow.

  • Kyle Campbell

    I would love a return to Rapture. My favorite place in gaming ever, along with Delfino Isle from Super mario sunshine and Termina From Majoras mask. I think theres a bunch of stories untold in Rapture.

  • CoolMellon

    I like the moon idea, but i think also there should be a new game in Rapture. A open world Rapture. The game start in the early years of Rapture(1948-1950). You come down from the lighthouse with some other people and Rapture will be intoduced to you. When you comes down a person will ask you “who are you” and then you customize your caracter. After the customize you have to do some missions to be interduced to the game. Like other open world games. After that you choose what to do. You can talk to people(like in skyrim) and you can choose to keep up the main story or do side missions.
    If you want to work for other and earn some money, you gow around and ask for jobs. If you have enough money you can start your own bisiness. You can choose where you want to live and if you want a family you can get that.
    While you are playing the time passes and things beginns to happend in Rapture. Do you want to work for Ryan, Lamb, Frank or have you became so powerful that people work for you and you are one of the most powerful in Rapture? What do you do when plasmids comes? Maybe after a lot of work you can be the leader of Rapture and make Rapture to either a god place to live or place a with lot of splicers you control.
    In this game you can decide wich perosn you want to be. Do just want to be a normal person who run your own bisiness? Do you want to work as a cheif enginer and built Rapture over the surface? This is a open world game where you choose how things should evolve. You can also stop the destruction of Rapture if you want to do that.
    This game should also have a oneline part. Maybe a part there you are in Rapture with other people oneline?
    I want also to hear others opinions! What do you think?