Top 10 Fatalities Of Mortal Kombat 9 (2011)

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Top Ten Fatalities Of Mortal Kombat 9 2011

The newest Mortal Kombat has been out for a few days now and naturally, a number of hardcore fans have managed to pick it apart and find every little nugget of bloody goodness. It’s a truly amazing thing to see just how much love gamers have for this series when they manage to not only find all the secrets it has to offer, but to already start theorizing on what the next game in the series could feature. I can’t imagine a bigger compliment to NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive than asking for seconds of their newest title.

But on to the point. Mortal Kombat has shown just how far it can go with insane gore, but which of the newest Fatalities are the best of the bunch? The series has a rich history of showing unique ways to kill your opponent, some great, some not so much, and the latest Mortal Kombat is no exception. How do these new ones measure up? Let’s find out.

I should note that I went by my usual “one-per-character” and “regular-fatalities-only” rules, as well as one that eliminates any repeat Fatalities or composite Fatalities (as in, ones that are two old ones combined). It really isn’t fair to compare ones we’ve already seen with ones that are brand new, is it? But even with these rules in place, it was really hard to narrow the list down. If you agree or disagree, feel free to say so in the comments below.

WARNING: The following post contains videos which contain lots of blood and gore the likes of which are unheard of. If you’re under the age of 17 you shouldn’t be reading this because it will corrupt your very soul, but if you feel you must, make sure no one else is in the immediate vicinity.

Honorable Mention: Smoke’s Smoked Out Fatality

We’ll start with an honorable mention, then get into the good stuff. Again, it was really hard to narrow the list down to ten. This one is one I really wanted to include in some fashion, but only for the story behind it so it wouldn’t really fit on the actual list.

While the Fatality is pretty good on its own merits, what stuck out for me was the unique situation behind it. As it turns out, a YouTube user by the name of piranhasoldier made a fan version of this Fatality. It arrived on the internet before the real version appeared. This certainly raised some eyebrows when the real Fatality appeared, but as far as I know, MK went gold before the fan version appeared, so it could just be a coincidence. Still, the MK YouTube page Favorited the fan version, which could mean nothing, or it could be hinting at something.

Well, I thought it was interesting.

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  • Teddy

    Agree w/ you completely. Good eye. Besides, Noob has always been the most kool badass in MK

  • ProtoMan

    Noob Saibot’s fatality was also my number 1 the moment i saw it.

  • TheTexasTornado

    Lui Kang is Mortal Kombat just like Ryu is Street Fighter. Lui Kang is the foundation on which you build on, without him such characters like Noob Saibot or Jax would not have been thought of. P.S. Both of Kung Lao’s fatalities are wicked nasty and in my opinion are better than the rest of the MK roster.

    • LOCO91291

      When people play Mortal Kombat they dont think Lui Kang they think Sub Zero or Scorpion. But I do agree with you on the subject of Kung Lao’s fatalities, I mean i like them better than Jax’s fatality.

  • Justin

    I think Quan Chi’s Beatdown is one of the best. Like you said, fatalities are all about humiliating your opponent, and how humiliating would it be to get beaten to death with your own leg and continue to be beaten after your dead?

  • jack v

    I don’t know if you saw Shao Kahn’s fatalities, but one of them deserves to be on this list. Look it up, trust me

    • Andrew

      He did it to me on the challenge tower and I OMG’d the whole 10 seconds of it.

  • Bradley Davis

    I absolutely hated Shangs clown “Fatality” after i saw it. The fact that they completely copied the Joker just kind of made me mad lol. Yes it is more gorey but i need an “Originality”. After seeing this list Sektors has become my fave

  • Andrew Pike

    you know you think you’ve seen it all after past MK games, but then the new 1 comes out, and your proven completely wrong lol. this is one of the reasons why I make the effort 2 play these dam games, fatalities like that 1 by Noob give MK its repretation for gore and dam good gaming!

  • Nicholas VanAlst

    My personal favorite is Scorpion’s Nether-Gate fatality. Pure genius.

  • GreyFoxx

    Dude #7 is totally a repeat lui kang had the same fatality in another MK the only difference was you sw his head when you ripped off the opponents

    • T

      Yes it was,from MK:Deception.

  • Alpha

    I have to admit i def favored Noob’s fatality but come on Quan Chi’s as a sorcerer was weak!! i dont expect a sorcerer to beat me to death with my own body parts, maybe im missing the point. and i totally hated the Shangs clown didnt suit him

  • xXxRaiden117

    Gotta agree, Noob’s is pretty wicked! I was surprised Raiden’s Transplant was not on here. I mean, removing someone’s brain and liver (I think), giving them a little electric charge, then putting them back into the body, and finally, using that charge to blow up their head and torso; that’s definitely creative. Quan-Chi’s beatdown was pretty sweet too.

  • TheTexasTornado

    You could be right LOCO91291, some people might think of Sub Zero or Scorpion when they think of MK but I was referring to is how Liu Kang was killed and later resurrected as a zombie. I’m just glad to see Liu Lang return to reclaim his place as the one and only MK Champion. Liu Kang finally got the respect he deserves, by the way Kratos Sword of Olympus fataility is wicked nasty.

  • mrplow8

    Shang Tsung’s Identity Theft is also a repeat. It was one of Liu Kang’s fatalities in Mortal Kombat Deception, and Liu Kang’s version was actually better.

    • T

      I agree mrplow8

  • Bigg T

    When I saw this list, I immediately thought Scarecrow. Glad you included it! I also liked Scorpion’s portal reference a lot.

  • ddue11

    I wish barakas take spin was on this it was pretty cool and i found it sumwht funny

  • mando514

    Jade’s fatality gives me the chills when she rips the head off… the sound is just epic.

  • http://MortalKombat Darius10

    Good Game