‘Battlefield 4′ News: Release Date and Beta Participation

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Battlefield 4 Release Date, Beta Talk

While news is just rolling in regarding Battlefield 4 and its multiplayer beta, which players can participate in if they pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter, it has now been revealed when that testing phase for DICE’s highly anticipated sequel might take place. According to an EA employee, who was operating under some anonymity on Reddit, the Battlefield 4 beta should roll out in the Fall of next year.

Drawing from last year’s Battlefield 3 beta as a point of comparison, that would lead us to believe the release of Battlefield 4 should be during the holiday season of 2013. The EA employee confirmed the assumption by saying a release should take place sometime after the beta. It’s a little disconcerting to see Battlefield fall into the Call of Duty trap of releasing titles every two years (speaking strictly from a development perspective, I’m aware that COD releases every year), but more Battlefield is certainly something to get excited about.

Part of the appeal of Battlefield, and hopefully now Medal of Honor, is the time and attention to detail provided for the teams working on those projects. If EA tries to rush things along, that could lead to a product that, while engaging, feels unpolished. The intent of a beta is typically to fine tune and hone the multiplayer element of a product, but when it takes place so close to release, usually it’s considered more of a demo.

In addition to hinting at Battlefield 4‘s release date, DICE also has come out to assuage non-fans of Medal of Honor in regards to their Battlefield 4 beta chances. While Medal of Honor is currently the only announced way to guarantee oneself entry into the beta, the developer says that will not be the only way. If you’ll remember, there were actually tons of ways to get involved in the Battlefield 3 beta, including an open form of the beta.

Medal of Honor Pre Order Battlefield 4 Beta

With all this talk of Battlefield 4, fans of DICE’s current outing, Battlefield 3, might be afraid that the developer is jumping ship and moving on to their next project, but rest assured they will continue to support Battlefield 3 for quite some time. The developer claims that much like they have maintained support for Bad Company 2, they will keep teams on-hand to deal with gamer feedback for Battlefield 3 well after the release of End Game, which is presumed to be the final piece of DLC for the shooter.

As details regarding Battlefield 4 continue to ramp up in frequency, it’s only a matter of time before gamers themselves start focusing their attention on DICE’s next developmental endeavor and less on the current iterations of titles. For now, though, the prospect of Medal of Honor: Warfighter should be enough to keep shooter fans placated.

When do you think Battlefield 4 will release, and when do you think it should release? Will you be picking up Medal of Honor just to get in on the beta?

Battlefield 4 is rumored to be targeting a late 2013 release on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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  • Ken J

    Honestly, from the multiplayer footage I’ve seen of MOH:W, that aspect doesn’t really look that appealing. I mean, I like some of the attention to detail aspects of it, like the new tactical reload animation, and they are finally holding the pistols correctly, lol, but the actual gameplay from that video of Freddie Wong and his buddies playing, it’s all just running around and shooting… I am too spoiled by Battlefield, I want some variety in my gameplay…

  • JACK

    Please DICE when you do BF4, just make it a multiplayer game and leave the campaign out. The campaign was the only thing in BF3 that was disappointing. Other than that great work DICE.

  • Clen

    Eww not on the 360, and ps3, that will just degrade the PC version…. Games could look so much better if it weren’t for developers trying to make it so the game is compatible with both consoles, and PCs

    • ATG

      The consoles degraded BF3 on PC?

    • Shalkowski

      What? Dice made the PC version’s graphics and stuff better for PC because PC has the power to. They wanted to (and did) show off PC. Know what you’re talking about before you post stupid sh*t.

      • Ken J


        Actually, he has a point. DICE basically made a game that could run on consoles, then scaled it up for the PC. Had it been developed on the PC first, then scaled down for the consoles, it would have been a whole lot better looking… Yes it does make a difference which direction it goes because the core game is where it begins…

        And no, I don’t think it showed off PC. My video card is not the latest generation, not even the latest 3 generations. AMD is up to the 7000 cards and mine is a 4000 series, a 4890, and I can run the game with everything on high and the framerates are high and stable. So that means it’s nowhere close to pushing the top-of-the-line PC hardware…

        I have a Core i5, not a Core i7, and my video card is 3 generations old, and I can play it with all graphics settings on high. What does that tell you??

        • Matt

          You’re talking about BF3. We’re talking about BF4.

          • Ken J


            ATG: “The consoles degraded **BF3** on PC?”

            Shalkowski: “They wanted to (and did) show off PC”

            So they “did” show off the PC with BF4, the game that hasn’t been made yet? Wow, it sure did become past tense in a hurry…

            So who is the “we” again who are talking about BF4 and not BF3? You have a talking mouse in your pocket or something??

          • Matt

            “Eww not on the 360, and ps3, that will just degrade the PC version…”

            That’s from Clen, the original commenter of this thread. That should’ve established that we’re talking about BF4, but at least now it establishes that it is, in fact, ‘we’ who are talking about BF4. ATG and Shalkowski chose to instead talk about BF3, when they should’ve been talking about BF4. Or they could’ve talked about BF4 and used BF3 as an example.

          • Ken J



            Actually, he has a point. DICE basically made…”

            And that’s how I started my post, and look at the reply tree, notice where my comment is. Is it in reply to Clen? Did I say “@Clen” in the beginning of my post? Who am I referring to now? Is it really unclear? Or do I CLEARLY state who my reply is in referrence to with a “@Name” thing at the beginning of all of my posts? So does it matter what Clen is talking about or WHO I’M REPLYING TO??? Get a grip with reality Matt, seriously…

          • Ken J


            Seriously, stop thinking you’re the moderator of the comments section. I’m replying to who I want to reply to because I felt I had something to say to THAT PERSON regarding the topic that person spoke about. Give it a rest. If you disagree with something I’ve said, great, give evidence or data that what I said was inaccurate. Stop trying to red herring your way out of everything…

          • Matt

            You’re in the right, I’m in the wrong. I didn’t realize that your comment was a reply to Shalkowski’s comment. I’m not trying to red herring my way out of anything. And comment moderator? You think that, because of this one incident, I’m trying to be a comment moderator? Bring up some other examples.

    • Matt

      I don’t think you understand. Devs can make the graphics better for PC even if the game is releasing on consoles as well. DICE does.

    • ATG

      “Eww not on the 360, and ps3, that will just degrade the PC version”

      I used BF3 as an example, because I feel like consoles didn’t ruin that PC experience.


      I’m on a mobile right now but I’m assuming you were replying to me, if so, you’re an idiot. Of course, everyone knows PC has more power than consoles. Your comment makes you look ignorant, kids these days… If you’re an adult, I’m sorry for you.

      @Matt, I don’t think YOU understand. Clearly you and shitowski misread my comment and jumped to the conclusion that I don’t know jack about PC gaming.

      My short little question that I originally posted was a rhetorical question being used to challenge Clen. C’mon guys lol

      And Shitowski, before you get so offensive, make sure YOU know what you’re talking about.

      • Matt

        Shalkowski didn’t reply to you, he replied to Clen. I don’t see how he’s an idiot for that. He told Clen that DICE made BF3’s graphics better for PC because PCs have the power to run them. And no, he’s not an adult.

        ATG, I did not misread your comment and I did not jump to the conclusion that you don’t know jack about PC gaming. You think that my comment was a reply to yours, but it wasn’t. It was a reply to Clen. You misunderstood because you’re on a mobile device, when you should really be using a PC because that’s the best way. Now you look like an *ss.

        • ATG

          “I’m on a mobile right now but I’m assuming you were replying to me, IF SO, you’re an idiot.” Do I have to spell it out for you Matt? Keywords IF SO, meaning IF he was replying to me, he’s an idiot. And hey! Matt, you’re right! I’ll carry my keyboard, monitor, mouse and PC with me EVERYWHERE I go!

          @Ken J
          Thanks. This guy always tries to flip the script and make you out to be an idiot. He tried the same on you on another thread lol.

          • Matt

            “Do I have to spell it out for you Matt? Keywords IF SO, meaning IF he was replying to me, he’s an idiot.”

            Let’s read this: “Clearly you and shitowski misread my comment and jumped to the conclusion that I don’t know jack about PC gaming.”
            There, you were not unsure. There were no “if so’s.” You thought it was clear that he replied to your comment. Thus, since you did think that he replied to your comment, you weren’t just assuming it anymore, you called him an idiot.

            “And hey! Matt, you’re right! I’ll carry my keyboard, monitor, mouse and PC with me EVERYWHERE I go!”

            You’re not thinking about all of your options. The best way to do it, and the way I do it, is to read the comments on your phone or whatever and then wait till you can get on your computer reply to them on your computer. That way, you can avoid any confusion.

          • ATG

            LOL @Matt

            Ok, you win. There were NO “if so’s” in my reply to Shalkowski. You’re officially the smartest guy on Gamerant, I surrender.

          • Matt

            Thank you! 😀

      • Ken J


        Yah, Matt the comment moderator thinks you look like an ass, almost as much of an ass as the person who thought I was replying to Clen even though the reply tree clearly showed that I replied to Shalkowski and I even had “@shalkowski” at the beginning of my post to make it even more clear whose comment I was referring to. Just like you do to clearly state who you’re replying to, which these other people are too lazy to do… 😉

        • Matt

          I completely agree with you, Ken. I made myself look like just as much of an ass as ATG did with himself.

          • Ken J


            I’m not out to make anyone “look like an ass.” I just think we all need to be more civilized about all of this and look at the commenter’s intentions before we make any kind of antagonistic reply to it. I agree that ATG came off a little aggressive even though he wasn’t sure the comment was directed at him. But he did specify that his rebuttal only applies “if” that comment was indeed directed at him. Which pretty much means that if it wasn’t, just pretend ATG’s whole comment didn’t exist.

            Given that, I don’t see a problem with you pointing out to him that the comments in question were not in reply to him. That is a good gesture for him to better understand the context of those comments, but saying he looks like an ass is just adding fuel to the fire. So… my obvious response is to call you an ass, lol. 😉 But it’s all in jest, so don’t take it personally.

            I hope after all of this, that ATG, you, and I could just discuss Battlefield, what this news means to us, and how it would affect the franchise, without constantly trying to find what’s “wrong” with each other’s comments…

          • ATG

            @Ken J

            It’s a done deal. Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve said anything related to the article lol

          • Ken J


            Here, this will get you talking…

    • Alex

      theres something called money.

  • Matt

    “…it has now been revealed when that testing phase for DICE’s highly anticipated sequel might take place. According to an EA employee, who was operating under some anonymity on Reddit, the Battlefield 4 beta should roll out in the Fall of next year.”

    We already knew that it’s taking place in Fall 2013. I don’t see why an employee saying that again is newsworthy. It was already confirmed.

    “The EA employee confirmed the assumption by saying a release should take place sometime after the beta.”

    Oh, really? I was expecting the game to be released before the beta. I’m not sure how I like this plan.

    I think BF4 will release in Q4 2013, most likely October or November. However, I think EA should allow DICE to keep working on it and release it in Q4 2014, possibly for next-gen consoles.

    I won’t be preordering MoH:W just for the BF4 beta, partially because there will be more ways to get in on the beta.

  • Clen

    Well its kinda what happened to crysis 2, all the PC fans were mad because they made it basically so it can be played on a consoles, as well as a PC. They felt that they didn’t put in enough effort in the PC version. The Consoles are direct x 9, while the PCs are direct x 11. They are behind, and should be left behind. People always say direct x 9 is better than 11, but its not x), 11 makes a huge difference in the games realism. THey only say 9 is better because its what the consoles use.

    Thankfully the next gen consoles are coming out, but EA might not be patient enough to just develop the game for them instead of the last gen, or make a later release for them >.>

    So basically we are going to get a game that is made for consoles, with bumped up graphics so PC fans can be satisfied. Because you cant make a game for PCs, and dummy down the graphics for consoles. Well that is if you used the full power of a PC.

  • JACK

    Looks like Bad Company 3 won’t be coming until 2015, unless that one is BF5.

    • Indigo

      I honestly think that Bad Company 3 should be the campaign, and that the multiplayer should be Battlefield 4.

      • Matt

        That’s one of the most retarded things I’ve ever heard. They’re not going to combine a separate multiplayer game and a separate single player game into one game. If they were going to make a single-player Bad Company 3 campaign, the whole game, multiplayer and all, would be called Bad Company 3.

      • Eiffie

        I really like this idea. The single player in the bad company games was great. If BF3 had a single player like either bad company game then it would have been a 10/10. I know people would want different things from the different battlefield series but it would sorta make sense to me, combine a really good single player experience from bad company and then mesh that into the things that made battlefield really good in the online department. I would throw my money at that game so hard.

        • Matt

          That idea makes sense, and I like it. But calling the campaign Bad Company 3 and the multiplayer BF4 makes absolutely no idea.

          “I would throw my money at that game so hard.”

          That made me lol!

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