EA Hit With Another ‘Battlefield 4′ Lawsuit

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EA Hit With Another Battlefield 4 Lawsuit

It appears that, as things are slowly getting better for Battlefield 4, things are only getting worse for publisher Electronic Arts. Another lawsuit has been filed against the company, this one also citing the publisher’s enthusiasm for DICE‘s sequel did not align with the end product’s reception.

Ultimately, the two lawsuits are very similar, with both claiming that Electronic Arts’ sales projections, and other statements regarding Battlefield 4, did not represent the company’s full knowledge. These plaintiffs believe EA was well aware there were significant problems with Battlefield 4, and misled their investors with false praise for the product.

As we all know, Battlefield 4 has been a very touchy subject among gamers these past few weeks. So much so that DICE halted all future DLC development in order to put all of their focus on fixing the broken multiplayer experience.

Moreover, DICE has taken strides to improve the experience on past-gen and current-gen platforms — they even released an Xbox One update this week — but gamers are still reporting problems getting into and then staying in multiplayer matches. The game itself is actually pretty good – read our review – it’s just hard to tell when you can’t play it for more than 20 minutes at a time.

On the investors’ side, things have been equally troubling as EA’s stock has fallen more than 28 points in the period between July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013. This has prompted the lawsuits, which claim, in addition to the false projections, that EA was well aware of certain bugs in Battlefield 4, bugs that have reared their head since launch.

Since the two lawsuits, EA has come out with an official statement saying they “intend to aggressive defend ourselves, and we’re confident the court will dismiss the complaint in due course.” It’s unclear how much of a case either of these suits has, but there’s no denying Battlefield 4 has been disappointing. It’s just a question of whether EA knew the game was going to disappoint.

Do you think this class action lawsuit has any chance of succeeded? Do you believe EA was aware Battlefield 4 was less-than-ideal?

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  • Exodude

    Man to think this time two years ago we were complaining non stop about MAV riders and the USAS Frag rounds.. Such petty gripes compared to the onslaught of disaster this game is in its current state. I love Battlefield and I am not giving up hope it just made me chuckle a bit to reflect on BF3s infancy problems compared to those of 4.

  • Wackywon

    I don’t know what the fuss is about. My buddies and I have played for multiple hours on end without any crashes.

  • David Died

    I don’t know it’s getting rough for me to focus on Battlefield anymore.
    I purchased this game well before Ghosts because I kept seeing all these videos of live action gameplay and decided “I have to play!”

    Purchasing it at first I was addicted. Playing countless hours of any spare time I had available was focused on Battlefield 4… Until I caught a pattern.

    I was continuously being disconnected from lobbies after a short period of time… At first I thought it was my internet… Then seeing countless blogs on the internet and forum pages after pages I realized it was THE game itself… Now I have been pushed away from it since I know at some point I will disconnect from online servers randomly and it’s upsetting.

    Hopefully this new focus on the game itself and not DLC Future Content will settle these current issues and this game can get back to where it should be!

    • GaymeR

      you know its funny but thats the same problem i had with Battlefield 1943. it would just randomly kick me from playing like maybe 5 hours into a match. every time. all the time. i thought it might be my internet bc i had just moved my ps3 to a location further away but im not so sure.

      • GaymeR

        *5 minutes not hours >.> wheres my edit button GR?

  • Bobo The Clown

    The problem I keep having is actually with the single player portion of the game. I get to a certain point and the game suddenly tells me my save file has been corrupted and erases my progress.

  • zerozx7

    This is so stupid, Battlefield 4 is amazing. yea it has some connection issues, that doesn’t justify a law suit. Everyone is always looking for an excuse to sue someone or cry about something. People need to learn to just be patient.

    • TBruno

      normally I would agree with you. But I just had a nice 2 days of playing it, after buying Premium, and at the end of every match I played (with like 0:03 left) the game would ALWAYS crash and my progress would get erased. It did it enough times for me to warrant getting a refund for Premium through Microsoft. BF4 is REALLY fun when it works, but now, like a pavlov dog, I have decided to stay away form it because if you bop me on the nose enough times, I’ll learn I shouldn’t do that action.

      It wouldn’t be so bad if the game didn’t cost $65 (with tax) then $50 for the Premium, people are paying $100 to play a broken game, that’s what is wrong with all this. DICE did fine but they needed more time to test it.

    • Marcus

      “…connection issues, that doesn’t justify a law suit.” ~ zerozx7


      If a designer accidentally misspelled a word, within an advertising campaign, the artist could be sued for extensive damages.

  • TBruno

    GET A REFUND ON YOUR PREMIUM PURCHASES GUYS! I did it through Microsoft, just chat with them on their customer support line. If they tell you to talk to EA, make sure to tell them EA says to talk to them. I was on the chat with both EA and Microsoft for about 2 hours fighting the good fight to get my refund for the Premium service BF4 offers because it barely works. And if I pay $100 to play a videogame, it BETTER work!

    TL:DR if you bought Premium, get a refund. Maybe EA will wake up when Microsoft sends them the invoice.

  • brandon

    am I the only one who doesn’t have any issues at all. I can play for 6 plus hrs at a time no issues. I play on x1. I have yet to experience any issues at all lol. I have been playing since launch

  • iceycold

    Looking good for that “Best Company in America 2014″ award, eh EA? 😉

    And with this being DICE, too…does the Star Wars: Battlefront curse strike YET AGAIN?

    • GaymeR

      oh dude PLEASE dont jinx it lol seriously 😛

  • Marcus

    “…misled their investors with false praise for the product.” ~ Anthony

    Sounds like the “Dragon Age II” advertising all over again.

    • GaymeR

      and Aliens Colonial Marines

  • Zach


  • Stephen

    I think people are straight lying. Can’t play more than 20 minutes? I’ve had it since a week after launch and i play several hours straight everytime I pop it in.

    • http://www.phantomworksstudios.com gaygamer22

      you are aware that bugs dont affect everyone right? or are you new to gaming? the backwards flying dragon bug in Skyrim was being reported by practically EVERYONE yet i personally never experienced it so does that make those people liars just bc i never experienced the bug? (especially since there is proof of that particular bug everywhere on youtube)

  • Quackling

    I was gonna buy Battlefield 4 soon but Ima just wait for Battlefield Bad Company 3 instead

  • K-Note

    I wonder, if I sell my BF4 copy minus the access code could I get a good price for it? My problems with it are mainly with a buggy keybinding scheme that won’t accept new keybindings. Only had a few game crashes.

    Seeing as how much my friends play free-to-play games and how free of issues those games are, I might just give up on the $60 game racket going on. Seriously, how is it a game company pumps out a $60 game yet a smaller company can release a game just as good for under $30 or even for free?