Bioshock Infinite’s ‘Big Daddy’ Has A Name, And A Face.

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Bioshock Infinite

When Irrational Games revealed Bioshock Infinite (formally Project Icarus) through their incredible announcement trailer, Bioshock fans from around the world were left with a lot of questions, and we recently got the answer to one of the large looming questions; “was that a Big Daddy”?

The simple answer is no. It is Alpha. Ken Levine, Irrational Games’ creative director and founding member, gave us a few answers in episode 7 of Irrational Behavior, their own internal podcast. The Alpha, or “Handyman” as the team jokingly calls him, was always set to be a big part of the trailer.  He originally had a big goofy moustache and a bowler hat. “He looked like he was gonna come hug you instead of do any damage to you”, stated Ken “he was from an Italian kids’ menu”, but we never really got a good glimpse at him. Until now.

Today, Gameinformer brings us exclusive screenshots showing Alpha in his full, almost hysterical, glory.

Bioshock Infinite Alpha

Other secrets revealed in the official podcast were just as tantalizing for us Bioshock fans. The opera singer (who I originally thought was Andrew Ryan) was supposed to have two mouths, and the music they had picked was changed from Pagliacci to Grand Old Flag to give it a more Americana feel. Ken also let us know that we were supposed to be fooled at the beginning of the trailer to think we were in Rapture. The team really wanted to have any expectations for this title smashed right away. After a few choices for the model the decision was made to go with the worlds fair version because it looked like a city (to help dupe us into thinking it was Rapture) and because it had a date on it.

Bioshock Infinite

The design team has always had a fascination with big hands in their games, and it was revealed that Bioshock Infinite was no exception. The original design choice for Alpha’s hands was to make them crab like, but the team soon realized that crab claws are for grabbing, not punching like they wanted the Handyman to do, so, they changed it up. They also were going to have Alpha cry in the trailer but decided to cut it after many, many attempts. Ken said “There’s something about men crying that’s uncomfortable”.

It seems there is still a lot of secrets hidden in the trailer. Little nuggets of information for us to find, and after watching the trailer over and over and over again, I keep wondering (hoping even) that there will be a ‘plasmid’ that will allow us to fly, because being able to jump from city node to city node would be awesome. The very moment I stepped into Rapture, I was absolutely enthralled with the concept. This idea of an underwater city is just outstanding, and so completely plausible in its own way, that you can’t help but be sucked in, and I wonder if the city of Columbia will hold the same thrall over me as Rapture did.

Ether way, Bioshock Infinite will be on my must have list for 2012 game, and I can only imagine the mysteries, and glimpses we will get over the next two years to tantalize us while we wait. Having recently replayed both Bioshock, and Bioshock 2, I have whet my appetite for more. I am thrilled the developers are going to stick with the Art Deco style they have become known for, but I wonder if it will still feel the same?

What do you think? Is Alpha, the big crying large moustached guy, really as compelling as Big Daddy? Do you think a city in the sky that everyone knows about is the same as a mysterious unknown city in the sea? What do you think about Bioshock Infinite?

Source: Official Podcast  Irrational Behaivor & Gameinformer.

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  • Jon Lavallee

    Alpha does look hysterical – check out those shorts! I hope he has one of those bicycles with the giant front wheel, but steampunk style 😉

  • Cindy Andrie

    I know right! The podcast also talked about ‘bathroom’ theory with him, worth a few giggles for sure.

  • jwalka

    after finding out that they started fresh with the engine (supposedly getting rid of every line of code) i feel somewhat excited since the game is going to be completely fresh, however i doubt it will be as great as the original game, i mean yeah they can stick 15 enemies in my face at once, but it wont feel as creepy as walking through dark dead corridors only to realise i’m being ambushed by a freak with hooks for hands.

  • Rob

    I don’t dig this style personally – so Alpha just takes it over the top for me 😐

    • Cindy Andrie

      Well it is early in production to Rob. Remember, little sisters were slugs at one point. Irrational Games can, and often do change their minds and start a design fresh. So we will see, but they brought up a good point, Big Daddy is essentially a diving suit, which isn’t needed ‘beyond the sea’.

  • A Sandwich

    Well, they haven’t let me down yet.

  • Riley Little

    Big Daddy would kick the crap out of a Handyman

  • Pull45

    I wonder what happens when the person falls and how did he get out of the window? Maybe an Alpha tackled him out the window. I started getting nervous when the man was going to fall, I thoughT he really was and then he would die and then The End. Instead, I think he’ll just survive that jump. Then after he survives, the story continues. I hope BioShock Infinite has a plasmid where you could fly (Like the publisher of this thread) so you could actually survive everything. When I saw the rose part, I thought and thought there had to be a fly plasmid, it’s probably telekenisis (Did I spell it wrong?) and flying combined. I don’t know, I’m only going to know when they release this. The Alpha looks more like a robot, I saw everything on him, it just had to be a robot. But I was thinking, what type of robot? Big Daddies were usually humans, but after I saw the heart when one of the Alpha’s grabbed him, it looked like a robot. Same thing in the picture, I was able to see his heart in the picture too. I think Alpha is a great idea, hopefully they plan on making BioShock Infinite Halo : Reach style, but not with the armor though and weird-modeled weapons. Also, back in the first BioShock you had to jump with Y, which really got me confused with the controls. Every time I press A, it don’t do anything. I hope the controls are actually better this time. I don’t want to jump with Y using my pinky. Really pisses me off.

  • Boss

    aw crap! i gonna miss the daddys and rapture… handymans would get ownd by a bouncer any day.