Top 10 Stealth Video Games



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  1. Stealth or not, it’s really a solid list of games.

  2. MGS being 4th and there being no MGS3 makes this list null & void….. It started off well too.

  3. This is a Pretty good list.

  4. Dishonored at #2? Hahaha

    Yea, especially with the teleport ability. Very stealthy indeed.

    • What about teleportation couldn’t be used stealthily?

    • Well its not as if though you can use the teleport ability all the time or even to reach everywhere. It’s difficult and technically stealth since in order to get a good ending and get all achievements you would need to have a very low chaos rating. If you’ve actually played it in the way of a true ninja it would be considered difficult. Especially when you want to get the “ghost” or “clean hands” achievements. No alarms, no bodies, and no killing even the ,aim objectives.

  5. Am I mistaken, or is Assassin’s Creed stealth-based series? I would’ve figuredone of those titles would have been mentioned, but I could be mistaken about it’s genre.

    • Assassin’s Creed has the option for stealth, but there’s usually no point when the main character can just as easily (or have an easier time, actually) slaughter dozens of guards in open combat.

    • The stealth in Assassin’s Creed is, ah…

      Let’s just say it’s a great game franchise, but not necessarily a great stealth franchise.

      • I feel like the same argument could be made for many of the gamea featured on this list, though. I watched my best friend slot dozens of guards in open combat during Dishonored, for example…

        • The stealth in Dishonored is also excellent, though, and the best ending for the game is achieved by not killing anyone. In Assassin’s Creed the stealth mostly just consists of jumping in haystacks and sitting on benches, and the assassinations themselves are designed in such a way that you have to flee afterwards with a dozen guards on your tail.

          Aside from the fact that AC feels a lot more geared towards big dramatic kills and combat against multiple enemies, the stealth mechanics that are included are really kind of bad.

          • I guess I do see your point. I guess my perspective was a little more influenced by my gameplay style throughout the AC series

        • Dishonored is much more an “assassin” game than a pure “stealth” one, but you can definetly play stealth.

          The combat features are far more embodied than some other games from this list, that’s for sure, and I personally wouldn’t have put it this high but still…

      • Yeah it’s kind of non-existent. When you get seen, most of the time you have to restart the sequence so… if you cannot bear the consequences of your mistakes, that’s not a stealth gameplay, more like a stealth gimmick.

        But that’s a great franchise nonetheless, even if I am honestly relieved that it didn’t make it to this particular list.

  6. Why is MGS and it’s sequels/prequels not at #1? It’s THE stealth game.

    • Because Thief revolutionized the stealth genre in almost every way.

      • Um no it didn’t..

        • Yes it did.

          • really? it revolutionized stealth based? so all stealth games are modeled after thief? so yeah no it didn’t.

    • MGS is far more action-oriented than Thief is, so it’s understandable from my point of view.

  7. Manhunt surely deserves a spot!

  8. While it may not deserve a spot on this list, I feel that Skyrim deserves at least some mention. The stealth portion of the game were by no means as polished or dedicated as most of the games on this list, but playing the game with stealth in mind is loads of fun, especially when doing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests. I remember the first time I played, I used a bow and magic to assassinate every guard on the Emperor’s ship and then the Emperor himself without once being detected.

    While arguably not the best strategy considering I killed the Emperor without knowing that he gave you alternate options if you talked to him, it still is the most fun memory I have of Skyrim.

    • Similarly, Fallout 3 can also be played with stealth in mind. After purchasing the game of the year edition, I started the Operation Anchorage dlc quest as early as I could. Then basically “finished” the game without ever really taking off the Chinese Stealth Armour

  9. Dishonored is a good game and had great stealth-based levels but the AI was meh. Normally that’s a given in most stealth based games, but it kind of made all the choices pointless. Arkham Asylum was hardly a stealth game. Other than that, it’s a pretty solid list. Then again, I probably couldn’t name very many more than that. Other than like Tenchu or Crysis. My personal favorites are Chaos Theory and Metal Gear Solid 3.

  10. Crysis, best stealth game I have ever played (and there are honestly not lots) but I can re-play Crysis on the 360 3 times now and enjoy the total lack of carnage to that beautiful landscape by just being patient. And the harbor assault was my real introduction to the whole mechanic. I never played Thief, but after seeing so many positive reviews I am going to play Dishonored now, its been a title that keeps nagging at me.

  11. The list is fairly good, except for one forgotten Gem. One of my all time favorites, Tenchu STEALTH Assassins. Where the hell is that game?! I’m still waiting for a reboot, but please, dont let Square Enix make it!

    • I was going to mention the same game . Tenchu pretty much started the stealth games

      • He is right. Man those games were soo hard when I was a kid lol sure they weren’t made for my age group at the time lol. I could never get passed the demo!

    • I kinda have to take it back… MGS, Thief and Tenchu all came out the same year so id have to say they all contributed to the Stealth beginning.

  12. How this list exists without Metro 2033 is truly mind boggling to me.

  13. Tenchu series, root of all stealth games….

  14. Least they got #1 correct, The Dark Project is on the “mount rushmore” of video games… and YES Assassins Creed, Hitman, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Arkaham Asylum… they all stand on the shoulders of what the first Thief game created.

  15. This list is pretty good, but I still miss the Tenchu series. I remember trying to complete every mission without being spotted.

  16. Tenchu & Manhunt.

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