EA Faces Third ‘Battlefield 4′ Lawsuit; Analyst Suggests Franchise Is Tarnished

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Battlefield 4 Third Lawsuit

Battlefield 4 came out of this year’s E3 hot. Some were heralding it as the end of Call of Duty‘s reign over the military FPS genre with destructible maps and 64-player matchmaking on consoles being huge draws for fans. This excitement didn’t just stop with the gamers though, as investors bought shares in EA with Battlefield 4 being a positioned as a potential CoD killer.

The reality of the situation is that that potential never came to fruition, with bug ridden multiplayer matches, lackluster game mode offerings (read our BF4 review), lost profiles and crashes all plaguing the game’s launch. The rushed launch hurt the franchise’s reputation and it didn’t help when DICE announced they were halting progress on further DLC until they fixed Battlefield 4’s issues. This prompted a drop of 28 points in EA’s stock between July 21st, 2013 and December 4th, 2013. Rightfully, this scared investors thus landing EA with two lawsuits over the buggy game. Well, it’s time to make that a possible third.

Law firm Brower Piven has begun chasing a class action lawsuit against EA according to a press release this week. The firm claims that EA knew about the problems Battlefield 4 had before release and decided to let the game hit the market regardless. Polygon reports that the law firm has of yet to file anything official and appears to only be exploring the opportunity of a case for now.

Battlefield 4 Tarnished

Analyst Timothy Green of The Motley Fool explains that the accusations being made by these lawsuits and how it could be seen as EA falsely inflating their stocks.

A class action lawsuit alleges that executives at EA knowingly over-promised on Battlefield 4, and that the vast technical problems were known to the company prior to launch. Optimistic guidance issued before the launch led EA’s shares to climb above $28, allowing some executives at the company to sell at inflated prices. The stock has fallen significantly since then.

Green does say that it will be near impossible to prove that management were intentionally inflating their prices so it “is therefore unlikely that this lawsuit amounts to much of anything.” He does however feel that the damage may have already been done in gamer’s eyes though. He calls the franchise “tarnished” and posits that military FPS gamers will be unlikely to adopt Battlefield over Call of Duty in the future, as “gamers are always going to choose the game that actually let’s them play.” EA is coming off a rough year where they were once again voted the worst company in America and saw another bungled always-online launch with the release of SimCity.

It is worth noting however, that the Motley Fool owns shares in Call of Duty publisher Activision, so perhaps take Green’s predictions with a pinch of salt.

What say you? Is Battlefield tarnished? Would you rather play Call of Duty for more stability? Is Battlefield 4 in working order for you now and did it deliver enough after BF3? Should EA slow down and avoid ruining the series?


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  • Castro

    I have been playing BF4 for almost two months now on the PS4. I have not had any issues unless the servers are down for brief maintenance which has literally occurred maybe twice.

    This is by far the best online FPS that I have played to date. The weapons, vehicles and maps are amazing while the graphics, frame rate and server size are mind blowing.

    I feel bad for the people who aren’t able to enjoy this game like I am able to do because it is an awesome all around gaming experience. Could it be that the game is broken on last Gen systems and works fine on current Gen?

  • Castro

    Also, COD has always felt like a game geared towards younger gamers with ADD.

    BF has always been a more enjoyable experience for me because the maps are larger as well as for the simple fact that squads must strategize as a unit in order to properly overtake the opposition.

    To each their own I guess.

    • Mad man

      No your just stupid. I have had it with these developers coming out with these overly hyped games half heatedly made. There’s just no reason for it. I’ve paid over $109 to get it with the premium package and it’s bust. There are too many glitches on it and the weapon systems are unbalanced. This game makes my butt hurt.

      • Blacklungz

        No, it’s you that is stupid! Your opening insult is hilarious….it should’ve read:

        No, you’re just stupid. If you insult someone’s intelligence, make sure you know your grammar fool.

        • Walley

          Moron, grow up.

      • jehjeh3711

        I have played Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Vietnam (1st and 2nd), Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. At it’s worst the Battlefield franchise puts COD to shame. You can say all you want but COD is just a glorified version of the original Counter Strike. Other than graphics and maybe weapons selection, it’s the same. Run and gun and die in a small battle area. Battlefield 4 gives you options for both. Since I started I payed the full price for all the add-ons and have gotten the equivalent of maybe three or four more games with all of the add-ons, new maps etc. Does it have some problems and glitches? Yes, all games do, just live with it or change servers, there are plenty of them. If you want to play a cartoon version of battle then COD is for you. If you want to play a more realistic version (As much as realistic as you can be with a video game) then play Battlefield 4.

  • Brian Papesh

    I only bought BF4 because I saw it on sale, but even the $50 I spent was too much. The platform I play on is the PS4, and it’s riddled with problems to this day. The newest glitch I’ve encountered is entering a game only to find it kicks me back to zero rank at beginning of match. Therefore each time it does this it won’t add to my over-all score or allow me to progress. I’ve only reached rank 35, but this glitch makes it to where I progress at a snails pace when 75 percent of the time I lose my stats. Also get serious rubber-banding when playing conquest with 64 players. I often get stuck on a black loading screen which my longest wait time was a whopping 10min 32sec. Took me four attempts to make it through the campaign due to crashes and currupt save files. My info has since deleted again, but my trophies remained at least, however, I can forget going back to run a specific mission. I would have to start all over again. I originally wanted to upgrade to premium, but EA can forget receiving any further money from me. I will never again purchase a product with there logo again. I don’t even care if Titanfall is amazing… EA doesn’t care about the gamers. One last comment: Forget contacting EA… It’s near impossible. Tried calling customer support and it just hung up on me. No wonder they are rated worst. The biggest problem though is that they don’t seem to even care.

    • orgate1

      3/24/14 i tried to play bf4 today on ps3. tried four different maps. each one hung up with frozen screen and frozen ps3 to the point that i had to reboot the ps3. other problems, freezing at end of map and never gives credit for the map you just played , freezing in between maps and never starting the next map , when starting a new game all your old wepons and stats are gone . i solved this problem by writing bf4 save data to a flash drive. anyone playing this game on a ps3 and is not having problems is very very very lucky!!!!!. i made a living repairing large scale business comupte for about 40 years , rca , sperry-univac ,unisys and ibm. when a processor hangs in a tight program loop and cant get out we called it silent death . at that point point you reboot .

    • Samuel

      You, know very well that the people at DICE are trying their hardest, and the halt of a DLC was to make people happy and fix the bugs. EA wants money, and once the contract is over with DICE I’m shire they will drop them. Easy as that. Find another co-producer and bring back the Battlefield we all know. If you remember, Battlefield 3 was like this on release….

  • Thomas Taylor

    Very good its about time someone stood up for the lil people who just want to have fun with games without having issues. E a has been robbing people for years and should be stopped corrupting the gaming world

  • Paul

    Ive been a gamer most of my life, 80’s onwards, and ive never seen such crappy technical issues as this after 4 months and more!!, you wouldn’t buy a broken bike at full price even after they say they will fix it. EA are offering a product and a service, we pay full price for something they say works and advertise it working properly as such. Bottom line is that it doesn’t work!!!, the product or the service!!. As a consumer after buying the product and service, the advertised product and service doesn’t work even after 4 months!!! False advertisement!!!Hell Yes!!! We get angry at fraudsters defrauding people in the building industry, car industry, any industry that people pay good money then finding out they have been swindled, how would this be any different??? people saying we shouldn’t complain, well you can hand over your dollars to greedy people who sit back laugh at you then go off on high spending sprees and never have to work again, people who stand up for there rights are the ones who can feel the butt pounding at work and cry rape!!.

  • Bryan

    Does anyone feel that they have been robbed? A game that’s not finished and they release it! Your getting mugged off by these developers! There laughing at us, £50 for a game and its broken before you put in the playstation, I WANT MY MONEY BACK, plus compensation, for wasting my time,

    • Blacklungz

      Another one.

      You’re getting mugged
      They’re laughing at us

      Spend more time learning grammar then playing these @#$% games!

  • Blacklungz

    BF4 may be #$%%^#$$, but it’s a hell of a lot better then any other military FPS franchise out there….hands down.

    • TrollHunter

      I smell a fanboy.

      Bf4 is one of the worst games that has been released on new / old gen consoles and pc’s. If they have been unable to fix major and basic bugs within the 9 months its been released then there is good reason to believe they never will. By the time this game is even somewhat working for everyone; new, bigger, and better games will have already been released.

    • Walley

      Morons like you are the reason company’s like Ea keep screwing gamers…..

  • Nexodus

    I would say I am a BF fanboy, I enjoyed the older Cod series(2,3,mw,waw,mw2,BO)
    I can say I have the typical “BF4 stopped running” problem, really frustrating, especially after a long 20min match, you’re about to win, you crash and try to rejoin… Wait now you are on the opposite team! And lost.

    So, matchmaking, balance and Hitbox location is one of the biggest issues I have with Battlefield, but I am playing it on PC, for those on PS, if the game wouldn’t work, you would refund it? No money has been robbed here, either you’re too lazy too refund it or too short-sighted to think of the idea.

    So, far I both enjoy and despite my time on Battlefield, just as I did on CoD or other big franchises, as everygame has their(bugs, glitches and errors)
    Dafuq, we are made of errors, we make errors.

  • ThumperMan

    How can you say Call of Duty for more stability? That games Multilayer is more broken than any other game I have played. I have not had any major issues with Battlefield and not once have I spawned and an enemy spawned right behind me (worst thing about Call of Duty). I picked up Battlefield about a month and a half ago and since then I have not touched Call of Duty, unless it was to get to a game under it.

  • Phil

    I have had this game for over 1 year and despite trying many reloads and different consoles; I have yet to play in more than a half dozen online sessions. Always get the same message that there is no server available.

  • Bkw

    The games another bug ridden scam by EA, full of ways you cannot play without paying extra. Won’t be purchasing anything from them anymore. Rainbow Six Siege will be better.

  • Josh

    This game is beyond awesome! EXCEPT the fact it freezes so much, which FORCES to shut the ps3 off so much it WILL CORRUPT YOUR HDD! I was never much of a gamer. I used my 250gb ps3 slim practically just for Netflix, played about 15 hrs max of Red Dead and maybe 20 hours of Call of Duty CAMPAIGNS for the 2years i owned the system. I NEVER played multiplayers until i discovered Battlefield 4 about 6 months ago, which about a month into bf4 multiplayer, i started having issues with my system for the FIRST TIME EVER! Eventually it crashed so much, and i had to force my ps3 off so much it now states my hdd is corrupted and NOTHING I DO HAS FIXED IT, I eventually had to Restore the ps3 to factory settings which has finally allowed me to see the xmb screen, but it lags and freezes so much its not fixable without a new HDD. SUE THE HELL OUT OF EA AND WHILE YOU’RE AT IT, MAKE THEM GET ME A BRAND NEW SYSTEM!

  • foreverdice

    I will always choose battlefield over COD. I always have & I always will.