Top 10 Coolest Mechs in Video Games



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  1. No Temjin, no White Glint? All this list proves is that the Japanese are far, far better at mech design than the west.

    • Neither of those were in our own top 10.

      • Yes, I noticed with these two eyes I magically have.

        • You must have been given them by the same elder titan as I did, or at least someone in his family, was his name “roon”?

          I had to out wrestle his thunder wolf to get mine, pretty hard when you did not have eyes at the time.

  2. Not a bad list but you forgot about the unlimited number of mechs from the Armored Core series. Still one of the best mechs games to date in my opinion.

    • Nah, we did’t forget – just didn’t make our own top 10

  3. But Armored Core was sooo awesome. :( I would have probably switched Steel Battalion’s VTs with the mechs from Armored Core. As someone who owns steel battalion I can honestly say the game was pretty underwhelming. Sure there was a ton of features to each mech but as far as the combat went, they weren’t really powerful machines. Even the best ones felt slow and would topple from a few good hits. Armored Core on the other hand had tons of crazy weapons, energy blades and shields so you could fight it out like mecha-knights or something and the customization was off the charts. Mobility was another thing, there was that super boost overcharge move and the ability to slide around on the ground or even get tank treads. How did that not make the list?!

    The mechs from killzone 2 would have been nice to see as well, I liked how they felt when you sprinted. Very heavy and weighty. A good selection of firepower for a smaller unit that let one man turn the tide of a battle. I guess sorta like the mantis from halo but with a bit more weight behind it. Overall I like most of the choices you guys picked!

  4. I have one friend who if he saw this list would have lost his mind if the Madcat wasn’t on it XD

  5. Aw I was hoping for at least one ZOIDS even though the games were crappy.

  6. Good list, Mad Cat is where it belongs. That silhouette is the defining picture (in my mind) of perfection being reached for (but not quite grasped) by a game design for a war machine. I have to admit that of all of the other games listed the only other one I thought worthy to make it was the VT’s from Steel Battalion. The Mantis is awesome, no mistake, but its to agile, and that really sums up my gripe against all mech games that do not bow to the limitations of gravity or mass, the experience of mech combat is tied to the difficulty of rapid movement. Patience and determination of the correct course of action are the winning or losing factor, and when that aspect of it is lost, its not a true “mech” game to me.

  7. You forgot the Warlord-class Battle Titan (Warhammer 40,000). Its cameo in Space Marine just doesn’t do it justice, so look it up before you put it into your revised list.

  8. why pick mad cat over atlas?

  9. Mad Cat because of that impressive exterior, it just screams of conflicting priorities, weight limits against speed combined with firepower but with the desire for longevity, its the best designers battleground for “more of good, less of bad!” and the outcome is a crazy design that barely knows what to do with itself. The Atlas is more tame in its balance. You can get into more trouble than you can handle in a Mad Cat, so its in my mind a better machine.

  10. I am not one to complain or even comment at all usually, but this list is, well, poor. Leaving out any mention of the Armored Core series is incomprehensible on its own, but combine that with a lack of mention for the Front Mission series and it is borderline negligent. Also Robotech VF series mechs are THE defining mecha for many.
    I respect this list as your own opinions I just can not comprehend including Gustaff over say the Omega Boost mech.

    On the positive side I have to say I was thrilled to see SHOGO mentioned. I had forgotten about that.

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