‘Battlefront 3′ Production was Almost Complete

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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Nearly Done

There is no longer any doubt that gamers are gluttons for punishments, as proven by the fact that we are still asking about Star Wars: Battlefront 3 nearly a year after the game’s cancellation. Free Radical is apparently in the business of perpetually prolonging our pain by continuing to unveil more information about the sequel. The most recent news is that Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was “a 99% finished game” when it was cancelled. Fantastic.

In a recent interview with gamesTM, Free Radical Design co-founder Steve Ellis spoke about the development process of what was certainly going to be one of the most exciting releases of the year. Coming off the hugely popular Timesplitters series, Free Radical’s jump to the next generation of consoles was met with middling to poor reviews:

“We had had a dark period during the development of Haze, we’d had problems with our tech and we’d had some growing pains as we expanded to the size we needed to be, but it really felt like we were finally coming out of the other side intact.”

Ellis firmly believed that Battlefront 3 would be a return to form for the company, continuing the legacy Pandemic Studios left behind as the franchise passed into Free Radical’s hands. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be, as a change in management at LucasArts led to the game’s eventual cancellation when the publisher decided to change its direction.

Here’s the worst part though; the game was nearly ready to ship when LucasArts did finally pull the plug:

“We had a 99% finished game that just needed bug fixing for release. It should have been our most successful game, but it was cancelled for financial reasons. I’m happy that people did at least get to see what we were working on and share the team’s enthusiasm for it.”

After having dealt with the “growing pains” of Haze‘s development, Free Radical was primed and ready to tackle the ambitious project that was Battlefront 3. In a final, heartrendingly frustrating description of the game, Ellis talks about how players “could start a battle on the ground, jump into a ship and fly into space, continuing on to dock in a capital ship and continue the battle there.”  In other words, the limitations of the previous generation of consoles had been surpassed by leaps and bounds – and we will never see the fruits of their labor.

Throughout this whole ordeal, it has been fascinating to hear from the people who worked so hard on a game that will never see the light of day. All too often, these stories get buried by publishers and developers who would rather not deal with a disappointed fanbase. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 has received the postmortem it deserves. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Chris

    This is truly unfortunate. But maybe the technical limitations Free Rad faced while developing the game wouldn’t be too much of an issue while developing a next gen version(Which we NEED). With Episode VII due out in a few years, it’d like to see LucasArts step up their game as well and pump out a next gen Battlefront game.

  • Matt

    Are you serious?! “Financial reasons?” I’m sure they took a huge loss cancelling Battlefront 3, seeing as how it was 99% finished, so I have to believe that finishing and releasing the game to big sales would’ve been the best choice.

    • boogoo

      Right? How can they cancel a near complete game for financial reasons knowing they were so close to reaping the profits. Something seems fishy about all this.

      • Matt


    • http://mypsn.eu.playstation.com/psn/profile/JBBezuidenhout.png TheAvenger

      I’m baffled too. If they had financial problems they could have gotten financing from another party… if the game was truly 99% done (or even 80% done for that matter), it makes absolutely no sense to cancel the release – from a business standpoint that is.

      Sure, their marketing campaign could have been sub-par with low financing but then again, it’s STAR WARS. The franchise name itself is all the marketing they need IMO.

      • http://mypsn.eu.playstation.com/psn/profile/JBBezuidenhout.png TheAvenger

        Edit: “The franchise name itself is all the advertising they need IMO.”

        • Matt

          I’m with you 100%.

  • Dario

    Disney should continue on the franchise

  • deadpool87

    Please Disney bring back this franchise! I loved Battlefront II, definitely one of the best Star Wars games.

  • iceycold

    LucasArts have unofficially refuted this years ago, stating that the game was in bad shape. It’s worth quoting this comment from Kotaku, from someone calling themselves “BF insider”:

    “”BFInsider 2 days ago
    OK, I call BS on this.

    Despite what Free Radical claims, BF3 was in bad shape for quite a while. How do I know this? Because LucasArts contacted the developer where I was working in the hopes of finding someone else to take over BF3. During the meeting, they showed us a PS3 build of BF3. It was running around 9 fps and they said the Xbox version was worse : ) The much-vaunted ground to space feature had no gameplay involved. At this point in the schedule, they were supposed to be 6-7 months away from shipping but clearly LucasArts didn’t believe that was going to happen.

    Far be it for me to defend LucasArts, I have firsthand knowledge of how messed up that place is, especially the Jim Ward regime that started this entire problem but Free Radical isn’t being truthful here. If LucasArts thought they had any chance of being able to ship Free Radical’s version of BF3, they would’ve moved heaven and hell to do so. Ask yourself why any CEO would kill a product that was 99% done and practically assured of selling several million units?

    We didn’t end up doing BF3 for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me. I don’t remember the exact timing anymore, but I think my employer at the time was about to be acquired by another publisher or had just been acquired, so that may have had something to do with it. In any case, there’s more to the BF3 story than what’s being portrayed here.””

  • Shalkowski

    Look at this. Disney is already f*cking things up. Battlefront 2 was amazing and undoubtedly Battlefront 3 would be a HUGE turn around for the studio. I cant believe that they pulled the plug right before shipment. They should’ve still sold the game.

    • http://mypsn.eu.playstation.com/psn/profile/JBBezuidenhout.png The Avenger

      How the hell is this Disney’s fault?
      The game was cancelled a little less than a year before Disney even bought LucasFilm/LucasArts.
      Read the article…

      • Shalkowski

        Lol whoops read the article wrong. But still it is ridiculous that they cancelled the game when it was pretty much finished.

        • http://mypsn.eu.playstation.com/psn/profile/JBBezuidenhout.png The Avenger

          Couldn’t agree more man. This situation really burns my toast… I loved BF2 :(

  • Iceycold

    Actually, the game was cancelled waaay back in 2008. Where are people getting this “last year” business from?

  • Lori

    Maybe now that Star Wars has Mickey Mouse money behind it, they’ll be able to renegotiate and get Battlefront 3 the light of day it deserves!

  • SpencerD

    Someone make a petition. If it’s so close to being done, I think it’s up to us to convince them that it’s time to release this motherf***er.

  • Justin Loomis

    We already knew this. It sucks because not only could we have had Battlefront 3, but we might have had Timesplitters 4 as well. Stop telling us what could have been, it’s like rubbing salt in the wound.

  • Conrad

    Quite frankly, I am very disappointed. Cancelling a game when all you need is a bit of bug elimination is one of the stupidest ideas on the planet. You’ve invested time and money into a game that so many people wanted, and suddenly you decide “Oh hey, let’s just drop this game and waste all that money that we just poured into it.” someone please fill me in on this logic?

  • Mitch

    Some developer has to step up and make this game! If someone from Disney is reading this, MAKE BATTLEFRONT 3! It’s a guaranteed profit AND with the buttload of cash that Disney has, they could make the BEST Star Wars game to date. Battlefront 3 has to be made…it just might take a reaaaaaly long time

  • Charlieholmes

    Not surprising that Free Rad Exec could be, “lying”. Failure usually results in lies!

  • Eric

    This is so stupid. I may not know a whole lot when it comes to finances, but when you cancel something that is basically finished is beyond idiotic. They were probably losing money instead of gaining. The game should’ve been released. I may not like the fact that Disney bought Lucasfilm/Lucasarts, but if they release the game and they dont but the name Disney on it, I’ll be perfectly fine with it.

  • Jak Frost

    How do you just stop at 99% its like dropping out of high school the last month of your Senior year

  • Guardian

    I think the 99% quote is B.S. they would of releasedit if that were true.