Was ‘BioShock Infinite’ Delayed to Add Multiplayer?

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BioShock Infinite Delay for Multiplayer

Though the enthusiasm for BioShock Infinite that was steamrolling towards October might have been tempered a little bit after it was today announced the game has been delayed until February, the assumption is that the delay will serve a purpose. In an open letter to fans Ken Levine explained the motivations behind the BioShock Infinite delay and promised a quality product early next year.

While Levine makes no mention of it in his letter, rumors are starting to swirl that hypothesize this delay might allow developer Irrational Games some time to add multiplayer to the game. Multiplayer, up until this point, hasn’t even seemed like a possibility for BioShock Infinite, but a job posting on LinkedIn suggests it could be happening.

The job posting in question, which was found by our colleagues at Shacknews, claims it is searching for a “network engineer” who would be responsible for “delivering a robust, scalable, and responsive client-side networking support on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.” It doesn’t specifically explain that Irrational is looking for someone to design a multiplayer experience, but if that were already in the pipeline perhaps this network engineer would help with the server side of the equation.

It’s not an outright given that BioShock Infinite would feature multiplayer, but 2K Marin’s BioShock 2 did show that the franchise could work in that space. Considering Irrational has been keen on keeping things regarding Infinite pretty quiet one has to figure that multiplayer — a mode that shouldn’t require a ton of story secrets — would have been revealed by now. Instead this delay is more likely just a chance to add a little polish, or maybe a chance to get that Move support figured out.

Either way it’s a testament to how highly anticipated BioShock Infinite was that fans are so disappointed by this delay. Hopefully Irrational Games can take this extra development time and deliver something that will blow our minds.

Would you like to see a multiplayer mode in BioShock Infinite? How would you feel if the delay was only meant to fine-tune a multiplayer mode?

BioShock Infinite releases February 26, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: LinkedIn (via Shacknews)


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  • David

    Wow, another ME3 in the making? Bioware added multiplayer late in the dev cycle and threw the story in the waste bin. Their focus on MP stuff since it’s launch kinda proves MP was all they really cared about. Hopefully, Bioshock won’t go this way as the game looks awesome.

    • G

      If I remember correctly, an entirely different team did the ME3 multiplayer. And the only thing that was sub par about the single player was the ending. But the ending didn’t even bother me that much. The multiplayer for ME3 is great and they continue to support it bc it has so many users. It exceeded my expectations. So what if Bioshock polishes a multiplayer mode. I would welcome it.

  • jwalka

    there where delays with the original bioshock as well, and levine stated that if they didn’t delay the original, the big daddies that we know wouldn’t have existed. imo i think he’s getting rid of the super natural bs like that ghost that resurrects the dead and the dome headed screeching thing, that would make the most sense since it would take a couple of months to design and make something new plus implement it into the game and make sure it runs smoothly.

    i have faith in him, i’m sure he wont be adding something stupid for the sake of it, just take a look at the original, it had one (free( DLC pack which didn’t effect anything. bioshock 2 was made by a bunch of clowns who didn’t know wtf they where doing, hence why half the game was out sourced to china and the other half consisted of a half baked sp game and so so mp (it was quite fun but the lag and cheapness of players killed the fun).

    • Anthony

      I don’t think he’s getting rid of the supernatural elements. I think that’s part of what makes the game unique. It could very easily be just time to polish.

  • steamcamel

    In the words of General M. Bison: “Of COURSE!”

  • Garrett

    Truthfully I don’t care for mp in a Bioshock game, the game is a solid, fun-play without it. So I’m pretty bummed about the delay for possibly something I don’t care much for, but hopefully the game is worth it, which I assume it is so come one Feb.!