Is ‘BioShock Infinite’ Creative Director Ken Levine Already Working on a New Game?

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Ken Levine Writing a New Game

After BioShock Infinite captured the cultural zeitgeist in the latter part of March, many gamers were left wondering how developer Irrational Games will follow up their ambitious shooter. Most immediately, the developer plans to deliver some pieces of downloadable content, so that gamers can adequately get their fill of Columbia.

After that, however, there’s no telling where Creative Director Ken Levine and his team might go. Given the way things ended in Infinite, it’s pretty safe to say the BioShock IP has been laid to rest, but even that isn’t for sure.

One thing is for sure, though, Ken Levine is hard at work on something, or at least that’s what he wants all of his Twitter followers to know. What exactly that might be is unclear, but just knowing Levine is writing is pretty exciting.

While we would like to believe that Levine is starting work on a new game, there’s no way to know that for sure. It’s just as possible Levine is writing for the BioShock Infinite DLC.

As Levine has already revealed, development on Infinite‘s DLC did not begin until after work on the retail product was completed. In other words, Levine might be scripting out the various bits of dialogue and story beats for the 3 DLC packs. If Infinite‘s DLC is to have a new AI companion like a recent rumor suggests, Levine likely has quite a bit of writing to do.

Either way, Levine talked a little bit more about his writing on Twitter, revealing that he looks to the works of Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen Bros., Tom Stoppard, and Stephen Sondheim for inspiration. He also cites the popular TV series Mad Men as an influence.

Some might try to draw a through line between the various works, but to me they simply seem like examples of good writing. Although it might be cool to see Levine’s riff on a PT Anderson-esque tale.

So, while it’s still too early to assume Ken Levine is working on a new game, we know he’s writing…something. It could simply be BioShock Infinite DLC, or it could be something completely new and unexpected. Whatever it is, hopefully we don’t have to wait 6 more years to see it.

Do you think Ken Levine has started writing a new game? Or is it just working on BioShock Infinite DLC?

Source: Twitter — Ken Levine (via GameSpot)

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  • OLLO


  • Shalkowski

    How were the first two Bioshocks? I’m going to pick up Infinite soon and I want to play the first two too.

    • Ken J

      The first one was awesome, the second one was alright, but the coolest thing about the first two that went away for Infinite is the multiple endings… You got a different ending depending on some of the choices you made while playing the game. I thought that was interesting. Made the “moral” choices you made more meaningful…

      To get the full effect of the first Bioshock though, don’t read ANYTHING Bioshock related because someone might mention the twist in that game. I thought the twist was so clever the way they did it, you never saw it coming, yet it all makes so much sense after you find out…

      • Varteras

        The twist Ken is talking about was HUGGURKK! ……

      • Jack

        The multiple endings of the first 2 Bioshock are pointless dribble. If anything, it shows a lack of conviction to tell a proper story. In the first, you either end up as an evil bastard, or caring parent (sorry for the non-spoiler there). In the 2nd Bioshock, you varying degrees of the same thing. I suggest that you do get Bioshock 1 cause the story is indeed amazing up to a certain point, but skip Bioshock 2, it is an immense waste of time. Most possibly because it wasn’t even made by the same studio. Ken Levine had no hand in making it.

        • jacksatard

          You lie sir both games were great

    • chris

      get one and not 2, ken worked on 1 and infinite while 2 is just a giant dlc for extra money.

  • KevinS

    Would you kindly not drop spoilers:)

    • Josh Calkins

      You could have just asked him nicely! :}

  • Josh Calkins

    The full payoff of the Infinite story is so layered in relevance and symmetry that it even finally made the first teaser make total sense. Can’t wait to see what is next.

    Considering how tough a time he said he had making the AI companion work the way he wanted and be likable, having a new AI may be overly complicated… Or perhaps it is based heavily on the first one, doing the same maneuvers, etc, possibly with the same mocap… He may feel that he solved the problems he had, but it’s still hard to think he can throw another one together quickly. Guess we’ll see soon enough. Goody.

  • chris

    tbh the game would of been perfect as the series ender. the plot was ahead of its time. they could of done alot more with the gameplay but the graphics alone made me stand in awe. the game was very well done. they should of done at least 2 more bioshock games before infinites plot. just imagine, the year is 2018 in our time when the last bioshock game is announced (after doing 2 more essentially where infinite is now) we all take a severe nostalgic trip to the past bioshocks 1 last time before the series comes to an epic conclusion. bioshock 2 kinda ruined ones ending for me, it would been much more fulfilling if the last game i played was the original bioshock when it came out. all in all though i even though they could of done ALOT more with the different universes and along with other potential substance it still deserves an 8.5/10 because face it, elizabeths hot.

  • REK

    ALL of the bioshock games are excellent. I sometimes think bioshock 2 gets a bad rep because it wasn’t made by thy god Ken Levine and his studio. (Nothing against Mr. Levine but he has kind of been placed on a pedistal.) U are robbing yourself of a good experience if u don’t play bioshock 2 strictly because it was not made by Irrational Games. In fact the DLC for bioshock 2, “Minervas Den” is one of the best pieces of DLC in gaming history IMHO. If u haven’t heard ken levine is done with the bioshock series and sold the rights to 2K but that doesn’t mean we won’t get another quality bioshock game. Everybody thought the Halo series was over when Bungie decided to “move on” from Halo and look at what 343 studios did with Halo 4 (which is arguably one of the best games in the series and my favorite.)