‘BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2′ Video Confirms Returning Characters

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As BioShock Infinite fans prepare for what could be the entire franchise’s end, there is still plenty more work to be done on developer Irrational Games‘ part. Moreover, with the highly anticipated Burial at Sea: Episode Two DLC slated to hit in a little over a month, it is up to Irrational to set the scene for the monumental journey ahead.

While Irrational has already teased the early moments of Burial at Sea: Episode 2, and revealed one of the concluding chapter’s big twists, there is apparently a lot more left to cover. But doing so requires delving into spoiler territory — meaning turn back now if you plan on going into Burial at Sea: Episode 2 fresh or have yet to complete Episode 1.

In the above video, Irrational Creative Director Ken Levine reveals that many of the familiar faces from BioShock and BioShock Infinite‘s past will have a role to play in Episode 2 of Burial at Sea. Many of these characters might not appear in the same context, or under the same circumstances, that players originally met them, but that’s part of the magic of BioShock: flipping pre-conceived notions on their head.

Burial at Sea Episode 2 Behind the Scenes

Among the major BioShock players slated to return for Burial at Sea, or at those confirmed by the video, are Daisy Fitzroy, Atlas (a.k.a. Frank Fontaine), and, yes, even Andrew Ryan will make an appearance. But, even though Irrational will acknowledge that these characters are returning, they are smart to keep each individual’s true nature a secret. Many of the voice actors for the characters don’t even appear on-screen in the video, but instead provide some back-story by way of BioShock‘s iconic audio diaries.

In addition to teasing some familiar faces, the behind the scenes video also features some closer looks at the gameplay in Episode 2. With this concluding chapter, Irrational is switching gears and finally letting players take control of Elizabeth. Ken Levine had previously sad that controlling Elizabeth would be a unique experience for BioShock fans, but it appears Irrational isn’t straying too far from their traditional mechanic of weapon in the right hand and powers in the left. But hey, the crossbow is back!

At the conclusion of the video, Levine suggests that Burial at Sea: Episode 2 will provide some closure not just for Infinite‘s story, but also for the larger BioShock universe. It’s certainly an ambitious undertaking — trying to wrap up an admittedly complex and twisting set of dual narratives — and we can’t wait to see if Irrational can pull it off.

How would you like to see the BioShock mythology come full circle in Burial at Sea: Episode 2? What other characters would you like to see make a return?

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2 releases March 25, 2014 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Irrational Games

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  1. I thought the whole point of controlling Elizabeth was that it would be a different experience than Booker. Admittedly I have not played the first DLC so I don’t know the changes in the back-story, but Elizabeth isn’t a PTSD guilt ravaged veteran, prone to murdering everyone she sees. It seemed like a great opportunity for different game play modes and styles.

  2. Awww yes great to know that we’ll be seeing our good friend Andy of Rapture again, not to fazed on Fitzroy though. It just seems like she doesn’t belong in Rapture – I mean she’s the Fontaine of Columbia! We got Fontaine back for this DLC why in the world do we need his female counterpart. I played through all 3 Bioshocks numerous times (I only play games on easy. They’re not FUN otherwise), quite thoroughly. I would personally like to see Sofia and Eleanor Lamb make an appearance rather than Fitzroy. I know Bioshock 2 was not the work of Irrational but of 2K Marin. But 2K has the rights for all 3 games so why do I get the feeling Bioshock 2 is being excluded from all this? It’s all about the original game and Infinite being brought together. Like my other much-loved franchise – Halo, Bioshock is absolutely amazing and riveting to watch.

  3. Oh and on the Bioshock 2 matter. It had some critical story elements in it so I personally think Irrational should look into Bioshock 2’s back-story. Plus I’d kill to see Subject Delta or any of the other Alpha Series prototypes again.

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