‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Director’s Cut Coming to PS4 with Deleted Scenes?

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Beyond Two Souls Directors Cut PS4

The jump to a new console generation is always fraught with similar issues – limited availability, high price points, minimal system features, and a lack of first party exclusive titles, among others. For that reason, once an early adopter manages to secure a next-gen device, it’s extremely important that console sellers have lined up a robust list of game experiences for buyers to enjoy. Nothing is worse than purchasing an expensive piece of hardware, only to sit on the sideline waiting for new games to play. The PS4 and Xbox One launch was no different – as gamers quickly burned through launch titles and, since, have waited for further must-play first party games.

Both systems have enjoyed a steady stream of indie titles, along with a few well-received console exclusives (inFamous: Second Son and Titanfall, respectively) but with so many true next generation titles aiming for release in 2015 (or even 2016), both publishers have been attempting to cash in by updating older games for the PS4 and Xbox One. Sony has already seen solid sales for The Last of Us Remastered, which featured upgraded visuals and complimentary DLC, and Microsoft is hard at work finishing Halo: The Master Chief Collection for a holiday 2014 release. Now, we’re hearing further details on a possible re-release of Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls – previously a PS3 exclusive.

Beyond Two Souls - Willem Dafoe

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumors of Beyond: Two Souls coming to the PS4; however, the latest report adds some intriguing pieces of information. According to a post on the french gaming site Gameblog, Quantic Dream is preparing Beyond: Two Souls for a next-generation release – in the form of a “Director’s Cut” that will feature improved visuals as well as deleted scenes. The posting does not go into too much detail but asserts that the previously included “Advanced Experiments” DLC would be in the package along with a new story chapter that takes place when Jodie is a baby.

Sony and Quantic Dream have yet to confirm that Beyond: Two Souls will be made available on the PS4 – much less confirmed that the release will be a Director’s Cut with deleted scenes. Still, producing a next-gen remaster of Beyond: Two Souls makes a lot of sense – given that many PS4 owners did not own a PS3. Re-releasing the title on Sony’s new hardware is a win-win for the studio and publisher – since a Beyond: Two Souls Director’s Cut would milk further sales out of the existing game, albeit after investing in PS4 development, as well as add another award-winning title to the PS4’s library. Not to mention, improved visuals and a new “baby stage” might be enough reason for existing fans to give the title another go – especially since the Beyond: Two Souls narrative encourages multiple playthroughs (with a number of different choices to be made throughout).

Beyond Two Souls Same Thing Twice David Cage

When The Last of Us Remastered released, several retailers ran promotions encouraging established PS3 owners to trade in their Last of Us disc for the PS4 version. As a result, Sony moved more copies of Remastered, existing Last of Us owners were provided with an affordable way to upgrade, and retailers received a nominal fee as well as a pre-owned PS3 copy to sell later. There’s no reason to think that every party involved wouldn’t be interested in a similar double-dip with Beyond: Two Souls.

That said, despite solid sales Beyond: Two Souls moved only a fraction of The Last of Us‘ overall numbers – meaning that while a Director’s Cut of the Quantic Dream title could be a smart move for Sony, it’s not a full-on guarantee either. As indicated, Sony and Quantic Dream would need to invest money and development resources in upgrading the game and completing any deleted scenes – time and money that could be used to work on an entirely new game. For that reason, gamers shouldn’t count these reports as fact until official info surfaces. Video game development is all about opportunity cost and, even though many gamers would be excited to see Beyond: Two Souls on the PS4, Sony would have to be confident that the effort would pay off in the long run.

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Beyond: Two Souls is currently available for PS3 (but could be coming as a Director’s Cut to PS4 at an unknown date).

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  • creep

    Worth it …… uncensored ?

    Gore Edition

  • TaboriHK

    Are they going to add details that will make the plot followable, sensical, and not a complete waste of time and money?

    • Roy

      The reason it goes everywhere is to address questions from the part you just played you have to pay attention better is all.

  • Brian

    My favorite game of last year. A “Director’s Cut” would be amazing!

  • psi01


  • havoc9987

    Nah not interested in buying this again, it was ok but not worth a second purchase or another play through for that matter.

  • creep

    I think of this game as a interactive movie like mass effect

  • Strider

    Gameplay is is a little shallow( lots of clicking on the white ball marker to see the next cutscene) and the story is a mess at times. The graphics on the other hand is simply awesome and a remastered PS4 version with 60fps and improved textures would make a good graphical showcase. I just wish they’d brought Heavy Rain over to PS4 as well. it’s a much better Quantic Dream game.

  • justerthought

    I love the story, the concept and the locations, but I truly hate quicktime events. They are lazy and extremely annoying. I would have bought this game on PS4 as a remaster but could not bear the quicktime events and robot like movement.

    Sony need to get a grip of David Cage and force him to dump the quicktime events. He definitely has talent as a game director but it is wasted with dated quicktime events. Gamers expect more freedom of control. We want lifelike movement not just lifelike graphics. Far too much of his efforts are focussed on vowing us with the quality of the cinematic graphics, while the gameplay lags behind. He needs to make up his mind whether he wants to work in films or games. Right now he’s a wannabe film director making games to fulfil his dream and the games are suffering as a result.

  • Growler

    I really had high hopes for this game but all I found was a series of cut-scenes and QTAs, occasionally interspersed with some directional functionality.

    Such a disappointment.

  • dragonrider

    What are you guys talking about? Beyond two souls was so refreshing, I was so happy that finally someone made a original story without the over used zombie angle.

    Beyond two souls is a high quality game, with story worthy of praises. quick time events can have there moments without the game being automatically labeled bad.

    This game was supposed to play the way it did, to make you feel you where playing a game to continue a excellent movie. if you want the same old crap play COD.

  • Chris

    I just think making every ps3 game into a ps4 game is a cheap gimmick of trying to save money and not invest in making actual next gen games. Sure the graphics are awesome, I’ll give that to ps4. But come on, Last Of Us graphics were pushing the limits of ps3 and it was amazing, as for Beyond Two Souls. I understand the rendering and smoothness of ps4. But why does every game have to be remastered? GTa5 is coming this November for ps4 and xbox1. Another converted game. Wolfenstein The New Order is a great example of a game that was made for ps4 as well not just a game that had to be remastered from the ps3 version. Although I am a huge fan of Ellen Page and I got this game on launch day? I don’t think Ill be buying it again just for graphics improvement and added scenes. Whats the point if I know the whole story only to see a few minutes of unseen footage? Sorry I have disagree with this game coming out.

  • Ken

    heavy rain and beyond two souls directors cut both on one disc for ps4 and i’ll bite.

  • RH82

    This game is better than Heavy Rain concerning controls, but not story…my opinion. Im tired of hearing people say that Heavy Rain needs a PS4 release before this game due to it being horrible, BTS is a great game…and probably the best to to be released by Quantic Dream. I did love Heavy Rain as much as this game, But thought BTS was way better with the control scheme,Bring both to the PS4

  • Skyshadow38

    I was sad that PS4 was not backwards compatible because I had games like this in my library for when I wanted to replay through them. While I think that remastered editions are cash grabs (same for DVDs and such too), I bought The Last of Us so I could play it again whenever I want because I no longer have a PS3. If they remaster Beyond Two Souls and/or Heavy Rain, it would be a day one purchase for me. I loved both.