‘BioShock’ Movie Domains Registered by Sony

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BioShock Movie Domains Sony

It seems like for the past five years a BioShock cinematic adaptation has fluctuated through all phases that a film typically does. At times it felt like a BioShock movie was all but a given, especially after director Gore Verbinski signed on, but then those hopes were soon dashed.

Now, it appears the BioShock movie might be back on track, or at least a new studio is ready to give adapting the popular video game a try, this according to a series of domain registrations made by Sony.

Sony reportedly registered three domains last month for bioshockmovie.com, bioshock-movie.net, and bio-shock.net. Folks will remember that the first attempt at a BioShock movie was in development at Universal Pictures, but now it seems the rights have jumped to Sony.

While this is not an outright admission that Sony is working on a BioShock movie, it wouldn’t make sense for Sony to register these domains if they at least didn’t have the film rights. In fact, it’s entirely possible that Sony just recently picked up the rights after they reverted away from Universal once their adaptation stalled.

The BioShock property does lend itself well to the motion picture medium, but, as Universal discovered, it’s also an expensive endeavor. Universal’s project was actually pretty far along with Gore Verbinski — sets were in the process of being built — before the budget had already ballooned to $160 million+. Then Universal went back to the drawing board with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, before eventually letting the adaptation dry out.

Despite all the inherent risks, though, if BioShock is a hit, it could be a massive one given the uniqueness of the world, the iconic details in the property (Big Daddies, Little Sisters, an underwater city called Rapture), and a buzz worthy second act twist. But the main concern among fans is respecting the property — something that a lot of video game adaptations, like Prince of Persia, Super Mario Bros., and Need for Speed, have failed to do. We’ll keep you posted if any more BioShock movie news surfaces in coming weeks.

Do you think we will ever see a BioShock movie? Who would you like to see direct the movie?

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  • The Dude

    I hope they do it justice, BioShock was one of my favourite games of the last generation. I’m glad Verbinski is not involved anymore, Sony needs to bring in a director liker Fincher or Scorsese for this project, and it must be R rated otherwise Sony will lose their biggest audience.

    And remember Sony, it is a horror/thriller game, not an action game. Give it a vibe like the original Alien and I’m on board… in fact, now that I think about it, Ridley Scott would be a perfect director for the project if he brings Lawrence Paull on board as production designer.

  • Justin Loomis

    Heh, like it’ll ever happen. Don’t get me wrong. If they do, I will definitely go see it. But yeah…lot of planned movies. Almost none ever happen.

    Also, I do think there can be a good video game movie. I don’t see why that’s so hard. It’s just the directors who get the movies aren’t good. (Without stating the obvious, Joe Moore, Paul W.S. ‘My Wife Could Kill Neo’ Anderson)

  • http://screenrant.com boogoo

    I’m not sure getting a big name director with a blockbuster budget is the way to go. I wouldn’t mind a more unknown director who’s passionate about the game be given a moderate budget. Either way, I’d for sure be interested in a Bioshock movie, if only to see a live action Big Daddy on screen.

  • Kevin

    Sony….keep Uwe Boll away from this movie…..please.


    The biggest mistake studios make when adapting video games is trying to tell a different story in the same universe. Take something like BioShock or The Last Of Us – If those were adapted word for word, scene for scene, I would pay money to see them. A general audience who has no interest in videogames would pay money to see them, simply because they’re compelling and enigmatic stories. However, majority of directors will have too much of an ego to stick to the source material, and too much pressure from the studio to tone the violence down and obtain a PG-13. It’s a shame, because what made these games iconic, is a narrative that is every bit as good as the top 10 films in the year they were released.

  • TheDeViLofStyLe

    Would it be possible to bring in either Michael Bay or Steven Speilberg?