Top 10 Tank Missions in Video Games



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  1. I’m surprised the original Operation Flashpoint didn’t make the list. So many awesome tank missions in that game, and so much more realistic too…

    • SO TRUE!
      It was awesome, especially the one where your commander gets a little over ambitious and orders an assault on a heavily defended enemy outpost.

      Tanks concealed/on high ground finally causing your “unstoppable” platoon to fall back because only 2 Tanks are left.

      That was kind of making you feel unbeatable at first, then just as vulnerable and hopeless as everything else again.

      • My favorite was actually not technically a tank mission, but since Operation Flashpoint was open-ended, I made it into a tank mission and it was the most awesome tank mission I’ve ever played, lol. It was one where you were dropped in as spec-ops with 2 other spec-ops guys under your command and your mission was to infiltrate an enemy tank repair base and destroy as many armored vehicles as you can and then get back to the extraction point. Well, I decided to play that one differently. I ordered my guys to go directly to the extraction point, and I went in alone. They only give you 2 satchel charges, and even destroying only one of their tanks will give you a mission successful status (given you make it back out alive) but that’s not good enough for me.

        I sneak into the base without anyone seeing me, then I jump into one of their tanks, the best one on the base, which was a T-80, the others are T-72′s and APC’s. From inside the T-80, I jump into the gunner seat, and I kill all of the crewmen sitting around outside the tanks, then I start destroying all of the tanks in the base with the T-80 I jumped into. Eventually reinforcements arrive including a gunship helicopter, I destroy everything with the tank, at some points the gunship hovers low enough for me to shoot it out of the sky with the tank, lol. I blow up the APC’s that show up and the troop carrier that shows up killing everyone, and when everyone is dead and every tank in that base is destroyed (except the one I’m in) instead of getting to the extraction by foot like a fool, I switch to the driver seat in the tank and I drive my happy ass to the extraction point in comfort and style, lol.

        I love that game because they let you complete any mission in any way you see fit. It’s so awesome… I’m playing ARMA III now and I notice there are a bit more restriction this time around. Hopefully it’s not too much though. So far it’s still a blast to play. :-)

  2. Great list. Was wondering if halo was going to get a spot the whole time, glad it found a place up top where it belongs.

  3. the tank level on crysis was amazing.

  4. and MOHAA? that shoulda been in the list

  5. So it seems people only enjoy the highly scripted and arcadey tank missions? I’m the only one that enjoys one where your own tank is just as weak as everyone else’s and there is an actual risk of dying, where nothing is scripted so you can either play it through where all of your friendly tanks make it through or none of them would and anywhere in between?

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