Game Rant’s E3 2011 Awards: Winners

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E3 2011 Award Winners

Leading up to E3, the Game Rant team put together lists for our most anticipated confirmed games E3 2011 and our most anticipated rumored games. Several of the rumored games did end up being showcased at the annual Los Angeles event, but were our hopes and anticipation justified?

We brought 11 staff members to E3 this year, allowing us to check out nearly every game and piece of hardware the show had to offer. After doing so, we announced the nominations for the Game Rant E3 2011 Awards and now the votes are in. Read on for the Best of E3 2011 winners!

This year, Game Rant opted to categorize the nominations into 12 groups and so certain genres were mixed under one banner (racing & sports games, action & adventure games, etc.).

E3 2011 Best Shooter Battlefield 3

Best Shooter: Battlefield 3

E3 2011 Best Action Adventure Uncharted 3

Best Action/Adventure: Uncharted 3

E3 2011 Best Racing Game Forza 4

Best Sports/Racing: Forza Motorsport 4

E3 2011 Best Motion Controls Dance Central 2

Best Motion Controls: Dance Central 2

E3 2011 Best Multiplayer Gears of War 3

Best Multiplayer: Gears of War 3

E3 2011 Best RPG The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Best Role-Playing Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

E3 2011 Best MMO Star Wars The Old Republic

Best MMO: Star Wars: The Old Republic

E3 2011 Best Indie Game Awesomenauts

Best Indie Game: Awesomenauts

E3 2011 Best Original Game From Dust

Best Original Game: From Dust

E3 2011 Best Handheld Game Luigi's Mansion 2

Best Handheld Game: Luigi’s Mansion 2

E3 2011 Best Hardware PlayStation Vita

Best Hardware: PlayStation Vita

E3 2011 Best In Show BioShock Infinite

Best In Show: BioShock Infinite

Narrowing down one winner for each category was not an easy task, so be sure to check out the full list of nominees here. What impressed you most from E3 2011?

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  • AC360

    The games that impressed me most at e3 were Forza 4 and Far Cry3. I didn’t really get too excited abt much else that I’m not already looking forward to, but the new line up of Fanatic wheels and just hearing more about all the stuff that’s going into Forza4 has me excited. Then theres the announcement of Far Cry3, which could potentially fix the flaws of the sequel and build upon what was great about it to create a quality AAA game

    • Anthony Taormina

      Forza impressed us as well, but unfortunately Far Cry 3 was only shown, at least to us, in trailer form at the Ubisoft Press Conference. The game definitely looks great, we just didn’t get to see enough of it.

  • TheBrouhaha

    Skyrim wins all of those awards. Even when it doesn’t make sense.

    • Anthony Taormina

      Don’t worry. The game will be awesome.

  • lDieTrying

    Completely agree with everything

    • Cyryl

      Completely agree AND disagree…

      …with EVERYTHING…

      …and EVERYONE…

      …ALL AT ONCE.


  • bffan4ever


  • dood

    i have halo, you have halo?

    • Rob Keyes

      We look forward to seeing some actual gameplay footage of Halo 4 next year!

    • Cyryl

      For I am…an Angel.

      • JACK

        Sure you are.

  • Riley Little

    A very solid list of winners! I can’t dispute a single one.
    It’s going to be a very expensive year of gaming…

  • Bob Saget

    I agree with all of these but the Playstation Vita, it’s finally ‘caught up’ in set terms. The Wii U definately showed the best hardware this E3.