‘BioShock Infinite': Irrational Games Holding Vote for Reversible Cover

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BioShock Infinite Reversible Cover

When Irrational Games unveiled the cover art for BioShock Infinite they weren’t revealing an image that would cater to fans of the franchise. In fact, they were choosing an image that would entice the complete opposite — the gamers who purchase maybe one or two games a year.

It was a decision and a sacrifice that Irrational’s Ken Levine was willing to make if it meant the end product was going to be successful. He knew that gamers already interested in BioShock Infinite would use previews from press events and new trailers to fuel their enthusiasm, but the only way to grab the “Call of Duty” crowd was with a box cover that was to the point.

The reveal of the box art, however, sparked a considerable backlash — with a few outlets calling it the worst box art of the decade. While early criticisms of the cover were a little brash, there was no denying we hoped for something better.

Thankfully, Irrational Games is looking to make it up to gamers by offering a reversible cover, one that features fan-approved artwork on its opposite side. To that end they have presented gamers with 6 different box art options and are allowing them to vote for their favorites. Whichever one wins will end up on the other side of that hideously generic, Uncharted-esque cover.

The 6 choices are all decidedly different with one focusing on Elizabeth, another featuring the iconic Handyman, and a few that use the Songbird as their main image. All in all each choice has its own appeal, but personally #4 (the red, hand-drawn cover) feels so unique that it has my vote. And ironically that is the cover that is currently in the lead with 40% of the vote.

That, however, can all change with your vote, which Irrational Games’ Ken Levine encourages. The poll for the cover will only be open for a short window — it closes on Dec. 19th — so make sure to put your selection in by then.

And if your personal favorite doesn’t make the cut, fear not, as Levine has announced a plan to put not just the other 5 options, but a whole mess of alternate covers online for gamers to print out and put in their BioShock Infinite box. So if by chance there is a design someone would like to see, they should make their case in the BioShock forums.

Which of the six box arts is your favorite? Are there any other images you would like to see featured in a downloadable cover?

BioShock Infinite releases March 26, 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Irrational Games

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  • Gallifreyanjedi

    I really like the one with Elizabeth and Songbird, I would probably like the red one if it wasn’t so…red. I don’t think that would look good on a 360 case, it could with a PS3 one.

  • Gooch

    I like the red one, it is definitely the most unique and would stand out on the shelves. Plus the art is awesome!

    • Thomas

      I agree with the red one.It is an original bioshock cover!

  • Felix

    Who care about the cover, just release the game !

    • http://www.be.net/therustedpixel pauly

      Agreed! Couldnt care less what the cover looks like, its never attracted me to a game and never will! Just get the game out!

  • Magus

    Levine will probably come out and delay the game until October now, so they can polish the cover art to give the fans the best possible box art ever. It’s because we deserve it. They should change the name from Bioshock Infinite to Bioshock Forever.

  • Tratz

    OMG, is it just me or has this generation of gamers truly become the biggest bunch of whiners in history? It’s the friggin’ COVER!!

    “Skyrim has bugs, I didn’t like the ending to ME3, I don’t like the Bioshock BOX COVER.”

    Chrissake, get over yourselves!

    • boogoo

      Whining about whiners, eh?

      • Tratz

        As clever as you think you are, you know it’s true.

        • boogoo

          A box cover isn’t something to get overly upset about but a buggy game or it’s ending? Completely fair to criticize.

    • Tim

      Totally agree with ya Tratz…just enjoy playing the games!

    • DarthMalnu

      A game cover is a good thing to criticise because it often shows exactly what demographic the game will be geared to. When a dark philosophical game like Bioshock suddenly gets a generic shoot em up cover, there is reason to fear that the game itself may be dumbed down. The current generation of gamers aren’t the ones with problems… it’s the seasoned game veterans who can read the studios intentions from what font they chose on the cover that know a “streamlined” cover can spell bad news for the rest of the game.

  • Matt

    How does a reversible cover work?

    • DarthMalnu

      Ask the Femshep

    • Anthony

      You can slip it out of the game cover and flip it around. Essentially two box arts for the price of one.

  • Jak Frost

    i like the first one honestly