EA CFO Says ‘Battlefield’ Brand Not Hurt; Teases New Game for 2014

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Battlefield Brand Not Hurt

As developer DICE prepares for their latest DLC pack to hit Battlefield 4, many gamers are still left reeling from the game’s initial launch problems. For almost half-a-year now, Battlefield 4 has struggled to deliver an optimum experience, let alone an entertaining one.

However, despite those issues, DICE and Electronic Arts still believe in their Battlefield brand, and don’t think any significant damage has been done to it. In fact, EA’s latest triple-A release continues to sell well according to CFO Blake Jorgensen.

In an interview with Gamespot, Jorgensen was put to task regarding the launch of Battlefield 4 and whether or not the brand as a whole has been tarnished. Jorgensen acknowledges that Battlefield is an important piece of Electronic Arts’ library, perhaps the most important piece, but he has not seen any damage. On the contrary, gamers, according to Jorgensen, have been “very responsive” to the regular Battlefield 4 updates and patches, as those seemingly mean to product is improving.

“We haven’t seen any damage. Clearly we’re very focused on protecting that brand…”We’ve also tried to provide extra content to the consumers to make sure they keep coming back and playing the game and we’re finding that it’s working very well. I don’t see that there’s a damage issue. I think for us it’s making sure that we’re providing great gameplay for the consumer and we’ll continue to do that.””

EA and DICE have also bolstered their flagship title with new content, which Jorgensen says keeps players coming back and playing the game. New content was put on hold following Battlefield 4‘s deluge of sever problems, but now that most of those have been fixed DICE is moving forward with their DLC plans. Unfortunately, so much time has passed between launch and stability that it will be DICE’s Los Angeles studio that takes over developmental duties on post-release content. DICE’s main studio has likely had to move onto the next Battlefield, presumably coming in 2016.

Battlefield 4 Xbox One Update

But, not so fast: Jorgensen teased in the interview that Battlefield will be an important release during EA’s fiscal year 2015. That fiscal year starts next month and runs, as the name implies, for a full year.

While we are likely at least a few months away from an official announcement from EA, this could be our first confirmation that Visceral Games is, in fact, working on a police-themed spin-off for Battlefield. It’s worth mentioning that this is only just a rumor at this point, but the evidence continues to mount.

After Danger Close Games failed to revitalize the Medal of Honor franchise, it seemed likely that they would cut their losses and focus on positioning Battlefield as an annual release. If this police-themed game is announced at E3 2014 then it’s a safe bet to say that’s what EA plans to do.

Do you think that the Battlefield brand has been hurt by the launch problems of Battlefield 4? Will a move to an annual cycle impact the franchise’s appeal, even if this year’s game is police-themed?

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  • http://screenrant.com boogoo

    When half of the game is broken for the first few months, I don’t see how that doesn’t tarnish the brand. It doesn’t exactly give players incentive to buy future Battlefield games on the day of release.

    • DarK

      Typical EA mindless leaders.

  • Josh

    police themed? eh….i really wish they would just make a sequel to BF2142…that would be just…so wonderful

  • chris

    This guy lies more than an politician.

  • pat

    Sounds cool as hell to me

  • Banhammer72

    Been a fan of the series since Battlefield 1942, I am honestly considering not buying what ever passes for Battlefield 5 and will not buy Battlefield 4 premium either, so nice bit of PR but sadly the brand is damaged.

  • Banhammer72

    Oh and as for Danger Close failing on the Medal of Honour series just take a look at who the publisher was, notice any connection? Yep that’s right EA again, anyone mention Sim City? EA again, the blame for this is clearly laying at the feet of EA. There is a saying, “You get what you pay for!” In this case EA have paid the lowest price they can and still expect the best quality and it has not worked.

  • jakeenburney

    Depends becauses when I first played BF2(on pc in 2005) that game was VERY VERY broken, I got over it and it got better close to the end. That seems to be the theme with Battlefield ever sense BF2 most of their release were unbalanced and had some very weird bugs..but I enjoyed them none the less.

  • fire110

    yeah i’d haft to say that bad company was the only good thing that happened free DLC awsome gameplay and easy to get involved but BF3 and BF4 are both over priced bugged and un blanced the brand is tarnished to me at least

  • Alky

    Game works fine for me. I play on both 360 and PS3. Dint know wat all the fuss is about

  • Aaron

    Call of Duty is better.

    • Banhammer72


    • Swegmcyolo

      Why are you here then?

  • SteveOOOOO

    Well, I, for one, will not buy another battlefield if this doesn’t get fixed at least soon.

  • Jerry

    I am just done with FPSs in general, not only with Battlefield.

    I had so much fun with Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us, and now with Thief, where the world and the atmosphere are amazing, and the storytelling is great. It’s just hard for me to go back to these bland war games where the only thing that happens are explosions and constant shouting from NPCs, “shoot this, shoot that, f this, f that”.

  • Alex

    I didn’t get BF4 because I was waiting for its issues to get sorted, and I’m certainly not being encouraged to get BF5 because I know that EA’s going to rush that corpse off the production line too.

  • David James

    hahahaahahahahaahaha not hurt?

    As a player who owns EVERY copy and DLC of the battlefield series. I will no longer buy another battlefield game. I know I am not alone. The complete disaster I witnessed with Battlefield 4 is enough to make me stay away from ANY and all DICE products in the future.

    It is understandable games will have bugs and glitches, but to release expansions of the game without addressing any of those bugs let alone acknowledge they exist proves the developer is not to be trusted. It took them months to even respond to the issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

    It’s nice to believe in things that aren’t real. Many of us believed in Santa, once.

  • Joe King

    I’d brought every Medal or Honor, every Battlefield since they first released. I were disappointed with the latest MoH, will not buy any more. I did not buy BF4 after playing the beta, I’m glad and have given up on not just the franchise, but the studio as a whole. It’s not just me, but a lot of gamer buddies who’ve seen EA’s bad business decisions and bad design choices. A lot of us were modding BF2, now they’ve locked it down so they may cash in on EA exclusive content (DLC), we’ve moved to games such as those on source engine, and the Arma series. Modding is simply user created DLC at no cost. The younger audience may lap up their dribble, but us older gamers have had enough.

  • KNB Group

    WTF why would people hate MOH, It was the best series out there & i know dang well that its better than COD.I loved the WWII series of MOH maybe they should continue with WWII well i mean the modern warfare stuff is pretty garbage i have all BFs & CODs & MOHs & i say the WWII series of MOH was the one that got EA to make more MOH games BUT when they got to the point of modern times nobody liked it because it sucks like the other modern time games.

  • slamd097

    Just saw this as I was thinking about getting the game. I have or was a long time supporter of the BF franchise. My brother picked up an XBOX 1 and was going on about how awesome the game was. The phrase he used..”typical EA crap, you just have to wait until the first patch.” For me that was enough to tell me that the game was not worth the effort.

    After reading what the CEO is saying. It is very apparent that his subordinates are not being truthful with him. It was because of the inconsistencies with in the game on single and multi player that I dropped out of the EA franchise. They have great ideas, but tend to rush those ideas out the door for fear of someone else doing them first.

    Just a thought Mr Jorgensen. How about you get a game that is polished and done..then release it? You have people paying to be beta testers for your lousy release on a product. I compare this to a car. Why would you release a car without making sure all the bolts are tightened down? You have people that have tires, fenders, and all kinds of door issues. Yet, they didnt buy a jeep, and you are telling us they did.