The Top 5 Video Game Speeches of This Generation

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Top 5 Speeches Video Games

Video games have been speaking to us ever since 1980, when arcade and Atari titles like Bezerk began synthesizing robotic voices – hashing out grainy one-liners of instruction and inspiration. These audio endeavors soon materialized into real-life voice acting, and before long extended dialogue sequences were a presentational staple, cinematic cutscenes were commonplace, and riveting characters began uttering riveting speeches and monologues. Conversing became immersing.

As facial animation and visual realism grows ever stronger, and the voice-acting talent pool ever fuller, the art of the video game speech has reached its highest state yet in this generation.

Which moments made our top 5? Read on to find out.

[SPOILER WARNING] Massive spoilers to the endings of BioShock and Metal Gear Solid 4 are found within pages 4 and 6, respectively. Click with caution.

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  • Guardian

    Kirrahes speech wasn’t tht great.

  • Justin Loomis

    Current Gen…I’m not really sure.

    Last Gen though, one of the best would be Christopher Stone’s Speech at the TV Station in Freedom Fighters. Everything about it is just perfect, even more so seeing as at first, he was so silent, but after all these events, he rises up and tells his fellow soldiers everything.

  • Chaos707

    I’m so happy to see Andrew Ryan’s speech on here 😀

  • SweetSchism

    Personally, I liked Reznov’s speeches in World at War, and Johnson’s speeches in the Halo Trilogy.

  • Androol

    I loved that Big Boss speech, but man, it sure did go on a long time. Foxdie used to act a lot quicker, lol.

  • Matt Rowland

    Kirrahe’s speech in this clip is not in sync with the score, and his inflection is different from the PC version. I’m wondering if the XBox 360 version had a different track then? The PC version seems more “epic.”

  • strongwine

    Halo 4 end scene: Didact speach….should have been included in this.

  • asdfnon

    dagoth ur final words should be added