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Top 10 Video Game Brothers They say that blood is thicker than water, and the video game industry has seen plenty of both. But there have also been a wealth of family feuds and sibling rivalries to show that digital households can be every bit as dysfunctional (or as loving) as those in the real world. But any video game historian knows that few family alliances have found their way into the core of a video game franchise like the love, loyalty, or simple hatred between brothers. Whether they're working together to stop an overwhelming opponent, or using innocent bystanders to resolve a grudge they've carried since the crib, brothers have established themselves as a common trope in game fiction. Here is our list of the Top 10 Video Game Brothers.

The Ninja Turtles

Video Game Brothers Ninja Turtles Seen in: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series Some might raise an eyebrow at the description of the Ninja Turtles as 'brothers,' with little information about their pre-mutation childhood and families. But they've referred to themselves as such over the years, and we don't know enough about pre-ooze amphibious mating to say otherwise. Not every game starring Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo has been a home run, but success or failure, the four brothers have been a package deal dating all the way back to their arcade days. Each of the half-shelled heroes is deserving of their own adventure... but leaving a brother out of the action? Splinter raised them better than that.

The Lee Brothers

Video Game Brothers Double Dragon Billy Jimmy Seen in: Double Dragon series We'll admit that the video game franchise centered around Billy Lee and his twin brother Jimmy Lee isn't known for its story or drama. But that doesn't mean they're any less effective at fighting for good, and besting criminals in the art of 'Sosetsuken' ('Twin Intercepting Fists')? Whatever the story or conflict, one thing is clear: they left their enemies wishing they had never crossed paths. The pair of beat-em-up brothers began their lives in the arcades, but soon made their way to just about every platform on the market. While they were better known for their identical sprites and red/blue outfits, the duo proved interesting enough to warrant a cartoon series and a feature film. Not that we're surprised; a pair of butt-kicking brothers hasn't gotten any less popular in the time since.

The Carmine Brothers

Video Game Brothers Gears of War Carmines Seen in: Gears of War series Players of the first Gears of War barely had time to get to know Anthony Carmine of the COG Infantry - well-meaning, if a little overeager - before he was tragically killed in battle. But little did fans know they weren't watching a simple death scene, but the very first chapter of one of gaming's most heartbreaking familial tragedies. Anthony would be followed by his brother Benjamin in losing his life at hands of the Locust and their forces before Clayton, the eldest Carmine brother, would arrive to help Marcus Fenix and the rest of Delta Squad end the Locust threat once and for all in Gears of War 3. To make the most of fan expectations, Epic Games even left the fate of Carmine up to the players. But whatever Clay's fate, we still weep at the thought of old Mother Carmine's loss.

Paxton Fettel and The Point Man

Video Game Brothers FEAR Fettel Point Man Seen in: F.E.A.R. series It's easy to get distracted by all the specters, clone soldiers and horrifying imagery of the F.E.A.R. series, but when you get right down to it, the franchise is just one long story about a pair of brothers. In this case, two brothers with some serious, serious unresolved mother issues. The developers of the original F.E.A.R. pulled a solid twist when they revealed that the game's villain, Paxton Fettel, was not just a madman mentally linked with the homicidal psychic Alma Wade, but her son as well. But to make matters worse, the unnamed Point Man (and protagonist of the game) called Alma mother as well, meaning his target was actually his younger brother. F.E.A.R. 3 put the family drama center stage, making the pair unlike any other brothers gamers had seen before.

Mega Man and Proto Man

Video Game Brothers Megaman Protoman Seen in: Mega Man series Every Capcom fan knows the story of Dr. Light and his robotic creation, Mega Man. But there is also the lesser-known Proto Man - Dr. Light's first attempt at creating a humanoid robot with a mind of its own. Unfortunately, Proto's initial design doomed him to die an early death, and with the gift of free will, he wasn't crazy about his father cutting him open to make some upgrades. Fleeing for freedom before being adopted by Dr. Wily (and receiving a new uniform to hide his identity), Proto Man was weaponized, becoming Mega Man's greatest foe. All things considered, we have to admire Proto for putting aside any jealousy once discovering his foe was really his brother, and since Mega Man 3 the duo has worked together. If that's not a moral for any brotherly dispute, we don't know what is.

Sean and Carl Johnson

Video Game Brothers CJ Sweet Johnson Seen in: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas There are times when brothers butt heads over simple things that seem trivial to outsiders, and other times when they have legitimate reason to be anything but friends. In the case of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' hero Carl 'CJ' Johnson, the beef between he and his brother Sean 'Sweet' Johnson isn't easily squashed: beginning with CJ abandoning the family after their younger brother's death. Whatever the reasons for their dispute, it doesn't take long before the pair realize they have more in common than they assumed, working together as leaders of the Grove Street Families to protect their neighborhood from drugs and murder. The pair remain two of the most beloved leads in the GTA series, and as the example of what brothers can endure and accomplish, more than earn a spot on our list.

Vergil and Dante

Video Game Brothers Vergil Dante Devil May Cry Seen in: Devil May Cry series Just because identical twins may share a common DNA, that doesn't mean theyll use the gifts given to them by their parents for the same cause. Few brothers exemplify this better than Devil May Cry hero Dante and antagonist of the series Vergil. The twin sons of the demon Sparda and human Eva, the two took advantage of their demonic powers in very different ways. While Vergil wasted little time in using his powers freely and seeking to claim all the power their father held for himself, Dante chose to embrace his human side and ignore the demonic blood in his veins altogether. Fans of the series know that Dante eventually came around, but when examining this pair of twins, one thing is for sure: style runs in the family.

Naiee and Nyaa

Favorite Games 2013 - Brothers Seen in: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons As our list has shown so far, video games featuring the rivalry between siblings or the passing of power from one to the other isn't any less common than it is in film or television. But Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons let the world know that brotherhood was it's central theme, and executed on it to perfection. Many games rely on family drama in cut-scenes or plot, but few ever attempt to bring the bond between brothers into the mechanics themselves. It began by confusing, but this game's unique control scheme ensured it's conclusion would land. Thereby wetting every brotherly eyeball that witnessed it.

Solid, Solidus and Liquid

Video Game Brothers Solid Liquid Solidus Snake Mission: Metal Gear Solid series We'll forgive casual gamers for not knowing the brotherhood that lies at the heart of the Metal Gear Solid series, since the franchise's fiction is... complicated, to say the least. But it all started with a simple desire: to preserve a hero as universally acclaimed and near-perfect as the legendary Big Boss. The solution arrived at by the Patriots: clone him. Specifically, with 'Solid Snake' possessing the man's dominant traits, and 'Liquid Snake' getting the recessive ones. The twins lived up to their prophesied fates, with one destined to "ruin the world," and the other to "save it," but things got even more complicated when their third brother Solidus was elected US President. The three range from heroic to villain, but creator Hideo Kojima managed to make all of them sympathetic, with their conflicted motives all tying back to one thing: daddy dearest.

Mario and Luigi

Video Game Brothers Super Mario Luigi Seen in: Super Mario Bros. series As if this title was ever up for dispute. Since the earliest days of home console gaming, the Super Mario Brothers have earned their name by delivering some of the most polished and precise platformers in every dimension, outdoing themselves with every instalment, and making Nintendo a household name in the process. Before long, the brothers and their friends managed to make even their hobbies - golf, tennis, kart racing - blockbuster titles. With an appearance on every single Nintendo platform, television and film, there's no media stream untouched by the plumbing brothers. Sure, one may have taken the spotlight more than the other (as is usually the case), but these siblings have proven to be not just characters, heroes, or mascots - they embody gaming from head to toe.


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