Top 10 Video Game DLC Expansions of All-Time



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  1. When debating DLC, I find that TES: Oblivion is the perfect example of how DLC can be done completely right, and completely wrong. On the one hand, it had the infamous horse armour, but on the other, it had the Shivering Isles.

    I generally don’t buy in to DLC, most tend to be overpriced nonsense like horse armour that offer no real value for the price… though if it’s like Shivering Isles or Undead Nightmare that exemplify what an expansion SHOULD be (most games now take what should have been an expansion and try to call it a sequel) then I’m up for it.

    It kind of doesn’t count, but I think Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon deserves mention.

    • Didn’t need the original FC3 to play FC:BD so technically not and expansion dlc

  2. Stopped reading at Citadel DLC.

    • There’s nothing wrong, from a narrative standpoint, with “Citadel”. It’s entertaining and fun. The problems are: 1) it’s WAY overpriced, and 2) instead of being the epilog it seems to want to be, it happens in the middle of the game where it makes no sense (the galaxy is being overrun with Reapers so you decide to throw a party? Really?).

      However, if you’re playing ME3 on PC, There’s this:

      • If your talking about the “Top 10 Video Game DLC Expansions of All-Time” you don’t bring “Citadel” onto the list when BioWare has DLC like Lair of the Shadow Broker the only DLC they have worth mentioning.

        • What? Citadel DLC was amazing. If there is one must have DLC pack for Mass Effect, it is Citadel. Kicks the hell out of Shadow Broker DLC.

          • Yes goatee Shepard was the most original and creative thing I’ve ever seen thank you for pointing that out.

          • Goatee Shepard was also hilarious. BioWare basically parodied themselves.

  3. This post has reminded me of how many games I haven’t finished.

    *Looks at Steam library in despair*

  4. Don’t know when this was published/written but The Last Of US: Left Behind should be on the list.

    • Unfortunately none of us have played Left Behind. We’ve heard nothing but great things though.

  5. To have undead nightmare at 3?? Should be number 1 as it was so different to the main game….. The two Eps from liberty were two seperate DLC, constitute 2 places?? How about heavy rain?? That creep with the bodies was proper nasty…..

  6. Maybe I just liked the game more than most, but LA Noire’s DLC of the added cases were great imo. In reality they should have been a part of the original game but nonetheless, still a great experience

  7. Where is Enemy Within?

  8. No Blood Dragon D:?!

    My heart has been thrown into utter despair! -crocodile tears

  9. What? No Saints Row 4 DLC? XD

  10. brood war :P

  11. Personally, Gears 3′s season pass really maximized one’s hard-earned gaming money with extra maps, gun colors, mp characters and RAAM’s story.

  12. Infamous: Festival of Blood is a great DLC in my opinion. I still haven’t played the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City, but it has a lot of potential.

  13. Where is X-COM: Enemy Within?? Is a big DLC/Expansion, that completely changes the game in great ways!

  14. They include Dragonborn on the list but no Shivering Isles?
    Hands-down the BEST DLC ever.

  15. The fact that Dark Souls Artorias dlc is missing from here, has to disqualify this list just a slight amount. That, and tiny Tina which made the list are two standards that all gaming companies should strive for when releasing dlc game content.

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