‘Battlefield 4′ Multiplatform Update Coming Soon; DICE Teases Balance Changes

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Battlefield 4 Multiplatform Update Early February

Heading into fall 2013, Battlefield 4 was easily one of our most anticipated games of that year. That anticipation soon transformed into disappointment after, to say the least, Battlefield 4‘s launch went off with plenty of hitches.

Yet, DICE has vowed to improve their retail product, specifically on the multiplayer side of things. That shouldn’t overshadow the game’s missteps at launch, or the wider implications that might have, but the good news is Battlefield 4 is getting more stable.

To that point, we bring word of a forthcoming multiplatform update for Battlefield 4, one that should hit later this month or in early February. Said update will include a wide variety of fixes and stability improvements for DICE’s game.

We are aiming to get a new update live for all platforms at the end of January/beginning of February (timing might change.) This update will include a number of stability improvements, tweaks, and fixes. We will get back to you with the change notes as the update goes live.

As of this writing, there is no official change log for the Battlefield 4 update, but that shouldn’t matter too much considering it’s right around the corner. Gamers who have been struggling to get into online servers or to stay in those servers are hoping for relief, and hopefully this next update will be the answer. Luckily, some players have already reported improvements to their online experience thanks to prior BF4 updates, of which there have been many.

DICE also teased an update for the gameplay side of things, but wouldn’t say too much more than that. After several months of collecting data they are presumably ready to make some balance changes, which, according to them, may or may not include tweaks to DMR performance and anti-air equipment. Obviously, first things first: get the game as stable as possible, but after that it’s time to start making the multiplayer more fun, or at least more fair. In any multiplayer experience, balance tweaks are an essential part of the process, but they’ve likely taken a back seat to more pressing matters as far as Battlefield 4 is concerned.

By and large, multiplayer updates like these are so common that they aren’t worth reporting, but when it’s Battlefield 4, a game so broken that DICE halted DLC development, it’s important to give affected players some indication as to when relief might come. We can’t say this update will fix all problems, but it certainly sounds like a big one.

What issues do you have with Battlefield 4 that you hope get fixed with this next update? Have you been noticing any improvement with the game’s multiplayer experience?

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  • Darren

    Hit detection sucks. Spawn and take my 20th bullet before I can even move my guy, sucks. Enemy team being able to spawn all their guys at a victory point being taken, sucks. Hidden spaces you can hide in covered by false walls/rubble, sucks. A handgun beating an LMG in a CQB stand-up gunfight, sucks. An anti-tank weapon that attacks the soft top of the turret yet only does a 1/4 or third damage, sucks. A single brick of C4 taking out a tank or APC for that matter, sucks. Snipers shooting at rediculously unbelievable distances, sucks. A 10′ distance between you and a knife assailant that kills you when you’ve already dumped 5 or more rounds into them, sucks. A knife beating any gun wielder other than from the back, sucks. Hiding in a crater/hole and you can’t see the enemy who shoots you through the dirt with a pistol, sucks. Rediculous spawn points right in between a group of enemy, sucks. Enemy dudes jumping off cliffs and buildings, deploying a parachute for a microsecond and landing behind you then beating you in a gunfight where you had the drop on them, sucks. This game completely trivializing every aspect of how lethal multiple bullets are to the human body, sucks. Need I go on?

    Actually, the whole game kind of sucks now that I think about all of it and I havn’t even said anything about the fact it was released 5 months ago. The only reason I can see to play is for the simple addiction of unlocking gear etc. otherwise, it can get damn frustrating. But hey, the graphics are really phenomenal on Next-Gen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

      You know, snipers are kinda supposed to shoot from really far distances. Hence, ‘snipers.’

    • hanzo

      How are you taking out a tank with a single brick of c4? I am having to use atleast 2 otherwise its a mobility kill.
      And like TaboriHK said, snipers are supposed to be at a long distance. I am more frustrated when I get single shot killed by a sniper at 10 feet after Ive been putting a few rounds in him. Or the fact that I have been shooting at the 3 guys on the back of an attack boat with an AA gun but it doesnt kill them, only gives some hit markers.

      Plus the game has hiccups but I would still rather be frustrated with this than screaming, cursing tween campers on COD. Just my preference.

  • Wrecker

    I think the damage just right because your have pinpoint accuracy and crosshairs and red dot sights there has to be a trade off.

  • http://www.the-voices.net Shane

    Stability has improved a lot for me. I don’t think I’ve been DC’d from a game in a few weeks.

    As for tweaks, I’m fairly happy with HC game play, but tweaks wouldn’t hurt.

    The one thing I would love to see is them start having servers that rotate the DLC and base maps together. I don’t like just doing DLC because its the same four over and over, but I do like them and would love to have them to add a bit more variety to the normal rotation.

    And maybe let you do prone to prone knife attacks.

  • Richard

    It has been better the past few weeks personally, but I hope they reduce the AA, should not be able to take you down from the other side of the map.

    Only real thing I want

  • hanzo

    They need to fix the 0 Health glitch. Thats killing me. And the random error that crashes the game on PS4. I hate having an awesome game then suddenly it crashes and you lose everything.

  • Isaac

    I still have random freezez and my save data continues to corrupt. I haven’t been able to beat the single and I continuously have to fix my settings and controls. Really irritated.