The 5 Biggest Lies ‘SimCity’ Taught Us



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  1. I always thought that the mayor going door to door to commercial buildings to rename them to whatever he/she wanted was an interesting idea. Imagine Bloomberg running amok changing the names of everything in Times Square to anything he wanted. It would definitely make up for the ‘no large soda cup’ nonsense, imo.

    But honestly, what did you think of the game? DRM shenanigans aside, I loved the demo. I’m looking to pick it up later this week…

  2. Haha, this is awesome!

  3. Well Andrew the only alternative is that part way through the game you get voted out of your position of power and have to begin a campaign to be re-elected before you allowed to work on your city again.

  4. I just want to say this is slightly bias. How do you know aliens dont exist? There are literally billions and billions of planets out there in space. speaking logically, it is a probable percentage that some sort of aliens exist. Weather they are hostile or not, well that remains to be seen. But still, dont say aliens dont exist when astronomer are discovering different earth like planets every day. look it up. The most recent was “super earth” in a different galaxy.

    • Aliens do exist dude… they cross into America all the time, it’s a disgusting term for them as well.

      As for living organisms on other planets in others universes, why not… there’s such a span of rocks in this place (not just earth, as a whole)… there’s bound to be a dead sun that’s got a moon that created live, and was then slandered off as Blasphemy and now worship a mighty man in the sky…

      or… they’re little bugs with 6 things similar to adomens that are used to create iron, and a giant hearing organ that also tunnels.

  5. I am seriously disappointed with the new simcity game. It’s like it was designed for 5th graders. Simcity 4 plays better than this new version and I will state why you should save your money till EA makes something worth paying the money for. 1) fixed region size. why? with version 4 there were 3rd party programs out that allowed you to modify the terrain, make rivers and areas of your own design. 2) you are being forced to limit your roads, rails and other “city connections” to fixed points on your regions. even if a train track or road is close to the “city boundary” you cannot go outside the region rectangle to connect to them. 3) there are no underpasses or overpasses so trains are forced to cross roads.period. 4) there are so many limitations. You cannot put up any advanced skyscrapers or specialty building even in the sand boxed “cheat” mode.
    IT’s like they never listened to the hard core players who loved the previous sim city games. They should have hired the third party creators who had to develop those abilities. a program called Terraformer has been out for a long time that did terrain modifications for version 4.
    EA either didn’t listen to the fans or they just don’t care.
    there is no variety. no selections of what you want to build, the game forces you to accept the limited quantity. Pathetic. certainly not worth the price they are asking for it. No harbors, no complex shipping or trucking or airport facilities? Good grief people, that’s been a staple for version 4 for ages. Now granted, some people might think that’s to complicated to do. But then again for those people, so is making a peanut butter sandwich. Didn’t anyone at EA ASK the people who did all that development on their own WHY they did it? There is a loyal, die hard fan base of the version 4 and it’s like they never got asked what they would like to see carried over to the new stuff. Or if they did they just didn’t care. A pity, I was hoping they were going to upgrade 4 to a newer, sleeker version with more abilities, but for the time being its like they took a giant BACKWARDS as far as game flexibility and content are concerned. I truly hope EA plans to address this ASAP. Otherwise they will have a lame duck program that won’t have the following it should have.

    • You have some Valid points. but what makes you think they aren’t going to add all that stuff as DLC. also on top of that as “complex” as you make sim city 4 out to be, its technically not a city simulator, its a visual city planner, that does calculations and number crunching which matches them with animations in the back ground.

      One of the major aspects of this game you are not refusing to acknowledge is the glass box engine. this game is ACTUALLY a simulation.. when there’s a traffic jam, its because there is actually a congestion of agents, rather then the game thinking (there should be a traffic jam her because of the small road density.

      Your also missing the fact its multiplier, and the city specializations.

      This is the closest thing to a simulator your ever going to play at the moment, and while i agree with most of your points, i disagree to the fact that this game is childish and rubbish.

      It may very well be that this game, as well polished and refined as it is might be a trial for the next sim city game which will include all that stuff, but its definitely doesn’t deserve a bad rap.

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