Big ModNation Racers Patch Coming Wednesday

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Big Modnation Racers Patch Coming

The PS3 exclusive ModNation Racers is itself getting modded.  Released in May,  this kart racer was a frustrating experience for many. An otherwise solid game, it was plagued by a few simple but glaring issues. This is all due to change with the patch scheduled to be released tomorrow.

The patch should fix the painfully long and numerous loading screens, which is by far the biggest complaint and burden gamers have with this title (See Ben Kendrick’s ModNation Racers review). In addition, United Front Games has announced via the Playstation Blog that they will directly address  the game’s most other glaring issue: the punishingly difficult AI in the single player game, via a “casual” difficulty mode.

I am very interested to see how UFG will deal with these two issues. When the game first came out, I always thought that the load times simply had to do with the RAM limitations of the PS3. Apparently, this is not the case. Will players need to install more of the game onto the HDD, or will we simply get a better build of the game? If this was just a programming issue all along, one wonders why  the game wasn’t made this way in the first place. Load times like this really shouldn’t have made it passed the QA stage. Also, regarding the single-player game AI, most gamers don’t want the game to simply be easier. They want the game to be fair. Hopefully they can deal with the “rubber band” AI racers, and still keep some challenge to the game itself.

With every announced patch release, there is a gamer’s wishlist of items they want to see included. ModNation Racers is no exception. I for one, would like to see the exorbitant trophy requirement of 250K Create XP for the “Star Creator” trophy addressed. This does not appear to be listed on the announcement from UFG, however, we will have to wait and see what other things are included in the final patch.  In any case, this will be a much needed, but more importantly, much appreciated patch to a great (but slightly flawed) game.

What do you want to see included in the upcoming patch for Modnation Racers?

ModNation Racers is available now for for PS3 and PSP.

Source: Playstation Blog

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  • Rob Keyes

    As fun as the game was, it wasn’t fun with load times and AI so I stopped playing it pretty quickly.

    I’m very curious as to how much an improvement this patch will make – maybe it’ll get me playing it again.

  • Jeff Schille

    I just picked this up, and no kidding – those load times are killers. I hope the patch is as successful as they claim in dealing with that issue.

  • Oceanic108

    The create trophy was addressed. They ouldnt change the trophy so bumped up the amount of XP we get instead. Also not in the patch details are 2 things that are included –

    1. We can now skip the intro at the start of the game.
    2. Before the modspot loads there will be a menu asking “Continue story mode” (career), “Go to modspot” or “go to modstation”.

  • is

    THe load time is crappy but the ai seriously people butch up effing play the game and stop complaining the ai is not that serious!!!!!!! LOSERS!!!!

    • Matt Weeber


      Uhhhh, ModNation seems to me like the type of game meant more for the casual gamers. While I can understand single player being harder if the game was intended for a hardcore audience, it doesn’t make sense for this game.

  • Sunshine

    I’d love it if they added a patch with customizable controls. This game is all about modding right? Why can’t you mod the control scheme? I could do that in SNES! My R2 Trigger finger hurts :(